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Sequel to Instinct: To understand the characters and the story you have to read that first. After Allonia sacrifices herself saving her brother and the rest of the children. It causes Milo to go crazy, after Allonia being kidnapped the first time he promised to keep her safe but nothing could have prepared him for this. As Milo is trying to find Allonia, Allonia is trying to find out why the government really needed her blood and why it is so important. In the midst of everything, there is a war brewing. A battle of the good, the bad, and the brutal. But is there really a good and a bad or is everyone just miss understood?

Aurelia M
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Before You Read

Hey guys!
To those who are coming back from Instinct, welcome back. And to those who are new, nice to meet you.

First things first, if you are seeing this before reading Instinct this is the sequel. So, to understand the characters and the initial plot of the story read Instinct first.

Second off, this story does follow the actions that happened at the end of Instinct. So be ready to see some of the things hinted at in the first book to really be touched on this book.

With that all being said, I will be posting updates on Sundays now instead of Fridays. I want to give this book as much attention as possible. I am a college student with other responsibilities so this is subject to change but I will make announcements and such on my Instagram and or here, so follow both for updates. @orangkoala_wattpad is my Instagram and Orangekoala is my user on here (obviously). I am also on Wattpad with the same user: Orangekoala. I do respond to DMs and messages when I can. I am very open to speaking to you guys on here or any other platform. Honestly without you guys, I probably would not have the motivation to post on here let alone a sequel.

Now that all of that is out of the way, this book I am planning it to be a little rougher, for a lack of better words. So there will be some strong language, like in the previous book. As well as, some things that may be triggering to some readers. I may touch on some mental health aspects of things and so forth. I do not typically warn for things before a chapter, however, if I feel as though it is a bit too triggering I will put a warning at the beginning of the chapter. I do not wish to keep anyone from reading but that is just a disclaimer.

With all of the formalities and everything else out of the way, I do hope you guys enjoy the story! I am putting in a lot of blood sweat and tears into this book so please let me know what you guys think by voting, commenting, liking, or whatever else.

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