Director’s Origins

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⚔︎Here's What I Need You To Know⚔︎

It had been a week since the whole fake interview fiasco. Following that Conner had learned that the building was really an undercover area where they seemed to rope in recruits so he wasn't the first one. Jones had given him a week to sort things out, pack up, and figure out what to tell his family as to why he was going to become more absent at events and in general really.

That was the hard part, he wasn't one who really lied, especially to his family. It just wasn't who he was, but of course, he had to when joining the CIA. So by thinking about it, he had to come up with at least something.

It wasn't the best but he settled on just saying that his work was to take him out of state. That they were to provide living space and everything. It was pretty bad but seemed to work and they all bought into it. They were probably skeptical, sure, however, they were preoccupied in their minds anyway.

Conner was never really far from home for too long. In fact, he was still living at home with his parents and little brothers. Which wasn't uncommon nor bad at all. Other priorities got in the way and moving out wasn't an option just yet. All until right now that is.

"Y'know you don't have to do this. You can work somewhere else that'll keep ya in state."

Conner's mother started out while helping to make sure he had everything he needed.

"I know but c'mon I've been workin' hard for this, lemme have it."

Not another word came from his mother, but she nodded in an understanding manner. It wasn't like he was a child anymore anyway so him heading off on his own, despite so young and impressionable still made some sense. There was a hell of a lot for him to learn ahead and he believed he was ready for all of it.

Once everything was placed where it needed to be, Conner said goodbye to his family, letting them know that he loved them and away he went. On foot, he went across to the subway stations and headed down. Waiting for the correct train that Christina told him and got on. As he sat there the nerves began to kick in again.

/Now/ it was starting to feel real. This was something that was happening in real life right before his eyes and none of it made any sense. A regular kid, or so he believed, was now recruited into one of the most elite agencies of all time. They said they needed him and only said that he was 'special' when explaining why. That was starting to wear on him the more he thought about it, so he did his best to let that slip his mind.

The train had finally come to a halt and Conner pushed himself up on his feet and exited with the others. Making it back up he looked around until he found the building Christina explained to him about. Due to him being so nervous he walked rather quickly. All until he reached the block the building was on.

Slowing his pace as he made it right in front of the building. Big rounded hazel eyes staring right up at the massive skyscraper before him. This was it, it was all happening right now.

Inhaling a large breath, Conner walked over to press the intercom as instructed saying that he was there. Christina came through the line and told him to enter. After the word 'enter' was let out the doors automatically opened up and Conner hesitantly walked inside.

Once inside Conner immediately felt out of place. The place was huge and opened spaced. The floors were so polished you could see your reflection, in the center, was a gigantic blue rug that had the words 'Central Intelligence Agency' across the circumference.

The desks were about five feet tall and wrapped around the corners of the walls. The windows were so long they touched the floor, there were cameras on every corner of the top of the walls. And behind the desks were flatscreens mounted on the walls that showed off every angle. Everything was so high end and extravagant, not to mention /huge/. It made Conner feel out of place and small.

Looking around he spotted Jones at the other end. She surely looked like she belonged there. She was wearing a black pantsuit and heels that looked like if thrown hard enough could do serious damage. Her dark blonde hair was pinned to one side, waves draping one shoulder, and having cat-eye shaped eyeglasses on her face. She seriously meant business and looked the part.

Looking down at himself, Conner felt ordinary and not business-like at all. All he was wearing were simple black jeans and a solid red collared shirt. Having both his backpack and messenger bag tangled around his shoulders. The only thing remotely 'high end' on him was probably the black suede Timberland boots his brothers got him last Christmas. Not meaning any business at all and out of place.

Holding onto his straps he looked around not sure what to do. Before he knew it he heard heels clicking on the granite floors approaching him. A smile once again appearing on her face, seeming excited and even maybe a little glad that he showed up after all.

"There you are! My am I glad to see you. Come along with me and I'll show you around, and loosen up kiddo. This is your home now."

Christina said with her smile fading a little bit.
Conner nodded and followed closely behind Jones wherever she went. Trying his best to get his head into it. She was right, after all, this was his home now and how his life was going to be. Which was anything but 'regular' or 'normal' ever again.

Conner stayed obedient and followed Jones like he were some lost puppy trying to find his own way. That, in fact, didn't seem to be too far from the truth. He was trying to find his way, looking up-down, and left to right. Taking in all of his surroundings, trying to figure out what everything was and what it did. Listening closely as Christina explained everything to him.

Telling him what did what and how things worked and operated around the place. Head nodding like a bobblehead toy as he did his best to listen fully and try to understand all while still being shocked that he was there in the first place.

Christina took him pretty much everywhere. She showed him the main desks and how they all appeared to work. She took him into an elevator and took him up a couple of floors, over to where she said most agents were to be found. She took him down a long dark hallway, and over into a huge open spaced room. In it were red safety mats on the floor, she had explained that it was the training room.

She then led him through the room and to a back door. Opening it he saw that it was a room filled with workout equipment, from barbell benches to heavy bags and treadmills. Obviously, that was the gym.

He followed her again out of there and down another hallway that was more well-lit than the other hall. All down it was doors with names labeled on them with bronze plaques. They were the bedrooms of the agents and quite frankly where Conner was to stay. Beyond that point were the bathrooms, showers, and other rooms like that.

Finally, Christina took Conner down one more hallway perpendicular from the one with the bedrooms. There it seemed like a locker room of sorts, at least that was what it looked like to Conner. There he saw a few agents standing around and talking to one another. All of them wearing black much like Baker that day.

"Everyone, listen up. This is the new recruit I was telling you all about. This is new Agent McAlister."

After Jones had announced that, he had gotten back some 'hi's' and 'hey's' in unison. Conner himself didn't say anything, he only lifted a hand and slightly waved. Christina then pulled away from where Conner was and walked over to an agent. One that came across as not that much older than Conner.

Standing in all black and crossing his arms more casually. He had a softer more approachable look to his face, much different than Baker. Who only appeared to be pissed off at the world all the time.
Jones and the agent walked back over to Conner and he stayed put slightly nervous.

"McAlister, this is Agent Adler. He's around your age and I think would be the best choice to show you around."

"O-oh.. okay. Hi."


Adler let out and took Conner's hand to shake it. His grip was much stronger than Conner's, it felt like he had been there a while and was training hard. Not to mention he kind of looked like it as well. Nevertheless, he appeared to be close to the same age as Conner. Which felt uneasy to him.

"I'll allow you two to get aquatinted, as well as have Adler here give you a tour. I shall be in my office if needed. McAlister, you start training first thing in the morning."

With that Christina said goodbye and left the two boys alone.
Conner took a breath of relief and shook his head some. Then he tried to pull apart his two bags. Only to struggle with the tangled up straps, he pulled and tugged back and forth. Grumbling as he was getting more and more annoyed. Adler looked over to him and couldn't help but snort out a light chuckle as he watched him. Right before going in the more frantic he was becoming.

"Whoa, hey easy there Tasmanian Devil."

Adler went over and took a strap and helped Conner out of the little tangle. Taking off the messenger bag and draping it over his own shoulder. Placing his hands on his hips as he stepped back.

"Sheesh, you're a little short-fuse ain't ya?"

"I uh... yeah... kinda.."

Adler simply chuckled a bit more shaking his head fondly and dropping his hands to his sides.

"That's alright, in fact, that might even come in handy one day in this place."

"Heh, I guess. . . .so um, how long have you been in this place?"

"Eight months will be nine the end of this week."


Adler nodded as he regarded McAlister.

"Mhm, only. But, hey I'm sure they'll bulk you up in no time at all."

Conner was on the shorter and smaller side of the average his age. Adler was taller than him and his handshake was more fit as well. There was no doubt Conner's body mass was to change as well. He was just a little thrown off that it only took that short amount of time, and Adler already looked as if he could flick Conner like a bug.

"C'mon short fuse, I'll give ya the real tour."

Conner nodded and once again followed along. This time it was with an agent and not only that but one that was close to his own age.
Adler took went more in-depth with things when he showed Conner around.

A lot more than Christina did as well as explaining more thoroughly on everything and every detail. Talking about the bedrooms, bathrooms, a training room, and gym. As well as explaining what was on the other floors.

He showed him the I.T. section and all of the technology that ran the building and everything in it. As well as telling him who it was that operated it all and what their job was. Adler took Conner down to the weapons room and showed him all sorts of weaponry. All of the different guns, staffs, knives, and blades, he even showed him a couple of small cherry bombs.

Seeing that kind of overwhelmed Conner and Adler caught that so they didn't stay there long. Adler even took Conner up to the top floor and showed him just where the Director's office was located. He also explained that there were tiers and hierarchies in the CIA. Ranking from Fledgling to Agent, to Director, to lastly Executives which was the highest of them all.

Conner was only a Fledgling, meaning he had a lot to learn. But was still called 'agent' despite not knowing what that all meant.

Adler didn't end it there however, he also told Conner a bit about himself. He learned that Adler had it a little harder with his upbringing. He was an only child and his father died when he was only a baby. His mother tried hard but was mostly gone due to working so much, so he was alone to pretty much raise himself.

Having to figure out what was right from wrong and to fend for himself. Adler was the opposite of Conner in he didn't have a temper or was hot-headed at all. He was more calm and quiet, he informed that he mostly fought with his head rather than his fists. He actually seemed like someone Conner could use to have around him. Someone not so tempered would be a good help for him. Not to mention Conner grew to like Adler and felt like he was the only trustworthy person there in the CIA.

Conner also told Adler about himself as well. All about his father being a professional boxer, that his mother's side was from the Philippines, and just about everything about his little brothers.

About how he missed his family and was honestly nervous about becoming an agent. Glad to know the other wasn't judgmental in the slightest and in fact knew that exact feeling. Adler was still pretty new himself and still had a lot more to learn too.

It was then Conner knew that he could trust Adler and that they had more in common than he thought. Both were young, impressionable, and had a lot ahead of them. It was almost inevitable for the two to get along and 'team-up'. He also explained to Adler that he indeed did have a horrible temper and that others pointed it out. He would do his best to avoid it but every now and again his fuse would blow and it would end up with him in some sort of fight.

Still, Adler wasn't judging at all and even said he would help him out with all of that, in case he needed to be level headed on a mission.
Conner was glad to hear that, knowing he could have someone to trust made him feel less out of place. He might be able to have found a friend in the midst of this mess, and he hoped the friendship was a mutual feeling on Adler's side as well.

Once the tour and everything was over. Adler led Conner over to the hallway with the bedrooms again. Going over to the one with the blank door and opening it. Conner stepped in and looked all around. It was fairly large, like everything else in that damn building.

It had a bed, a desk with a computer, a flatscreen mounted on the wall, and windows that touched the floor. As well as a walk-in closet, dresser, and full body length mirror.
Adler moved from the doorway and removed the messenger bag from his shoulder and hung it up on the coat rack. Right before closing the door behind himself and leaned on the wall.

"Hey, thanks again for the tour and everything."

Conner quickly let out once the door was closed. Still looking around the room and taking in everything. Adler shrugged in response.

"Don't even mention it, all part of the job I guess."

"Oh yeah right, you had fun."

Adler shook his head fondly gaining a half-smile.

"Fine, whatever. One thing though, ya never said your first name."

"Is that allowed?"

"I mean, there isn't a written rule I know of about it. Other than on missions but some of the others like to be mysterious."

He shrugged again.

"My name's Damian."

"I'm Conner. Nice to fully meet you."

Conner smiled showing his teeth, as Adler playfully rolled his eyes.

"Right back atcha you little dork."

The dorky smile was quick to fade as Conner unhooked the chest strap on his backpack and set it down. Then he sat on the edge of his bed.

"Okay, well I have a question. You have any idea why the CIA chose me?"

Damian looked to Conner with a more stern look than before. His usual soft brown eyes seemed harder, he moved them to look away from the boy. Crossing his arms and shaking his head.

"Guess 'cause you're–"

"Yeah 'special', everyone keeps sayin' that, but what the hell does that mean?!"

"Hell if I know man."

Conner caught on that the subject was bothering Damian. He understood that, so he was quick to drop it and switch to a different subject.

"Hey! Wanna help me unpack all this crap?"

Damian glanced back over to Conner and a faint smile came about. He shook his head.

"I would but, you should really be headin' to sleep. We wake up before the sun so ya gotta get used to that."

Conner nodded and stood back up, going over to Damian and doing what he did before. Taking his hand to shake it.

"Thanks again."

Damian smiled and chuckled shaking Conner's hand.

"I said not to mention it."

Both of them kept smiles to their faces and Damian lightly patted the side of Conner's arm. Then the two said their goodbyes for the night and Damian left the room.

However, just as he did leave he had gotten a call to go to the Director's office. Reluctant at first, Damian did what he was told and went up to the top of the floor and over to Christina's office. Glad there was no sign of Baker and allowed himself in. Standing feet shoulder-width apart, eyes stern as he looked to his Director.

"You rang?"

"You seem to be pretty buddy-buddy with McAlister. You didn't tell him did you?"

"Y'know as much as I hate the guy, Baker's right. It's really fucked up what you are doing. McAlister's a person nit some killer weapon you can swing around."

"Listen to me Adler, this is my agency for one, and also it is my business why I recruit you all!"

"For a temper?"

"More than that, there is a lot of strength behind that kid. When harvested properly we can build the lethal force we've been waiting for."

"What 'we'?! This all you, you are insane and I.. I can't allow you to continue this."

"Oh but you will, either that or I throw you back on the streets where I found you!"

Damian closed his eyes and heaved out a long breath shaking his head. Reopening his eyes again still having them harsh as he looked to Jones.

"I just- I can't believe I am being forced to do this bullshit for some crazy bitch. And no I didn't tell him anything."

With that Damian slammed the door behind him as he went out of the room abruptly. Making his way back down to the bedrooms, slowly walking down the now dark hallway. Stopping in front of Conner's still blank door with no bronze plaque yet. He had hoped the kid was at least trying to sleep.

He raised a hand to knock on the door but lowered it before his knuckles made any contact. Inhaling a long deep breath and slowly shaking his head. After standing there and thinking everything through, Damian moved away and went further down the hall to his own room to sleep for the night.

Preparing himself to start-up training and to see Conner again, knowing he had to try his best with his weight on his shoulders and follow the commands as much as he wanted to tell.
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