The missing dog

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There was a missing dog called grey and his owner hope couldn’t find him one day

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The missing dog 8 -12

There was once a girl called hope aged 13
and she asked her mum if she could got to the dog park and her mum said yes so they went to the dog park and her dog got lost and they couldn’t find her ... then they put some missing posters up and they started to look for her and they soon found her 2 days later at a tree and her dog was all rough so they took her to the groom and she had fleas and they told her to go to the vet and they got rid of then on the way back from the vet something upsetting happed... her dog got ran down because it ran straight into the road and it got ran down then she died 3 days later after getting rushed to the vet hospital they did all they could do to save her life then hope went to school and told all her few ids that her dog died overnight after herring ran down then they all said a prayer for her and her family it was so upsetting then they did a burial for the dog then soon after her mum got rushed to hospital because she was about to have hopes new baby sister after and they all went to the garden centre er and got. Some plants to grow in there garden and hope didn’t have a dad because her and her dad broke up after hope was born and her mum had to loook after a baby on her own with only support by hopes grandmother and jope was born on the 23 of December 1800 and she brought joy to her family soon after looks 3 yrs after her mom had her sister who was born on the same day diffrent due so they celebrate together and that’s how her and her family were made when hope was going to school on day she saw a boy and

they kissed in the playground and her and her.

mum found out that they kissed on the lips and they became boyfriend and girl Fresno’s and when hope was 330 years old she had her first child and named her kitty after a kitty’s jer own kids and they were so cute and cuddly and kitty became a granarent and all’s he told her grandkids was what she did when she was a littlegirl and all her meMemories then they went over to hopes daughters house and jade Christmas dinner with one big happy smile on there faces and sang Christmas carols to girls and boys that come to the door and sang Christmas carols and give them a chocolate and it iss all coming to the end the end
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