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⚔︎You Can't Wake Up⚔︎

Hearing muffled voices, Conner opened his eyes. Everything was blurry a moment before his eyes had adjusted. Squinting from the bright lights right above him, making it the only thing he could see right then.

"It is complete Executive."

Conner heard someone say the more awake he was feeling himself. He felt so dazed and unsure of what was happening, or where he was. He fell asleep in Damian's room, or so he thought.

Pushing himself up he shook his head and looked down at his hands and screamed. Blinking rapidly his breathing increased and his heart pounding.

"Transformation is complete and here is the CIA's newest weapon. The Killing Machine."

Another spoke out and Conner pushed himself off of the operating table and ran to a full-length mirror on the wall. Eyes widening as he looked over to see his forearms and hands had been cut off and replaced with two large machine guns. His eyes were piercing red and glowing. Staring at himself for another moment he stepped back and screamed at the top of his lungs.

Eyes shooting open, Conner jerked right up. Looking around and quickly recognizing Damian's room. He looked right down to his hands, to see they were his hands. He counted all ten of his fingers and breathed out in relief. It was just a dream, a bad one at that. In a way, he was living that nightmare, and only hoped that part would never have to come true.

He'd do everything in his power to make sure that never even comes close. That's always what he felt like to him. One day they were going to grab him and literally turn him into some kind of machine. That was the way they talked to him. Not like he was an actual person. Going on and on about his climbing charts and how they craved more from him.

Talking at him rather than /to/ him. Only ever wanting to set him off and take control of that to turn it into something the benefitted them. Regardless of Conner's feelings or even morals. They'd take all of that away for their own twisted personal gain.

Conner went over and looked on the bed, only to find that Damian was gone. His heart dropped instantly and he scrambled onto his feet. Going over and hitting the lights. Finding no trace of Damian anywhere. Turning around as he heard the door open, seeing Damian there. Still looking pretty beaten and tired, but he seemed to have ignored all of that.

Conner was going to say something until Damian beat him to it and what he said nearly knocked the wind out of him anyway.

"He's gone!"

Damian belted out as he opened the door wider to step in. Conner furrowed his brows in confusion shaking his head slightly.

"What? Who is?"

"Baker, he's gone! No one can find him anywhere!"


"We're alone, everyone's going insane and already going against one another!"

That set Conner aback a bit. He felt himself becoming a little nervous again and worried. All of it felt like he was part of some other type of bad dream. There no longer was a person in charge. Jones was detained for good and now Baker had left, leaving the agents to fend for themselves.

Now they were all turning against one each other. The CIA base was literally crumbling before their very eyes, and there wasn't anything they could do about it.

He watched as Damian came in and shut the door behind himself. Both of them getting startled as they heard a loud bang coming from down the hall. It wasn't a gunshot, however, it did sound like someone threw something and it broke. He looked back over to Damian he was scattering around the room.

He could walk a lot better that morning which was good but he still looked like he was in a lot of pain. Especially while moving about rapidly like that.

"We gotta get out of here."

"What? What d'you mean? We can't just ditch the CIA like that? Can we?"

"Conner, look around. Jones is in a straight jacket somewhere, Baker went rogue and everyone else is probably out there killing one another. Face it the CIA is crumbling and we gotta go."

Conner stopped and thought all about that a moment. He still wanted to stay and try to prove the CIA wrong. To keep fighting and to become someone incredible. He wanted the same for Damian as well. Damian had nothing at all when he first came, if he were to leave the CIA he would have nowhere to really go.

Conner couldn't go back home without him, but he didn't know how to explain everything to them. It was too big of a risk. He wouldn't be able to go back to his family, he would be placing them in danger. There was no way in hell he was ever going to do that nor leave Damian alone with no one.


Damian stopped what he was doing and looked right to Conner. His eyes were stern, serious, and worried all at once.

"Are you really insane?!"

"Look, I can't go home. I'll be putting my family in danger. Also, I can't leave you behind. Damian we literally have nowhere to go!"

"We'd figure something out, but we can't stay here. It isn't safe Conner!"

Damian moved about and turned out of his room. Heading down the hall and over to Conner's room. Opening his door and stepping in. Conner followed him all the way over to his own bedroom. Going over and taking his backpack out of Damian's hand.


"We're not going anywhere! It isn't like it's not anything we couldn't handle before. I could take them assholes easy!"

Damian heaved a sigh and shook his head. Conner wasn't really getting it. He was a kid and was refusing to grow up and look at the realities in front of him. It was much more than just the other agents. There was the fact that Damian couldn't take it anymore.

He had been blackmailed for years and watched everyone treat Conner like something other than a person. It wreaked his heart one too many times and he wanted better for both of them. Conner more than anyone. To Damian, he didn't deserve any of it. He was a kid with a huge heart and a ton of determination.

His temper was a small fraction of who he really was and no one saw that. The temper was the only thing they did see.

Damian was a decoy and Conner was a weapon.
That was all they were to the CIA rather than who they really were. Damian saw a person he cared so deeply for in front of his eyes, and he wasn't anything at all to the CIA. He shook his head to Conner.

"Ya just don't get it do you?"

"But Dami-"

"I can't take it anymore! All of this bullshit, I can't take it!"

He stepped back and then walked out of the room. Hesitating for a short moment, Conner stepped out as well and continued following Damian. Picking up the pace a little bit as he followed him down the hall. Once they've reached the end of it, Conner reached out and grabbed Damian's forearm. He was quick to stop and turn around. Not really helping it, his heart just went out to the kid.

"We ain't done here. What're ya goin' on 'bout?"

Damian exhaled a long sigh. Stepping back to the wall behind him and leaning his lower back onto it.

"You know what I am goin' on about Con. Everything, I just can't or wanna deal with it anymore. The blackmailing, the weapon thing, it's all too much. I thought I could handle it but I can't anymore. Mostly what they're doin' to you."

Conner blinked and let his eyes hit the floor a moment. His mind reverted right back over to the dream he just had. It was vivid and felt all too real. Not to mention it really didn't seem that off.

From the way they talked at him, it really felt like it was all headed down that road. Which was terrifying. He never wanted to wake up and not have any arms, or to wake up and not know who he was. The way he had been treated and the way they talk about him. It all felt like that nightmare was coming true.

Yet at the same time, he still had the overbearing desire to stay there. Wanting to go against it all and prove them otherwise. Not really realizing that he was probably going at it all wrong. He wanted to use force and to show them that there was much more to him. That he had trained long and hard to become the agent he was today. That it took skill and determination, not just a temper.

All of that was still burning in him and he wanted to stay alongside Damian and go against them. They always had the dynamic of them versus the CIA.

"Y'ain't gettin' blackmailed any more. Jones is long gone as ya said. I'll show'm all otherwise I promise! C'mon Dami ya gotta stay. It's always been us versus them!"

Damian looked over to Conner. Regarding him up and down and back up again. Taking him all in, and seeing the twinkle in his bright hazel eyes. He really did want to stay and show them differently. In a way, Damian could understand where he was coming from, but it wasn't something /he/ wanted to do anymore. He shook his head in response to his little speech.

"No Con."

"Fuck, why! After everythin', you're just gonna bail on me?!"

"Conner, listen."

"You have to stay! I ain't goin' an' I want you here with me!"

Damian pushed himself off of the wall. Feeling the tension start to build up and radiate off of Conner. He was getting annoyed and that was the last thing Damian wanted adding onto all of what was going on.

"Conner, remember buddy you're starting up."

"Hey, I ain't gonna blow up literally!"

"You're getting upset."

"I know I am! I am 'cuz you wanna just leave! You are bein' so selfish!"

"What?! You fucking kidding me right now?! I am not being selfish! I want you out of here before they do, who knows what to you!"

"They ain't gonna do that! I won't let them!"

"Oh yeah? How're you gonna stop them? Huh? They see ya charging right to them, that's /exactly/ what they want from you! You're nothing!"

"Shut up!"

In the spark of the moment, Conner's temper had gotten the best of him and he pushed Damian to the wall as he said that. Immediately regretting it, he had gotten upset by the words that came from him. He had been treated like he was nothing, but being called it by someone he loved did hurt. In the harsh circumstances they were in it just got to him.

"I'm sorry, I am so, so sorry."

"Welp, ya should be!"

Damian went over and pushed Conner right back into the wall.

"You know what I meant! Nothing to /them/ not to me! I am the one who wants you the hell out of here!"

Damian moved over and went back into the room, once again Conner followed.

"I want to stay only to prove to them that I am way more than nothing! That I ain't-a weapon they can toy around with!"

"But they have been for the past like five years now! Are you forgetting when Jones pointed that loading gun to your face? You think another one won't do that to you? If the higher-ups say so, they will!"

"Yeah well.."

Damian turned around to face Conner and stop what he was doing.

"Well, what?"

"I... I don't know.. but I can't go yet. We'll figure somethin' out."

"God, Conner you are the most stubborn asshole I've ever met! Get this through your thick head. I am not staying here at all! I am not some decoy or little sidekick! I have had it so I am going! And your ass is going too!"

"No, it is not!"

"Yes, it is!"

Both of them were acting like children. Playing Tug of War on each other and trying to convince the other their opposite standpoints. So much so that Damian took Conner's hand and tried to literally pull him out with him. All while Conner was trying to resist at the same time. But, Damian was still a little stronger than Conner.

He pulled him all the way to the end of the hall and to one of the side exits of the building. The more Damian pulled the more Conner tried to resist. Conner of course never wanted Damian to leave, especially not after that night before. It was a special and intimate time the two of them had. Conner did his best to show Damian that he was in love with him without using any words. He wanted to stay there and he wanted Damian to always be by his side.

Using his other hand he finally managed to pull Damian's fingers out of his hand. After that, the two stopped and stood still. Staring each other down in a standoff type of situation it seemed. Damian wanted to go one way, and Conner the other.

Simultaneously they both went for it and tackled each other down. The two of them grumbling and tumbling all over the floor. Rolling around like young boys, both trying to either push or pull the other to their rightful direction. Either Damian for Conner to leave or Conner for Damian to stay.
The two kept at it, gradually becoming more annoyed and irritable.

Without realizing, Conner swung his hand slapped Damian in the face. Gasping he stopped immediately and Damian shoved Conner off of him.

Brown eyes grew darker and he became angry and all together fed up with him entirely.

"That is it!"

"I didn't mean to."

"Shut up! I'm sick and tired of your stupid temper! Always having to get scared just 'cuz you're mad! Well, now I am mad and done with it! And done with you!"

Damian moved his feet and pushed himself up off of the floor. Heaving out an annoyed groan and started down the hallway. Conner quickly pushed himself up to his feet and followed. Feeling sorry beyond words. He never wanted to ever harm Damian and he just did twice. After hearing him say that he reverted back to the kid who always got that.

Who lost so many people due to his temper getting the better of him. Hurting friendships and relationships.

He followed Damian down the hall and down the rest of the steps, all the way to the lobby of the building on the ground floor.

"Damian! Please! I'm sorry! I'm so, so, so, sorry! I never meant to hurt you. Please don't go!"

Damian didn't answer once, he only kept walking. All the way to the front door and Conner dove over to it as fast as he could.

"No, please. Damian, please I can't do this without you. Please!"

Damian stopped and looked back over to Conner. A part of him still wanted Conner to go with him, most of him did. Despite being so mad at him right then, he still wanted him to he safe.

"Then come with me."

Conner shook his head and stepped back. Damian watched him a moment, right before turning back and opening the door. Conner all of a sudden couldn't move. He felt frozen and stuck watching Damian leave him. He opened the door and out he went. He wanted Conner to keep following him, but he never did. Yet, at the same time, he didn't turn back around. He couldn't bring himself to go back to the base. So he kept moving forward.

Conner felt his heart fall and break like glass. He couldn't move still, all he could do was stare at the door. Filling his eyes flood with tears and then stream down his plump cheeks. Eyes glued to the large glass doors he waited and hoped for him to come back. His imagination playing him turning around and coming back. Hugging him and promising that he'd stay. But that never came.

He was wrong, /this/ was his worst nightmare that was coming true. Damian was now gone and he had no one left. The base was crumbling all around him, as he stood in the middle of the lobby staring at the front door.

The next morning he had found himself along with the rest of the base under attack. He was still sore from Damian leaving he didn't want to go up and fight. But, he did it anyway. Pushing himself up and out of bed, he geared up and headed up to the rooftop. Everyone was still fighting blind and no one was responding to the intercom calls. Regardless, Conner had made it to the rooftop and it looked like he wasn't alone.

Having the feeling of his heart basically ripped right out of his chest. He didn't want to settle at all. Taking out his handgun from his holster he knocked off the safety and cocked it. Laying low he stayed back right before aiming the gun and shooting it. Then he moved up onto one of the storage units and started shooting from up there. He kept at it until he ran out of bullets, then he jumped off and went off it hand to hand.

Whipping out his staff and using it at first. Swinging and whipping it around in all directions. Cracking and whacking the opponents left and right. He swung all around, kicked and punched as much and as hard as he could.

He had gotten so caught up in his head and feelings, he didn't fully realize he had also been fighting off and attacking the other agents. But he felt no remorse toward them. All he could see was red. So he kept at it, hitting and knocking down anyone who got in his way.

None of it mattered to him anymore. They never liked him anyway. All of the other agents saw him as a weapon as well, they all bullied him and were awful to him. Which was why he didn't feel bad at all, the only person he trusted and could handle him was gone. So he went off and didn't care at all. Hitting anyone who came close to him. Regardless if they were 'on his side' or not. One of them who was an agent had grabbed his staff.

Trying to get him to stop, but it only made him angrier. He jerked the staff and whacked them so hard they nearly fell right off the rooftop. They tried to tackle him down, but he used his old skills from football to block that off. Nothing was stopping him, he wanted to keep going. Mixing sadness and anger wasn't a good thing, but he was doing it. Only wanting to keep fighting, and he kept at it until he was the last one still standing.

Keeping it up all until he heard an announcement run through his earpiece.

"Conner Link McAlister to the Executives building. Now."

After that, he stopped what he was doing and stood still. Heaving out heavy breaths he took a hand and rubbed at his eyes. Looking around as some people were knocked out, and others were or already have run away. He dropped his staff and stepped back, turning around he headed over to the staircase and made his way down. Going to the elevator and taking that the rest of the way down to the ground floor.

It made him think. They always had eyes everywhere, so they've seen what Conner had just done. Going after his own was something they weren't supposed to do at all. He had gotten in trouble for it before, but this time he really hurt them. Maybe even worse, he still wasn't totally sure. He shot but didn't really see who it was he shot at.

That had to be it, they were done with him and he would have been fired. By that time he didn't even care if they did. There wasn't anything else left to lose, and now Conner was done.
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