The Secret of The Lost Island

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Chapter 47

Maxima was in motion, her legs and arms pumping like a train engine as she barreled forward with one goal.

’To get the Hell out of there.

Her first thought as she exited the first chamber, looking over her right shoulder as she ran, watching the gigantic brown spiders dropping and pouncing on her two boys from above was not, ‘My God, I have to save my sons.’ It was, ‘I’m still young. I can have more kids.’

She had no desire whatsoever to go back into the nest after hearing how Doctor Swift described the spiders kept their prey and seeing the illustrious Captain Rios. She knew she could always come back later with a platoon of reinforcements to save her boys and of course provide them whatever psychiatric counseling they needed.

The bonus was, they would all have a long, long time to recover combined with being stinking rich to top it off.

Maxima turned left at the first rock formation she saw and ducked down, but not fast enough, as her helmet and light scratched the hardened edges of a sharp stalactite.

At that moment, she was envisioning her brutal revenge upon Doctor Swift when she found her, maybe even drowning her in the lake slowly, her screams bubbling away into nothingness.

In those seconds of distraction, Maxima felt her legs taken out from under her. She fell, catching in a sideways glance, Doctor Swift near to the ground, using a forward leg sweep maneuver to send her off her feet.

Maxima dropped, hit the ground, spun, adrenaline pumping and found herself standing, coming face to face with Doctor Swift again. “This is getting tiresome Doctor Swift.”

“In that I would agree.” Danica glared at her. “The leg sweep, that’s for thinking of having me raped.”

Maxima smiled with a vicious sneer. “The night’s not over yet.” She lunged forward.

Danica jumped straight up from the ground, using both her legs for increased power, catching the upper lip of the cave ceiling with her hands, pulling with her arms with all her might, adding speed and power to her motion. Once her feet left the ground, she snapped her right leg up, accelerating upwards like a lightning strike, in a perfectly executed front kick, delivering a devastating blow directly under Maxima’s extended chin.

Never in Maxima’s life had she been hit so hard. Her whole body lifted a full inch off the ground as her head shot back, taking her shoulders and chest with her, her body following suit as she landed flat on her back with a dust rising smack.

Danica landed, fists at her side, knees bent, taking on a ready stance.

Maxima saw stars, sparkles and she was sure, a few bursts of colour. She shook the stars from her vision away and stumbled back to her feet, inhaling deeply to regain her oxygen levels, anger filling her every available pore. She spat a glob of blood to the ground and snarled.

Maxima was about tolunge again when she saw Danica’s eyes widen in fear as she peered upward.

Danica turned and in seconds, was gone.

Maxima already sensing it, tried to run, but her last vision before her helmet was knocked from her head were two large furry legs of a massive spider reaching around from both sides, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her up in the crevasses of the cave.

All that Danica heard as she ran were Maxima’s bloodcurdling screams.

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