The Secret of The Lost Island

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Chapter 50

Danica ran hard, her muscles fueled by adrenaline and powered by fear, weaving in and around corridors, knowing from memory she was nearing the final exit. She could hear another Horror scurrying behind her, still a good ways back, far down in the tunnels, but it was closing fast.

Its multiple legs racing, its claws finding purchase in the cracks and rivets of rock as it tore along the walls, using the sides for momentum knowing a possible dinner was escaping.

Danica pivoted around the last corner and skidded to a stop.

Directly before her was another giant spider, bigger than the rest she had seen thus far, having a leg span of at least ten feet. It was poised, legs spread, not having noticed her yet, spinning in a circle in search of prey.

One coming from behind and one in the front.

A terrible game of monkey in the middle if she ever imagined.

The one in front turned, spotting her now. It seemed to know it was blocking Danica’s last exit from the cursed island cave system. It hissed and rose up with two legs extended forward, its jaws moving open and closed in a vicious manner.

Danica did the only thing she could think of. She turned her head with a quick flick, her hair spinning with a hard twist, the still moist tribal oil laced ends snapping. A thick wet globule of the oil splashed forward and with a light wet slapping sound, splattered directly into the spider’s pedipalp feelers.

The spider instantly freaked. Its highly sensitive sense of smell now overwhelmed by the vile fluid. It started to shudder violently, slamming its body into the ground over and over, up and down, vibrating its entire exoskeleton like it had suddenly been hit with a stun gun. Legs twitched and fluttered, all the while, trying to get out of the cave to find some means to clear it off. But due to its massive size and upset state, the small creviced area prevented it from escaping. It dropped to the ground and started scraping the source of the horrific smell off its skin with its front two appendages, the entire time, quivering uncontrollably.

Danica, not being a veterinarian, had no idea if this was some sort of spider epileptic seizure as a result of the oil, but then again, she did not really care.

The spider was doing something other than coming for her and that was all the mattered.

Danica turned as she heard the second spider closing in from behind.

‘God help me.’ She thought one last time. ‘And fuck their urticating hairs hairs.’

She raced forward, using her left leg like a thrusting board, launching herself forward directly at the spider. She rolled and tucked her body in a frontal direction, spinning and turning almost in midair, doing something she had not done since kindergarten, somersaulting in a frontward motion, head over heels across the top of the giant spider’s open Cephalothorax centre body, to which all the legs are attached. Her head and back coasted over the bubble shaped abdomen at the rear of the beast until she landed on her both feet with double planted perfection, wishing she had a video camera for what she had just accomplished.

In one final gesture, she rocked forward and lashed out with a powerful reverse back kick directly into the web spinnerets at the back core of the monster’s abdomen, sending the beast face first and into the path of the second chasing spider, slamming them into one another.

Within seconds, both squealed in fury and started fighting for dominance, the one trying to get past, the other in even more hysterics to get the new selection of vile fluid now running from head to tail when Danica rolled over it as a gymnastics mat, off its skin and body.

No longer interested in her, the two giant spiders engaged in battle in the darkness of the cave.

Not that Danica turned to look.

She was long gone, out the entrance and onto the beach.

Her feet pounding, her fists pumping, racing for the boat.

Running for dear life.

Praying Hayden and Carlos were all right.

Thinking again, ’If we awaken them, all is lost.

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