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"What are you doing?" "Saving the city, the usual." ♢ ♢ ♢ Charity was born into a family of supers....with no powers. Soon she finds that no matter what she's told or how much she tries, she will always feel the want, the need, to be a hero. But she soon realises that not everyone wants to be saved, and that's just life. So what's the point of superhero's if no one needs saving?

Adventure / Action
E. L. Maloney
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Authors Note

Dear Reader,

Right now, you have stumbled across a book about superheroes and supervillains. Supers that use their powers for the greater good or abuse their power. It’s interesting to see how characters choose to use what they’ve been gifted with. And I don’t really have any wisdom to give to you, unlike what other authors can put at the front of novels. Heck, I don’t even know if you’re reading this, but if you are, know that it doesn’t take much to be a hero. Oh, and you should know that not everyone can always be saved, and you know why? Because not everyone wants to be saved.

Now onto a more serious note, I’d like to apologise for some things you may read in this book. There will be swearing, mentions of abuse and some psychotic people. I’m not a fan of swearing, nor do I tolerate abuse. Still, for proper character development and for you to have an understanding on my characters, they need to be in place. I’m sorry, but a story isn’t really a story if there isn’t something bad in it. There are no heroes if there aren’t any villains. There is no such thing as good if nothing is ever bad.

Furthermore, I’d like to dedicate this novel to my foster brother, who was three years old when I finished the first draft. He didn’t know much about how life is wasn’t exactly normal, or the way he had blonde hair in a family with brown, but he’s still as happy as ever. I think some of the most significant battles we face are the ones in our head, causing us to think badly of ourselves and get depressed. And my foster brother? He keeps fighting it and defeating the demons in our minds. He is my hero.
I hope you enjoy!

Yours Truly,

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