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Director’s Origins

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Conner McAlister was once a normal kid living a normal life. Up until the day where he was offered the job opportunity of a lifetime. Going to what he thought was an interview turned out to be a test from the CIA for the newest recruit. Conner passes the test but soon discovers that he had been watched by the organization and they want him as more than just an agent. All thanks to a “special” trait of his.

Adventure / Action
Kame Mendes
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"Okay, yeah. Look, I gotta go before I'm late for this. . . Yeah love you all too, okay goodbye."

Conner playfully rolled his eyes as he hit the end call on his touchscreen and slipped his phone into his pocket.

After that he picked up his pacing as he walked down the busy sidewalks of New York City. This was it, he had actually gotten an interview for the position he had been working so long for. Now it seemed like things were falling into place his way.

Still pretty fresh out of high school he literally had no experience in the field at all, regardless they did ask for him so it was something at least. Conner was only twenty but had been one with well grades and excelled in school. During high school he had taken classes for college, and ended up doing both at the same time.

So by the time he had graduated he would be at his third year already. Everything was set on hold as he stopped to work to save up to one day travel, all until this newer opportunity came about. Now he might get to actually work for what he was going to school for in the first place.

Slowing down the closer he had gotten to the building. Stopping right in front to look up at the tall place, right before moving to look forward and after a slight hesitation head right in. Following what the email said, Conner followed along and went to the large desk at the front.

There he introduced himself and explained his reasoning for being there. The female helped him and told him just where to go with directions to the office he needed to be at.

Conner nodded with a polite smile and went on his way, going over to the elevators and pressing the correct button. Once the doors slid open he stepped in and shoved his hands into his pockets. A slight wave of nervousness came about the young male the closer he had gotten to the office.

Fiddling around the doors opened and with another hesitation, Conner stepped out. Heading down the long hallway to the end door to the office. Just like the girl had told him, looking for the door with the silver plaque with the name 'Jones' engraved on it.

Conner looked around and found an empty chair right outside the door. He was just about to lean over and sit when the door opened. Catching the boy off guard he stumbled on his feet a second nearly falling. Luckily, Conner was quick and caught his balance before landing on his butt to the ground, embarrassing himself.

A light snort of a chuckle came from the male leaning on the door frame with his arms crossed. He seemed quite a bit older than Conner, and was wearing all black with long sleeves.

"Somethin' tells me you're the kid Jones called in.."

"That obvious?"

Conner remarked out playfully, placing his hands back into his pockets absentmindedly. Regarding the male, even his shoe laces were the same shade of black as everything else.

"Name's Baker, Jones has been waiting excitedly t'meet ya. Head on in."

Nodding, Conner did so. This Baker guy made Conner feel a bit uneasy, he wasn't too sure why. He didn't seem like that much of a threat but if he did cross paths with him again he would hold up a guard.

"Piece of advice kid, remove your hands from your pants."

Baker said right before he closed the door and left. Looking back Conner glared at the door and ripped his hands out of his pockets. Turning back he went to Jones and shook hands with her, explaining how excited he was that they wanted to take a chance with him. A smile was right back on the young male's face as she stood up having a smile on herself.

"Oh think nothing of it, very pleased to be having you!"

She looked around and paused a moment, appearing as if she was thinking about something intently. Glancing back over to the boy, her smile more faint.

"Would you, excuse me for just a short moment?"

"Of course, take all the time you need."

Jones's smile grew again and she walked backwards, keeping her gaze right at Conner before turning around. Then she walked over to some strange back door at the other end of the office. That was weird to have a back door in an office like that, but all it did was make Conner seem totally confused. Furrowing his brows in confusion he took a step back.

Looking all around at the now very quiet office, alone he began fiddling around again. Still slightly nervous, he was also very confused as well as becoming skeptical about the place and people. Whatever their motives might be.

After not even another moment past, all of the lights in the room went off. Startling Conner the entire room was completely dark and he couldn't see at all. He called out a simple 'hello' but that was all that came about to his mind at that moment.

Confused and a little scared now, Conner still stayed where he was not moving. It wasn't until he could've sworn he felt a presence along with him in the room. Right away his guard went up, was someone going to attack /him/? And if so, why?

Before thinking any further into it what seemed like large arms grabbed onto his from behind. Snapping out of it, Conner threw an elbow behind and was let free. Taking a step back he stumbled and somehow dodged a hit to his face. Moving swiftly Conner reached out until he felt what was a wrist and death gripped it.

Then using all of his strength swung whoever it was into the wall. Abruptly he reached in his pocket and grabbed a pocket knife he always carried. It wasn't terribly big but, was all he had at the moment. Using one arm to pin the person, and his opposite to hold the blade at the throat of the opponent he went ahead and called out.

"Who are you?! What is this and who do you work for?!"

At the second the lights went back on. Shocked and still confused on who it was that tried to go after him.

"Baker? What are you- I don't-"

"Allow me to help?"

Moving his head to look over his shoulder, there he saw Jones standing there. Looking right at the both of them and admiring what she was seeing.
Lowering the hand with the blade, Conner narrowed his eyes to Jones.

"Oh, /please/ do."

Taking his other arm off of Baker now he crossed his arms having a more annoyed look on his face.
Jones instructed Baker to head back and Conner watched as he went back to wherever it was he came from in the dark. Then all of his focus was back to Jones.

"Ahem, so I guess I just start at the beginning. My name is Director Christina Jones of the CIA New York Base."

"I'm sorry, did you just say CIA as in-"

"Yes, and Conner McAlister, we want you to join us as the newest recruit. Actually no, we /need/ you to join us."

Blinking to the female Conner was more than just thrown off by that point. There was no way any of this was real anymore. He was just some regular kid, and there was just no way the real life Central Intelligence Agency, /needed/ him. It just wasn't possible.

"Wha- what? This isn't happening, I, me? What, why, why y'know... me?"

"We have been watching you for a long time now Conner, and we become more impressed with you each time. You have a. . . certain set of skills that we believe we could really use."

"'Set of skills'? Like, what exactly?"

"Well, we've seen you on the football field, in the boxing ring, that little 'argument' you got into that I suppose we keep from your mother. It doesn't just end there, your transcript is outstanding, like nothing I've ever seen before. That is exactly CIA material my boy."

Conner thought in silence a moment. Sharply inhaling before quickly pushing the breath back out.

"Oh really now? /I/ am just what it is you are looking for?"

"Exactly! So we need someone like you Conner, you are special and what it is we've been looking for. So, will you join us?"

". . . No."

Uncrossing his arms Conner turned around and began to head for the door.

"My mistake again, that wasn't so much of a 'choice'."

Conner turned back around to face Jones again.

"What do you mean?"

"See, I cannot let you leave without extracting some of your memories first. Just business we cannot risk you remembering this little encounter."

"Y'can't do that."

"We have to."

Conner placed everything on hold again. He knew that tapping into his mind was without a doubt out of the question. They couldn't risk him remembering that day, but he couldn't risk them stepping over the boundaries and taking more than they were 'supposed' to.

A person's memories were always known as something highly valuable and irreplaceable, to Conner that was all true. There was too much to risk if the CIA went in his mind.
So much so that it made Conner actually consider the offer on joining the CIA.

All of it still seemed completely unreal and that it wasn't making much sense but damnit he was starting to see himself take the offer. However, he still wasn't completely sure about it but wanted to appear as if he would take it all into consideration.

"Look, could I at least have the night to think this all through? Please?"

Christina let out a long sigh and regarded the boy. Shaking her head some and throwing up her hands in defeat.

"I am totally breaking the rules but for you.. I don't care I'll do it. Plus you said 'please'."


"But! I can only give you twenty-four hours."


And with that Conner thanked Christina before heading back out the door. As the door shut Baker came back out again and went over to Christina's side.

"Bought it?"

"Sure did. That boy has a temper straight from hell and with my teachings he'll turn into the lethal force I've been dying for all these years."

"Ain't that somethin' then."

"A total killing machine, the Executives will be so impressed they might actually get off their asses for once."

"Isn't turning a kid into a 'killing machine' just a little... messed up?"

"This is why I am the Director while you're still just an agent."

Patting the top of Baker's head, Christina went ahead and went back to the back room. Baker watched her narrowing his eyes and shaking his head before following right after.

Conner made his way out of the building and all the way back home. There he spent the rest of the evening thinking and replaying all of what just happened. He still couldn't get his head around the fact that it was all a set up. That the actual CIA planned everything so they could get to him. It was easy to tell of course that they were really good at the decoy. Conner had fell for it, and had no skeptics up until the lights went out.

None of it made sense that they would really /need/ someone like Conner. He was just a normal regular kid, he wasn't 'special' nor skilled on any of that. Sure he could play a game and could punch someone pretty hard, but there was so much more to that.

The CIA was a lethal, fighting force, not to mention top secret and probably always watching. You had to learn many different fighting skills, and learn how to use tons of weapons. Conner had never even touched a gun before and would not only learn how to use it but become good at shooting and probably even deadly with it.

Everything was moving back and forth in Conner's mind. It was like an opportunity of a lifetime to join the CIA and the fact that they wanted him so bad was, in some ways tempting. On the other hand of course it would mean he would have to lie.

Conner was a very honest person and one that was never afraid to show or say just how he felt. But, joining the CIA would lead to him lying or better 'keeping a secret'. For the sake and safety of his family and those all around them. He told his family everything, mostly his two twin little brothers.

The three of them had stuff even their parents never knew. He was close to his brothers and they looked up to Conner. Always saying how they wanna be life him, so lying to them would really hurt.

Moreover, if he allowed them to tap into his memories, the risk of them taking something important was rather big. Something he didn't really want at all, the thought of them getting to his head was scary. There was just no way he would allow them to do that. Despite him understanding why it was something important.

Still moving back and forth, pro and con. All of it was becoming tiring and not at all clear. The questions still on his mind was why did the CIA 'need' him so badly? Why was he so special? Out of everyone, ever, why him?

None of it was making any sense regardless of how hard he thought about it.
Flattery aside, it just didn't add up to him at all. To himself Conner was just a regular kid, far from anything special. He tried his best at times but not really, he got angry severely easy and when it happened he always let it get the best of him. He slacked a lot of the time and only did things when /he/ felt like it. It wasn't good at all but, he was still young. So, him being something special that the CIA /needed/ apparently, made zero sense.

Maybe all in all, the CIA could be something he could use. To help make him become better. It was going to be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. Conner was something already testy and temperamental and that was probably going to make it worse. However, it could make him a better and stronger person. To teach him more discipline and how to handle literally anything that comes his way. Not to mention his memories would remain untouched and he would be helping to keep his family safe.

Conner got up and went over to find his phone, unhooking it from the charger and unlocking it. Digging around he found the number that on the email from Christina and he dialed it. He placed it to his ear and waited as a rang only three times before hearing her voice.

"Hey, it's me Con- er uh McAlister. I've thought it over and I'll join the CIA."
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