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Your the boss of your life and u do not need anyone's opinion to move ahead in life. There can be two solutions to a problem either u accept ur mistake being a culprit or forgive someone being a victim. You will come to know about my life barriers in this book and mind u they are really horrifying!. COME ON IN!

Adventure / Drama
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Chapter 1

After being stranded at this cozy but at the same time wierd place for 5 years I took a decision, A decision which could change my life for a lifetime! I persuaded myself to move out! This time it was for real. My dad had been asking us to move to my homeland lately and I had been rejecting this offer since 5 years can u believe it? I was never interested in going to my country as I found my society people very disruptive and bias.
But this time it was my something special calling me and instead of saying 'no' I don't know how I said 'yes' CAN U IMAGINE!.

Oops sorry, ok then allow me to introduce myself,
I'm Katie and I'm 15 years old, I was born with a beautiful angel with me whose name is Marie. I know what's gonna occupy your thinking area! Lemme guess is it our names, right? Haha
It's fine if u want to have a posy grin on ur face! I won't mind.
Actually it was my mom who had planned to keep my name as katie and my sister's name as Marie!
After my dads death my mom went through a high level of depression and finally when she came back to her senses she was already a mother to two twins.
And the doctors who treated her and made our delivery happen were female docs and there names were Katie and Marie so... Now u know why our names are so similar and precise.
Lemme tell u about my other two brothers, but there's a twist I won't tell u whether they are older or younger than me, hehe!
And if ur curious then keep on reading.....

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