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On a long vacation break, Laureine, a physician at California Hospital, took a taxi to the airport to board the plane. Nest destination, USA. Little does she know that this relaxing journey will turn into a horrifying tragedy no one saw coming. How will she survive in the middle of the ocean ? The only hope is the survivors who slowly started decreasing because of the underlying conditions, the only passengers who survived the plane that ended up crashing hours after take off. With only a couple of survivors, here's how they spent their long days stranded on an unknown island.

Adventure / Mystery
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As I woke up in the warm early morning, I looked out the window one last time before packing my bags and leaving the suite. It has been a great holiday, which I will not be having in a long time. It's crazy looking back at myself when I was in medical school years ago, sobbing and staying up late finishing lecture readings and homeworks. It just felt like I will never have freetime to spend with my family and friends. But it was worth it, even though I would get so tired, I still loved what I was doing. I'll never regret this choice, entering medical school to become a surgeon has been a dream of mine since I was a teen at high school. I did not pay attention to the people who said I was too young to think about my major and future, why does it matter to them? Were they jealous of me? I never understood why they would always talk about me. Why would'nt they just mind their own business instead of complaining about someone else?. The only people who helped me achieve my goals were my parents and my closest friend, Emma. She supported me at all times and made me feel proud of myself with what I was doing. She currently works at a research facility for quantum physics. I could never forget how she used to talk to me about how passionate she was by physics, that was when I bought her the book I was saving all my pocket money on. "Atlas of quantum physics". She was gobsmacked when she saw the book on the table waiting for her. I think I was pretty effective and helpful when she was choosing her major. I spent hours and long nights doing researchces to find a university and a good job. She finally went for physics reasearch, following her sister's footsteps. Emma was such a reliable and dependable person I could confide in her with everything without worrying about anything. When I was a teenager, my major anxiety was getting into a university or a school. I was always stressed about my grades, even though they were completely fine. One of the things I feared while growing up was not being able to get into medical school. But Valerie, my mother supported me and explained to me that grades do not always matter. The importance is to know what you are doing and working for. Her advice was obviously always helpful. Some people thought I always over exaggerated about it, but no one knows how passionate I was towards medical science. To me, it is a whole different world, all these pages I read everyday made me even more excited about growing up and getting a job. My parents managed their savings and worked hard to make my dreams come true. Right after applying for many schools, I waited for days and days, it felt like forever. I waited infront of my laptop for a response or a letter that I got into a school. I was such a bookworm, learning new things every single day. It was an addiction I couldn't and wouldn't get rid of. I actually ever imagined that all these hours of reading, exploring and learing were gonna be this helpful in my life. Of course everybody has a backup plan as a student. I was prepared for the future, anything can go wrong during a career. My plan B was " Biomedical Engineering ". It was also a very interesting specialty, but nothing will be as amazing as being a surgeon to me. While Biomedical Engineering required a lot of math and algebra, becoming a surgeon or a physician didn't really require a lot of math just some simple calculus and geometry. My math grades were fine in middle and highschool. Previously I said that I was worried about my grades, but on the other side only one thing was important for me, understanding what my professors were talking about.

- " Miss Johnson? "
- " Yes? "
- " Please follow us to the ground floor, the taxi is arriving in minutes "

I followed the hotel staff to the elevator. When I got to the counter, I took my registration papers and passport out to check out of the hotel. Beacuse my dad is a business man working and traveling across the world, he always visits the same company hotel so I got a free 4 room suite. It was pretty luxurious but I felt better back home. My apartement was kind of large compared to other apartements I have been in. It had a large window that overlooks on the beautiful city of New York. I never asked my parents for anything huge, I always appreciated their love for me. Leaving the hotel, I wasn't very happy, but this trip has really made me comfortable and relaxed. Is there anything better than waking up to the appetizing and mouth-watering scent of my breakfast?. I would quickly wear my swimsuit my mom gifted to me right before traveling and hop into the pool. It always felt like I owned the world, that I was in charge of everything around me. No worries nor any life problems. Of course no such life exists, everything in my own imagination. I just remebered I had to call my parents and assure them everything was okay when I arrived to the airport. I just sent them a text " I am in the taxi, see you in a couple of hours! " I really missed our mornings and jogs everyday, my family was really special to me. The taxi finally arrived, the staff unloaded my baggage in the trunk and I sat in the back. I made sure that my grey furry jacket was with me because I always reeze when I am at the airport or the plane or even in cars. I was dressed very comfortably and classic, I had a beige turtleneck with black sweats and cotton socks. I'm not the kind of girl who wears a lot of jewerly so I just wore the golden start-shaped necklace my mom offered me the day I finished my residency at New York hospital. I'm a whole different person now, looking back at that day. The taxi driver was a very kind and nice person, he looked like he was in his early thirties. He turned off the air conditioner because he could clearly see I was shivering and feeling cold. Throughout the whole ride that was about 4 hours long, I had my earphones in. I listened to calm classical piano while reading my book about a surgeon's life, that is the kind of books I read. I also like thrillers and crime scene books, one of my favorite authors is Agatha Christie. I mostly read in french because I was a french-educated student since elementary school.

- " What are you reading? "
- " Oh it's a book about a surgeon's life, he struggled with mental illnesses throughout his career, it's kind of a sad story but i like it very much "
- " MAN! That is so depressing! What do you work yourself? "
- " I am also a surgeon at New York hospital, I just finished my residency a couple of months ago "
- " Wow that's nice, what is it like being a doctor saving people's lives, is it worth it? "
- " It is something I will never regret, one of the best decisions of my life "

5 hours later we arrived to the terminal B, where my plane was supposed to depart from. I paid the driver and thanked him for the ride and unloaded my bags. I only had one huge baggage that was fairly heavy and another backpack where I had all my stuff like my computer, book and documents. When I entered the airport, I sat at a bench to take out my phone and call my parents.

- **bleep** my mom answered on the second ring
- " Hi mom "
- " Hi honey how are you? "
- " I am fine mom how are you and dad feeling? "
- " We are fine we just had our breakfast, what about you? "
- " Oh, I just entered my terminal, my plane is boarding in like 4 hours "
- " Okay honey I need to hang up, I have to go to work, keep me updated and do not forget to call us "
- " Of course mom do not worry about me, I'll be fine out here, bye "
- **hangs up**

I slid my phone into my pocket when I suddenly heard a announcement out loud.

- " Dear passengers, in cause of bad weather and severe turbulence flight 546 and flight 907 are both delayed till 3 PM. We apologize for this inconvenience, but this is for your safety. Thank you. Snacks and drinks will served in terminal A and terminal B "

- " UGH! for god's sake! "

I have always hated delayed flights, especially that I came earlier for this particular one in fear of traffic jams. I guess I will have to spend 9 whole hours in this airport alone. Since it was way too early for gates to open, I decided to search for a small cafe where I could rest, read and drink coffee while waiting for my flight. As I walked for a couple of minutes straight, I found starbucks right ahead of me. I don't usually drink their coffee but when I am in a rush to work, that is the fastest thing I can grab on my way. I ordered a huge cheese corissant with some herbs in it and plain coffee because I hate sugary and caramel drinks. The feeling of frustration and anger slowly faded away when I continued reading my book while I waited for my order to be ready, it's crazy how a book can change your mood in a split second. I was so impatient to see what happens next in the authors life, he truly was an inspiring person, going through all of that and still managing to get into one of the hardest and most complicated majors and speciality ever. Later my order was ready, their coffe tasted 1000 times better than other coffee shops I have tried. Back home, I never bought coffee from outside because we already had nespresso machine. I tried the crunchy croissant, it tasted A M A Z I N G, it only contained a mixture of fresh and white cheese with some basil sprinkled on top of it. I could not finish all of it so I asked for a paper bag to put it in my backpack. 30 minutes later, I payed the bill and took out my computer, I still had some documents to check. While scrolling through my notes and to-do tasks, a notification popped up on the screen. " Meeting with Dr. David. " OH MY GOD! I started panicking, I had forgotten that I had a meeting with a surgeon from my hospital, he wanted to talk and ask me about how the future of medicine will be. How could I forget such a thing? I quickly got my earphones out of my pockets and plug them into my Macbook. Dr. David already sent a me a link for zoom 5 minutes earlier. I was at least lucky that the airport and cafe were not crowded because I had to communicate with him.

- " Good Morning Dr. Laureine "
- " Good Morning Dr. David, excuse me fro being so late, I am currently at the airport so I am having some problems with the internet and server "
- " Oh no it is totally fine, I am sorry for choosing such a bad time for this meeting, but it is the only free time I have during the day "
- " It is totally fine doctor "

We started with our topic about the future of medicine, he asked me questions and I responded back to him. Everything went smoothly. He was impressed by my skills and knowledge and my ability to communicate easily and clearly.

- " Very impressive Dr. Laureine! I see you as a succesful surgeon in the future! "
- " I really appreciate it, thank you "

The whole conference lasted about 35 minutes, it is 11:09 AM at the moment. Right after an announcement was made " Dear passengers gates for flight 546 and flight 907 are opened please proceed with your baggage drop-off ", I packed my stuff and continued my way to the gates. I got a window seat in the middle-row, I remember when me and my sister, Jacqueline used to fight for who sitting at the window. Jacqueline is 34, she currently lives in france with her fiance Paul. Their wedding is supposed to be in 4 months, because of their packed schedules they cannot find any free time. I always missed Jacqueline so much everyday, she left for university when I was 12, but because of financial issues back in Lebanon we only got to see her once.

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