Where The Evergreen Never Grows

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A boy named Jacob Mathews with a dead family survives a plane crash and wonders what to do with his life, until he makes a dashing discovery of what lays inside

Adventure / Action
Ive been crying
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Chapter 1 Into the Evergreen

Entry 1 Day 1
I know you are wondering right now who the hell am I? Well my name is Jacob Mathews JJ for short. I'm 16 and I used to have a family two brothers who annoy the crap out of me and two middle aged parents. My life got turned upside down after a plane crash. I was the only survivor because I went to the bathroom right before we crashed. Honestly I don't miss my family, they were abusive and non-forgiving. In other words they were careless. My life was dull, I had no girlfriend, only few friends who barley know me anymore and bad grades. I think this escape to the middle of nowhere has made me feel better about myself.

Entry 2 Day 1
Honestly I do not know why I'm writing in this journal. I mean It serves no purpose, I guess i'm just doing it to get my life out there ya know. So I've been surviving off of peoples luggage. Finding food is hard but supplies is easy to find. I found blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags. I also found an emergency food supply kit, some of these people are psychos. I want to explore the world, but ever since my birth mother died I never liked myself. She used to tell me that the world could be mine one day and I believed her. My father used to believe too but after she died he lost it. I never liked my step mom and her two sons who were older than me. 2 drunk psychopaths, everyday they come home smelling like alcohol, and guess what I always got the blame for them being drunk. They say that I bribe them to get drunk. I hate my life.
Entry 3 Day 2
My first night in the forest and I'm already freaking out. I've decided that I'm going to explore the forest. I know you think i'm crazy, I bet you're thinking that i'm going to die. Well here's my explanation for this, first off I'm prepared I have food, plenty of water, a gun, and luggage. (Also I know how to use a gun). and it smells like crap over here. I think its time that I face my fears and get out into the forest so I can see what's really there.

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