Starbird at war

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Sally Wilson was running down the street with the wail of an air-raid siren screaming in her ears and a thump, thump of the brown cardboard box that was hanging around her neck on a long cord, it was bouncing against her leg as she ran. In the box was her personal gas mask that she carried with her every time she went out. It was just a normal war time day in London in 1940. Over two hundred miles away in Devon, Archie Smith was fishing with his dad. They were almost out of sight of the rocky coast that was lost in the sea mist that had come down quite suddenly after they had left the tiny harbour over two hours ago. The sea was calm and the only noise was the slap of the small waves against the side of the boat and the continuous mournful cries of the gulls that circled above them. The quiet scene was suddenly broken by the sound of distant gunfire from a navy ship over the horizon testing its guns. It was just a normal wartime day in Devon in 1940. Far, far away Starbird was travelling once again with his mission commander in their fleet mother ship. It had been two earth years since he had very nearly died. In fact he would have done had it not been for the efforts of Sally and Archie. There had been others that had helped but he knew, apart from Sally and Archie, no one would ever remember what had happened in Devon in July 1938. Soon he would once again take com

Adventure / Fantasy
Dave Tanswell
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