Director’s Origins

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⚔︎I Will Be Your Overdose⚔︎

Things of course, still never slowed down regardless of the base having a Director or not. In fact, there were days where it was complete chaos and no one knew what to do or how to fix it. Having someone that always had an eye on everything was a bigger help than anyone realized. But now they were fighting blind.

Attacks came out of nowhere and everyone did the best they could to fight it off. All while having no warning ahead of time or getting prepared. In the CIA you always had to be prepared and one slip up could become deadly. That was a thing that nearly happened one too many times. Many times they came too close to having it result in something fatal. It placed the entire base in a frenzy, sleeping was of course harder as well as even training.

Everyone was just on edge and worried about whether or not they would get attacked from out of nowhere. There were codes that only the Director was given to have an eye out for the entire base, and as stupid as it was. The higher-ups refused to give them the codes. So they were left all on their own without ever knowing what was to come next.

Shooting his eyes open, Conner was in bed asleep when he heard heavy running footsteps rush down the hall. Jolting up he quickly rushed out of bed and shoved on his boots. Going to his door he pulled it open and watched the others rush on out. Before he could even think he was pulled right out of his room by his shirt and heading down the hall with the rest of them.

Running along with them, he went over to the weaponry and grabbed his belt and holsters. As well as his vest and pads before turning around and going back out. Running over and whipping out his gun he found the sight of Damian and of course rushed right over to him.

"We're under attack?"

"Seems like it. Baker's got us runnin' around like a bunch of madmen."

Damian explained as he took out his own gun and took off the safety, placing it back in and opening his staff.

"Try to stay out of trouble alright? I'll see ya when I can."

Conner nodded and watched as Damian went. After that, he went out as well. Springing right into action and not holding back. It wasn't nearly as bad as it had been and mostly for Conner it was just running.

He shot a couple of shoots but mainly there wasn't anything or anyone really there. It was very strange, to say the least, but he tried not to think about it too much. He went over to the IT lab and used his ID to get in.

Once in there he went over to the main computer and saw that the security system was down. Looking around and furrowing his brows in confusion a moment he took a second to stop and think.

Remembering what he been taught on how to fix it. Retracing his thoughts he went over to the mainframe and typed in the codes. Hoping they were the correct ones and by some miracle gained full access. He searched for the correct icon and pressed 'on'. After that, a loud alarm went off, everything went red and flashing on and off.

Conner slowly stepped away from the computer and ran out of the IT room. Racing down the halls as best as he could manage with the piercing alarm and flashing lights.

Making down to the ground floor main lobby. Conner stopped and took a breather a moment, then went over to one of the front desks. There he went to the computer and typed in the codes. After that, the alarm stopped and the lights first went out then flashed back on fully.

Breathing out a breath of relief Conner shook his head and fell back in the chair of the desk. His side of things was just weird. He hardly had to fight at all, everywhere he turned there was just no one there. It made him think and wonder why everyone was so on edge and freaking out. It seemed like just a simple break-in and nothing too overly serious.

Either something was being hidden from him, or everyone in the base was overreacting for nothing. Twisting back and forth in the desk chair Conner pondered over that for a little while. Maybe a little more than necessary yet it seemed the threat was already taken care of. It all felt quick, too quick and it just made little to no sense.

The ding for the elevator went off and Conner's eyes peered over to it as the doors slid open. Instantly he popped up out of the chair and sprinted over. It was Damian and he was holding onto his torso, doing all he could to stand upright. Evidently, he had gotten into a fight and got hurt badly.

Big hazel eyes flooded with concern as he went over and helped Damian out of the elevator and into the lobby. Most of his injuries seemed to be hidden, however, he was having trouble staying upright so it was still bad.

A million different questions were rushing through Conner's mind. It didn't really make sense, it wasn't that bad of an attack. At least it wasn't for him, he too was right there in the middle of it like Damian.

Yet, he was hardly harmed at all, he only got maybe punched once or twice. It looked like Damian had gotten pretty much pummeled and kicked around. It made no sense unless another thought came to his mind. Was the reason his fight wasn't so bad because Damian took most of the blow?

Conner didn't even see Damian out there, then again he was a master at stealth. He could find a way to hide in plain sight almost anywhere. Conner was both grateful and a little guilty if that were the case.

Conner cared about Damian a great deal, he loved him. So he never wanted to see him so badly beaten. He took an arm and snaked it under Damian's and carried him over to one of the benches and sat him down. Conner right beside him, still keeping his arms where they were to help out as much as he could.

"Hey you, ya alright?"

He asked having a soft gentle tone in his voice. Watching him wince in pain stung but he did his best to remain stoic for his sake. Looking up and over Damian's brown eyes met Conner's hazel. He patted the kid's knee a bit before clearing his throat a little and shaking his head.

"It's okay."

"But... you sure?"

Damian nodded and sat back which hurt badly but he managed. Leaning his back on the bench and heaving out a breath. Conner didn't say anything else, he just moved his arms off of Damian and sat back himself. He decided against wanting to ask any more questions right then and allowed Damian just to take some time to rest.

It surprised Conner, he knew Damian was always there for him just like how he would be for Damian right back. But, he didn't know that he did it even when he wasn't looking. It all added up as to why the attack seemed serious, but by the time Conner was awake and out there nothing seemed like that big of a deal.

Now it all made sense, Damian was watching over him and taking on anyone who tried to reach him. It warmed his heart and again made him feel a little guilty. Damian was hurt pretty bad, and Conner was left without a single bruise. It only ever made the determination in himself flare up even more.

He had to make sure that he was able to do the same for Damian when needed. Damian was to have to take it easy for a little while, so it had to be up to Conner to take over and make sure he stays safe and as far from harms way as possible. He would be happy to do it with no questions asked. Even if Damian tried to argue with him on it, he would still do what he could to look out for him like he did.

Sitting back a moment everything went still and calm. It was completely out of the ordinary, but Conner would be lying if he said he didn't like it. At least for /once/. Breathing out he looked over and caught sight of Damian. His head was back and his eyes were closed. Conner flinched a bit, at first he thought that he passed out or something.

But he had only fallen asleep, made perfect sense. By the way, he looked his fight was probably extremely tiring. Looking him over a second, Conner thought before standing back on his feet again. Reaching over he carefully took hold of Damian. Moving him over to his back, securing his arms around his shoulders as best as he could manage.

Damian was a few inches taller than Conner so it wasn't easy on his side. Regardless he tried his best and walked him over to the elevator. Pressing the button for the correct floor and getting in.

Soon enough the lift dinged and the doors slid open. Conner carried Damian down the long hallway of the bedrooms and over to Damian's door. His room was closer to the elevator than Conner's. He carefully reached over to Damian's belt and took out his key. Sliding it in the lock he unlocked the door and pushed it open.

Quickly waddling over to the bed and carefully lying Damian in it. Pushing out a breath of relief Conner walked over to the desk and sat in the chair. Retracting it back a little bit and just waited.

As he sat there and waited, of course, his mind began to race. Still not wanting to believe what Damian just did. It would make better sense to him if he knew ahead of time. If he were to see it and Damian tell him that he had it covered. That's what it meant by covering someone in the field. This wasn't it, this was different. Damian went unseen and made sure no one really got close to Conner.

All of it changed once they were on the same team after Conner surpassed his age range.
He knew they were best friends, but did he feel the way Conner felt? Was that his way of showing it? Or was he just adding on to his amazingness?

Those questions floated around Conner's head for a good while. Asking them back and forth, over and over. Up until he leaned his face in his hand and fell asleep for a little bit. It wasn't the most comfortable, but Conner could fall asleep literally anywhere and in any position so it wasn't anything new to him.

Slightly hearing rustling from across the room. Conner popped back up from his little nap. Yawing and outstretching his arms forward, he straightened out his back and looked over. Switching on the desk lamp and looking over to the bed. Checking on Damian and seeing if he was okay or not.

He moved about in the bed and yawned rather loud, only to then cough and rub at his eyes. Slowly lifting himself to sit up he groggily looked around the room.

Registering that he was no longer in the lobby anymore. Furrowing his brows in confusion he looked over and spotted Conner at his desk. Eyes widening a little in surprise, that was how he got back to his room. It must've been hard as Conner was a little shorter than him. Breathing in a sharp pain shot through his torso, leaning forward he groaned in pain.

Conner was quick to rush right over to him and see if there was anything he could do. Damian reached out and patted Conner's arm and lifted himself back upright.

"How long was I out?"

Damian quietly inquired with a gravelly voice.

"O-only a couple of hours.. not too long.."

The more Damian felt awake he looked over Conner. Taking in his features and body language, kind of seeming like the nervous kid he met a few years back. He lightly furrowed his brows a bit.

"You okay there?"

"Why did you do that?"

"You mean my job?"

Conner huffed out a sigh, stepping back and moving to sit down on the floor in front of the bed. Leaning his back on the wall and bending his knees up, resting his forearms on them. He was still wearing his field gear but it wasn't like he paid any much attention to that at all.

"You know that's not what I meant. Why did you do all of that? I coulda handled it m'self."

Damian looked down at his hands a moment heaving out a long sigh. Catching his hands were even battered up, the cuticles of his fingers were ripped and covered in dried blood. He flashed his eyes back up and over to Conner.

"I dunno.. I just.. did it for you I guess.."

"But, you got hurt."

"Yeah, but /you/ didn't and that's what really matters."


"But nothin' okay? I care about you a lot and don't like seeing you get hurt like that. I got beaten a little, so what."

"Damian, c'mon man!"

"C'mon what.?"

"You... you think I like seein' you all beat up like that? I don't care if y'are older or whatever! I still don't like it, I care about you too... and crap!"

Damian sat up a little more straight and crossed his arms. Still studying Conner's mannerisms and all-around demeanor. He seemed... flustered. He could've sworn his cheeks flushed a little the more he went on about caring for Damian.

All of it warmed his heart and his heart went out to the kid. He did care about him a lot, he had some feelings toward him but he wasn't sure how strong they were. He was simply just always denying it.
Thinking that Conner was his friend and someone he could always count on. But the way he was acting right then, was starting to say otherwise.

In all honesty, it was sweet and endearing to Damian. So much so he uncrossed his arms and pushed himself up and slowly off the bed. Which hurt like a bitch but he still played it off like it was fine.

Breathing a little heavier now he stood firm on his feet, extending out his hand to Conner who was sitting on the floor still.

Conner just stared up at him with his already large eyes a bit wider. Blinking a little he snapped out of it and took his hand. Damian hoisted him up back to his feet and took a step back.

"Like I said I do care about you, a hell of a lot and... guess that's why I did it."

Damian started out, his voice smoother as he was more awake and alert with his injuries now. Speaking out in a more tender tone of voice.

Right then Conner could feel his heart, everywhere, beating as fast and loud as possible. Biting at his bottom lip he couldn't really think at all, let alone try to say anything. All he did was blink and nod, not even sure what he was nodding for.

Breathing in he tried his best to say something /anything/ but nothing ever came and Damian spoke out again anyway.

"And I'd do it again, over and over."

He then stepped closer and wrapped his arms around Conner. Pulling him into a secure hug. At first, Conner just stood there with his arms still at his sides, trying so hard to breathe correctly. Luckily, after a moment it finally clicked and he lifted his arms and hugged Damian right back.

Holding onto him and feeling close to him. His heart was still racing and he had a great idea Damian knew that. He could probably feel it himself. But he didn't seem to have minded and he didn't really.
Not minding it at all. In fact, he still found it to be rather sweet and endearing, that feeling never once leaving.

Damian held onto Conner for a little while longer before slightly dropping his arms and pulling away. But barely at all, still being face to face with Conner. He locked his brown eyes on his hazel ones for a good moment.

All Conner did was blink and could've sworn he just gulped right about then. He only really imagined being so close to Damian like that, he couldn't wrap his head around it no matter how hard he tried.
Damian kept his gaze in Conner's eyes for another moment longer, right before he moved in closer.

Moving his hands to Conner's face he pulled his face in and planted his lips onto Conner's. Conner completely froze in place with his eyes still wide open and his heart nearly beating right out of his chest. Blinking a bit he snapped out of it and his eyes fluttered shut. Going in and kissing him right back.

Only ever really dreaming of that moment, it actually was happening. Conner became fast friends into falling right for Damian. He cared about him deeply and would do anything for him no matter what.
Now there he was feeling his lips on his own and their heartbeats synchronize.

Damian held it and let it linger for another good moment before softly breaking the kiss. All Conner did was still standing there completely dumbfounded and surprised. Cheeks completely flushed and everything. Trying his very best to hold it back, he failed and let out a yawn. Damian chuckled a little, still gentle and quiet.

"Yeah, we should probably both try and sleep."

Conner nodded still flustered.

"Okay, sounds okay."

"You um.. I mean.. you could stay here if you want."

"Okay! ... I mean... yeah okay."

Damian chuckled and then stepped back. Conner went and helped him back into bed. He winced a lot more and slowly made it into bed. Going for the pillow and resting his head. The more he relaxed the more he felt his injuries. The pain became too much that he fell asleep quickly. As for Conner he went to the closet and got out an extra blanket and pillow.

Not wanting to disturb Damian's rest. He took it upon himself to sleep on the floor. Making himself a make-shift bed and laying down. Trying to wrap everything that just happened around his head. He wasn't all too sure what it meant, yet he wasn't going to think about it too much. After the long day he too was worn out and tired so soon enough he fell asleep as well.

Keeping an ear out in case Damian were to wake due to pain or anything. Other than that he did sleep pretty sound, something he hadn't been able to do in a long time.
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