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ICEFALL –MOUNT EVERESTOne minute visibility is high then you are blind.Gale force winds begin to freeze the blood. As night closed in, Mallory and Irvine succumb to the elements. Your mind goes blank, you cannot think, you lose your way! Trapped in the Death Zone, your body is close to death! You commence a journey into a helpless hallucinatory void.As the storm rages, fear overwhelms you. Only the hand of God will save you now!In 1924 the intrepid climbing team of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine went for the summit of Everest. Then a storm broke. Hours later George Mallory, with Andrew (Sandy) Irvine tethered by a flimsy cord, descends into madness. Approaching 28000 feet and unable to distinguish dream from reality Mallory stumbles and falls down the north face of Everest to his death. Such was the start of the greatest mystery of the 20th century. Did Mallory and Irvine conquer Mt Everest and summit first? Fast forward almost a century and the search for Andrew Irvine continues. Despite reports by a 1960 Russian expedition that an ‘old English’ had been found near skyline, his body has never been found nor the camera he is believed to be carrying. A camera containing a film roll that could change the course of Everest climbing history.

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