The Secret of The Lost Island

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Chapter 49

Hayden and Carlos stood on the beach, staring at the caves, hoping and counting the seconds, each one dragging on like an individual eternity, unsure of what to do, relying on Danica’s skill, knowledge and luck to get out of there.

Carlos had removed the shotgun from Maximus’ duffle bag and cocked the barrel.

Hayden kept thinking to himself. ‘If I only solved those clues faster. If I had only done something in the caves. If only….’

Hayden knew he had to stop blaming himself, but it was hard. Instead, he focused on revenge. ‘If I’ve lost her… By God I’ll come back here with a nuclear device and turn this accursed island into Chernobyl.’

Hayden looked to his watch and spoke to Carlos. “I’ll give her two more minutes and then I’m going in after her.”

“After two minutes, I’m coming with you Doctor Lattimer.” Carlos replied, handing Hayden back his weapon, safety turned to off. Then he added. “But she’s coming. I can feel it.”

Hayden looked to the island with desperation. ‘Please be right Carlos. Please.’

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