The Secret of The Lost Island

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Chapter 26

Maximus liked to stand. It made him feel powerful. He stood before the full length mirror in the Caxias do Sul central hotel, his arms crossed above his chest, his forearms resting on his large pectorals like they were shelves, admiring himself for a good solid minute.

At one point, he winked. Maximus absolutely loved his body. His God-given massiveness which he used endlessly to intimidate others in his presence.

In board meetings, Maximus would hover over competitors, standing before them like a golem waiting for them to capitulate or simply rising to walk around, showing off his monumental mass, reminding them, they were in the presence of greatness.

Most acquiesced.

’With the exception of Doctor Lattimer.’ Maximus thought, thinking back to his first meeting with him in his boardroom, his home turf as it were.

Doctor Lattimer’s natural inclination to challenge authority was starting to give Maximus serious cause to very much dislike him, regardless of his intelligence.

But then again, his plans for Doctor Lattimer in the near future included making him something a future archeologist would have to dig up.

Maximus smiled at that, the muscles in his face tightening with the grin.

But like Doctor Lattimer, Maximus’ size also gave little pause to his wife Maxima as she was equally as imposing.

Maxima was lying on a couch with blue and black leather stitching for cushions, swallowing strawberries dipped in chocolate, whole. She rose, creeping over to Maximus, taking his mouth into hers. For several long moments, they held one another in a deep embrace.

Maximus loving the sweet taste of his sister’s lips.

“Mother would be so proud.” Maxima smiled as she pulled back, her hands moving up and down Maximus’ hardened biceps.

“As would Father.” Maximus responded, his arms coming around her torso with a lasso like hold. “They both would have been, presuming they lived to see us.”

Maxima smiled. “Of course, assuming they would have been comfortable with our being together.”

Maximus kissed her hard. “We were born to be together. Blood is thicker than water and our bond goes beyond being brother and sister.”

Maxima smiled. “Which is why our parents couldn’t be allowed to live.”

They laughed ruthlessly and resumed their tongue wrestling.

After several minutes, they pulled back their upper torsos, keeping their lower bodies intertwined in a standing position looking like a giant letter “Y.”

Maximus took a breath. “After years of searching, investigating and numerous expeditions, we’re finally within grasp of the Island of Eternal Night.”

“And it’s precious secret.” Maxima smiled. The corners of her lips dropped slightly as she considered their recent team alignment. “I’ve no idea why you bothered with Swift and Lattimer in the first place.”

Maximus chided her with a look. “Because fate had them find the chamber. I couldn’t risk interfering with such happenstance and Karma. If their luck held true, I estimated they would also help us to acquire the final eight pages of the journal.” He provided Maxima an ‘I told you so look.’ “And now we have them.”

Maxima could not argue the point as the two doctors did lead them to the pages. “Yes. But our boys are a tad worse for wear.”

Maximus shook his head in annoyance. “Damn fools they were. We told them not to engage the good Doctor Swift. Power may be their strong point, but intellect is not. You’re far better suited to deal with Doctor Swift.”

“My meager hand-to-hand training is nowhere near as high as Swifts’.” Maxima was still complimented at the remark, yet argued. “But from the call, Doctor Lattimer did some damage as well.”

Maximus frowned. “Well, I could almost applaud the fact they attended Mr. Santiago’s flat, sharing our idea of retrieving the pages. I almost wonder if they had the same plan as us to dispose of him and take the pages.”

“Doubtful.” Maxima grinned. “They probably thought they could buy them. Innocent fools.”

Maximus and Maxima kissed again, shorter this time.

“We still have yet to find out who sent that attacker to destroy the chamber and after the doctor’s back in Canada.” Maximus noted.

Maxima shook her head. “Who cares. We have the books and the pages. There’s nothing left. Even if someone else was in pursuit of the island, they’ll never beat us to it now.”

Maximus agreed with that assessment. All the aces were in their deck. He pulled apart from Maxima and took to the bar at the corner of the room. He poured himself a generous serving of vodka on ice. He chugged it down in one pull, swallowing the ice cube with a single gulp, chilling his larynx as it clattered down his esophagus. He poured himself a second. “Once we find the island and take its secret for our own, we can make the world ours.”

Maxima started to undress. “With our boys at our side.”

Maximus muttered. “Presuming they are not stupid enough to get lost on the way.”

Maxima slugged Maximus hard in the bicep, slightly under the Coracobracialis muscle beneath the shoulder on the exposed inner arm, sending him back with a wince. “Those are your children you’re talking about.” She defended.

After several seconds, Maximus lowered his gaze. “I apologize.”

Maxima pulled him in and kissed the point she struck. “Plus, they have us to direct them. No matter how stupid they are.”

They both laughed again and engaged in another passionate play of facial fluids.

After several moments, Maxima breathily spoke. “The boys are on the second jet into Brazil. From there, they will meet us at Point One.”

The first point they had derived from the Leviathan Log.

Maximus removed his pants. “From there, we’ll move in the direction of Point Two.”

Point Two having been determined by the theories of Captain Rios after his many years with the young first officer from the Leviathan. Information gleaned by Doctor Gerber and recorded in the medical files. The documents had revealed numerous conversations between Rios and the survivor. It appeared Gerber’s ability to eavesdrop and his meticulous note taking over the years were far more comprehensive than was ever known.

Maxima reached her hand down into Maximus’ boxers and grabbed his large and throbbing member.

Maximus let out a soft gasp. “And with the pages, we’ll move in the direction of Point Three. Based on what the boys read to us over the phone, this is where they all intersect, thus triangulating on the cave leading down to the island.”

Maxima was pulling Maximus’ boxers downward, anticipating taking him into her. “Who would have ever thought, the island was beneath the earth itself.”

Maximus grinned as he put his hand down Maxima’s pants and grasped her frontal area with his meaty fingers.

Maxima moaned deeply, bucking back and shivering uncontrollably.

Both of them lunged forth and embraced, sharing a deep and lust filled kiss.

After a good minute, Maximus leaned back. “You looked angry at the airport today my dear.”

Maxima clenched her teeth. “Did you not hear that little baby crying in his car seat? For God’s sake, he cried for almost ten full minutes. I so wanted to walk over there and smash my foot into that basket and grind him into paste while telling his mother for the next child, buy a gag.”

Maximus pulled away, his face stricken in shock. “What is wrong with you?” For a good minute, he glared at her. “I paid three hundred dollars for those shoes.”

They both stared at one another and burst into laughter, passionately grasping at one another again, imagining the carnage.

Maxima pulled back and started to chuckle.

“What now?” Maximus asked, truly interested.

“It reminds me of that clinical trial we ran last year.”

Maximus laughed viciously. “Of course. What was it? We paid two hundred young mothers in Toronto one hundred dollars each to let us do a free amniocentesis test to determine chromosomal abnormalities in their fetuses.”

They shared an amused look.

“They had no idea we were syphoning off stem cells to help improve our wrinkle creams for our age research division.” Maximus remarked.

“And with those ironclad releases they signed, despite those sudden miscarriages they sadly suffered, ensured they had no legal recourse.”

Maxima’s eyes perked up. “One of them survived though. Even if endowed with permanent mental retardation.”

“There should have been a test for that.”

They both laughed in unison, holding onto one another for support.

Maximus threw out. “But don’t forget, they still got a hundred dollars.”

“That and we sent them all a wonderful Maximum Pharmaceuticals basket a year later. If I’m right, you even included a sample of the cream they helped create.”

Maximus smiled. “Giving them back a piece of those children they lost.”

They both burst into hysterics at their own evil humour, nearly tumbling over.

Maxima pulled free and sauntered toward the bed, her naked body and its taunt form rippling with each step from the mass of muscles under her skin, motioning for her husband to follow.

Maximus strode toward her and in seconds, relieved himself of any remaining clothes. He took Maxima into his arms and lifted her from the floor with ease.

Maxima quickly asked. “What about this “Evil’ we’ve heard so much about on the island?”

“Nonsense.” Maximus threw Maxima down and in seconds was on top of her, penetrating her body perfectly, causing Maxima to gasp. “Stories to keep true believers away. I’ll not allow a superstitious fairytale to keep me from immortality.”

Maxima choked and thrust with Maximus. “Still, we can’t allow what we think we’ve found to be seen by too many others. Until we make it our property.”

Maximus was moving in tandem with his wife and sister. “Anyone who gets in our way will be removed from the equation.”

Maxima grinned as her orgasm was building. “What about Doctor Swift and the archeologist?”

Maxima smiled viciously as he too felt the fire of his body building up for release. “They’re smart. I’m sure by now they figured out it was us who had the pages stolen. But what does it matter. They have nothing but three blank books and no one to chase. We’ve won.”

Maxima let the rivers of energy flow through her ecstasy filled body. “But what about the collector who had the pages?”

Maximus was holding back, waiting for Maxima to burst with him. “An old man with nothing to show for the auction but a beating and knowing he was defeated. What can they get from him?”

Maxima was getting hot, her body and skin filling with pins and needles as she was reaching the finish line. “But like you said, what IF, our good doctors have fate on their side?”

Maximus was about to explode. “Sounds like the Evil may have itself two more victims coming their way.”

Both exploded into one another, power, energy and sexual passion as they laughed at their planning.

Once they were done, they continued violently over the next two hours, twice with knocks on their hotel room to lower the volume.

They did not.

Hours later, as they were passing out from exhaustion in the wee hours of the morning, Maximus sighed. “Maybe we’ll be together for all eternity.”

“I do hope so.” Maxima smiled blissfully. “Fuck the rest of the world.”

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