The Secret of The Lost Island

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Chapter 48

Danica cleared the next vault of caves and continued running.

Suddenly, a giant spider, bigger than a Shetland pony, raced toward Danica from the shadows.

It reared back, four legs on the ground to provide stability, the other four up like a horse bucking, but reaching to grasp her. Its belly moved in and out erratically, acting excited with thin rivulets of webbing spitting out the rear.

Danica, on pure instinct, spun, pivoting all her weight onto her right leg, using her backward spin to build momentum and lashed out with a brutal combination roundhouse side kick, letting her hiking boot hit the dead centre sternum of the spider.

It snapped back and hit the wall with a crunch, unprepared for the brutal strike.

It hissed and was back on its feet in seconds.

The targets Danica was trained to hit in Tae Kwon Do only had two legs. Most didn’t have an extra set of legs to land back on, least of all, six to catch their fall, reposition and resume an attack.

The spider lunged forward, grasping for her with its body arced back, its upper two legs moving back and forth, its chelicera fangs rising up and down.

Danica dropped to use another kick as her legs had the most strength against these things.

But before the spider could snag her, it instead got a face full of the tribe’s fluid stench.

Spiders absorb smells with scent detecting hairs located on their legs, feeling their prey and confirming if it is consumable.

Whatever this scent was, it did not like it.

It screeched, it’s body twisting away in disgust, dropping to all eight legs and running away down a dark corridor.

Danica did not need another signal.

She had no idea how long this deterrent would last.

She bolted again, thinking. ‘When I see the tribal Elder, I owe him a big kiss.’

She was not tired in the least, amazed at how energized she felt.

Shivering in her mind, knowing its source.

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