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A Long Time Ago A King Name Lucian And His Wife Virgo Give A Birth To A Baby, Virgo Love The Baby But Her Husband Doesn't Even Accept it So The King Make A Decision to Leave The Baby To A Small Town Of Takisoma, Virgo Was Very Mad At Lucian Because of it. A Good Woman See The Baby In The Near Street Of Cosa She Didn't Know Who Is the Parent Of this Baby So she Named It Denxell, When Denxell Was In Year 8 In School Of Ninja He Was Bullied But Denxell Didn't Care About It. One day Denxell Saw A Girl Getting Bullied By The Ninja Gang In their School so Denxell Fights The Seven Member Of It And He Won The Fight, The girl Was So Thankful To Denxel And Denxell Ask The Girl 'why Those Guys Bullying You?' The Girl Answer Said I'm the Okinamaru Daughter The Seven Dragon, Denxell Was Shock And Scared About it, The Girl Name is Yukiro T Dragon And Tell To Denxell To Join The White Assassin Who Always Saving Life To Their Village Denxell Laugh Because White Assassin Was Only A Myth But The White Assassin Show Their Selves And Yukiro Was One Of Them, Denxell Was Amaze And Shock Because White Assassin Are The One Of The Mortal enemy Of Lucian
Yukiro Say It Again' Do you Want To join Us?' And Denxell Response And He Said Yes But I Don't Even Have A Giyola Power
And The Leader Said That Every People Who live In this Town Have A Giyola Power Even Yukiro Don't Even have A Giyola before But She Find Out The She Giyola Was In His Heart, Denxell Agree To Join the White Assassin Squad But He Worried About His Parent Who Have A Sick Because Of Deri Fruit. Denxell Have His First Fight With The Gang They Meet The jaeo guards, jaeo Guards Are The Guards Of Lucian And Virgo, Denxell Wipe The Guardian With His Giyola And His Giyola Was Flaming Punch And Incredibly Speed The Whole Squad Was Amaze Because Denxell Show His Giyola Very Fast And His Giyola Wasn't Know, They Enter The Diamond Gates Of Tikashi Kingdom
And They see A Lot Of People Bodies, The Squad Was Shock to see Denxell Mother
A Few Moment Denxell Saw His Mother Body Full Of Blood, Denxell Get Very Angry He Show A Five Giyola Power
Lightning,Intense Bone Breaker, Teleportation, Disguisenand The Last One Was Pure Imrage, Denxell Starts To Destroy Everything He Sees But No One Can Stop Him, The King Lucian Was Shock Because Of What Happen To Their Kingdom, The King Starts To Firing Denxell With His Giyola Magma Shot But No Magma Ball Shot Denxell, Lucian was Thinking About This Boy That Have A 8 Giyola Power Even He Is A Only Cosa Villager, The Queen Virgo Show After The Kingdom Was Destroy And Remember The Baby That Her Husband Left Besides The Cosa Street, The Queen Virgo Was Crying And Walk Near Denxell, The White Ninja's Try To stop Queen Virgo To getting Near To Denxell, Queen Virgo Get Near To Denxell And Denxell Stop Of Impure Rage And Feel Different About The Queen, The Queen Finally Tells About Him And Denxell Realize That he Was Not An Cosa Villager Or Even Sasomi Villager That why Denxell Start To Smile And Hug His Mother But the King Stop Them A Shot The Queen In the Back Yukiro Drag The Queen to Safe Place, The King Tells All The Thing That Happen
He Said That He Didn't Love Virgo Since The Virgo Made This Building And Tell All The Hurting Word To Denxell, Denxell Was Very Mad And Teleport To Back of His Father, Denxell Takes everyone To Gigantic Arena And Start Their Fight, Lucian Calls The dark assassin's And Kill Denxell, The Dark Assassins Join Lucian, Denxell Remember The squad That He Joined The White Assassin, He Start To Yelling To The Air And Saying A Giyola Word, A White Dragons And A White Assassin Show To The Middle Of The Arena And The Dark Assassins Start To show Their Giyola But Even One of White Assassin wasn't scared Yukiro Show to The Front Of Lucian And Take The Moonlight Giyola, Lucian was Mad And Follow Yukiro But Denxell And The White Assassin Didn't Let It Happen White Assassin And Dark Assassin Start To fight In the Middle Of The Arena, A Lot Of people Cheering And Support Every Assasin, Lucian Grab Yukiro's Neck And Throw To the Magma Volcano But Denxell Appeared In the Bottom of it And Save Yukiro, Denxell Start To torturing His Father And Finally He Kill Its And....

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