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⚔︎Wreck Buried Deep In The Sand⚔︎

Flipping up the latches to the large double door, pushing it open and switching on the lights. Looking from left to right at the damage that was done. Blinking slowly he took it all in around him. Weights slammed into equipment, a window shattered with a pole sticking out through it, a heavy bag beaten so hard it was torn at the seams, clearly, it had seen better days.

Pushing out a long sigh Damian pinched his thumb and forefinger on the bridge of his nose. Shaking his head a little before dropping his hand again and clapping them.
Right after he started to get to work. Kneeling down to pick up the heavy bag and lean it on the wall to throw out later.

Crossing over to the window, glass crunching under his combat boots. A long-sleeved hand reached up and carefully removed the pole, particles of glass falling as he did so. Taking it out Damian connected the weights to it and set it back up on the barbell bench. After that, he went to the closet and got out a shop-vac and swept up the glass off the floor.

He went over to the middle of the room and placed his hands to his hips. Looking all around and now seeing everything wasn't as large of a disaster anymore. Far from perfect and there was still a shattered window that he couldn't really do anything about. But it was good enough, so he brushed off his hands and grabbed the heavy bag.

Lifting it to his shoulder he headed out the back door of the base and used his ID to unlock the door. Going to the dumpsters he tossed the bag right in and shut the top. Rolling his shoulder as he turned back inside.

Damian stepped out of the gym and training room, back out to the hallway. There had to be more damage somewhere, that was Conner's thing. When angry enough he left a trail, so it became easy for Damian to find him. It was the middle of the night now and everyone seemed to be asleep and Damian should be as well.

He still had to get back up in only a few hours for training. Or at least it was the rule, but it wasn't like he ever followed them. Damian couldn't stand Jones or even Baker at times, so it wasn't anything new that he went behind their backs and did the opposite of what they said.

Heading down the hallway of the bedrooms, he went over to the one with 'McAlister' on the door in bronze. Usually, he would just barge right in, no matter what. This time, however, was different. He was probably asleep, and probably afraid to see Damian right then.
He yelled at the kid but felt like he had to. Conner was acting out and needed to be set straight, otherwise who knows what would happen.

If Jones were to catch him in the act, no one alive would be able to tell what the hell she'd do to him. The whole 'killing machine' act made Damian sick feeling and angry. Damian was much different however, he wasn't hot-headed and fought with his head. Keeping his composures, yet Jones made even him think dark thoughts.

Setting all of that aside now, Damian had to at least try. To get the little short fuse to actually listen and reason with him.
That felt like an impossible motive, regardless he still had to try for the sake of their friendship.

More importantly for the sake of Conner's safety and well being. That was the number one priority. Damian would take on Jones himself before she ever had the chance to touch a single curl on his head. Even though Conner's the one with the temper, Damian was the better-skilled fighter. That, and it was just what friends do, and it was Conner who reminded Damian of that.

Raising a hand he knocked firmly on the door and waited. After waiting for about forty-five seconds he shook his head and opened up the door. Flipping the light switch to find Conner fast asleep and sprawled all across the foot of the bed. Looking around his room was also a complete mess just like the gym. Damian shook his head with a sigh and slightly chuckled.

"Unbelievable, he literally had a temper tantrum and tired himself out. Kid's six."

Whispering out amused he went over and grabbed the desk chair. Picking it up and wheeling it back to the desk area. Grabbing the rest of the items and placing them on the desktop as well. Conner coughed and woke himself up, blurred vision caught a figure. Right off the figure became familiar, opening his eyes more he jolted up.

"Damian!... I... I mean..."

Clearing his throat he slowly moved to plant his feet to the floor and stand up. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he stayed back, become nervous all over again. Not sure what Damian was to do next, whether he was to scold him again or even beat him senseless.

He figured it was the least he deserved for being a total hot-headed idiot on the mission. Conner was also very aware that Damian could easily kick his ass without breaking a sweat.

Moreover, to Conner he deserved it all, he let Damian down, he swung and nearly beat him. It was the very last thing he'd ever dream of doing. He was out of control, he was just plain stupid.

Damian went over to close the bedroom door and lean on it. Crossing his arms, his eyes not so cold this time yet still remained stern. He focused on Conner and was quick to notice his nerves. He started out in a more affable tone for his sake, but he would build back up if he needed to. Damian was the older, the more skilled, the one with experience.

It was up to him to teach the kid right from wrong and would do whatever it takes to get it through his head. Far easier said than done.

"Conner, you need to understand what happened and why I was so pissed at you. Hell, I still am. You were an idiot."

Conner looked down at his hands. They were shaky, but not from rage this time. It was all nerves. As much as he believed it was needed, he was still scared to get yelled at again. He never cared about it before and got scolded more times than he could count. This was one of the instances where he did care and that it hurt. He cared so much for Damian and looked up to him. Seeing him angry and disappointed in Conner just hurt.

All the expectations were once again not made and he hated the feeling.
He closed his eyes and let out a long sigh.

"I'm sorry alright? I know, I was an idiot. I'll try harder next time."

"You won't just try, you /will/ do better next time. Or else, you understand me? I said you were way beyond lucky I was there to stop it!"

Conner cowered again as Damian's voice slowly rose up again. He took a step back as Damian pushed himself off the door.

"Okay! I will! I'm sorry!"

"No, Conner you do not understand. This isn't a football game or boxing match where you could say 'try harder next time'. This is far more serious!"

Conner cowered more and stepped back, keeping his eyes down. Lifting his hands up in defense, he wasn't planning on ever doing anything, it was solely instinct. He kept making Damian angrier at him, all of it was getting to him. To him, he was hurting him and kept letting him down.

"Conner, look at me."

Damian said sternly. Conner hesitated a moment, he didn't want to but he pulled his hazel eyes up and over to Damian's brown. The usual warmth in his dark eyes was gone again like before. Conner's light hazel eyes were sad and scared. Something that became rarer these days from him, but he wasn't building up any guard, regardless of it all.

"If you do not pay close attention you will die out there. Fuck what the hell Jones says, you're not some machine you're a fucking kid! You let your head wander 'cuz you're upset you are a dead man!"

At that moment Conner stopped and pushed his nerves aside. Listening closely to what Damian was saying. Taking in all of his words. As always he was right, this wasn't like before. Now there were chances he might not make it out alive if he messed up.

He let that sink in, he didn't want that to happen to him and mostly to Damian. Damian was far more capable than Conner and could take care of himself but that didn't matter it keep him from worrying. He was glad that he showed up when he did, he was glad to see he was alright when the others were getting pummeled. He showed up without a single bump or scratch.

Conner was scared at that moment by him yelling, yet he was also grateful to see he was alright after all of that and was still able to get Conner. To grab him out of the mess that he made and do it without any harm to himself.

The other bit was something he didn't take lightly at all. He had said that he was a person and no type of machine or whatever. He called him a kid. After getting caught in his feelings it was nice to hear that there was, in fact, someone who saw Conner as just Conner. Lo and behold it was Damian Adler himself.

He took a breath and let it all sink in, looking over to Damian. The only person he really liked and cared about there just proved himself to be even better. The cowering and nerves went away a moment. Conner rushed over to Damian and wrapped his arms around him in a hug. Completely throwing him off in the process. He blinked and furrowed his brows in confusion.

"Okay... I was not expecting that at all..."

Damian let out as he still just stood there having Conner's arms around him. Damian wasn't thrown off much but this sure did the trick, but it wasn't at all a bad thing. Only surprising. Playfully rolling his eyes he couldn't help but lightly chuckle.

"Thanks, Damian."

"For what?"

"Seein' me as a person."

Perking a brow up as he looked down at the kid, gently prying him off to look at his face to face. Keeping his hands planted on the sides of Conner's shoulders.


Damian shook his head fondly and dropped his hands to then cross his arms.

"I mean you're a little maniac but still a fuckin' person. What? You think I'm like the rest of'm? Yeah right."

"Heh, right."

"Oh, ya get punished for your little... adventure back there?"

"Three weeks suspension.."

"That's it?"

Damian went stern again, looking away from Conner and shaking his head. Rolling his eyes and pushed out a forced sigh. Moving the thoughts aside in his mind he looked over to Conner again.

"Look, get some sleep okay? I'll see ya after morning training."

Conner nodded and he watched as Damian left the room. Shutting the door behind him and locking it.
That was the first time Conner had ever hugged him, he knew the guy for a little over a year now but that was the first. It left Conner feeling a bit.. different. So much so he couldn't shake it off. It was warm and nice when he had his arms around Damian.

His eyes were cold most of that time he was with him, but the rest of him was warm. Feeling him and hearing his heartbeat, made Conner's speed up. It was all throwing him off and confusing the kid. Sure he had been there before but that was when he was a teenager, being the outgoing jock that everyone knew.

This was just different, much different. It was obvious having anything like that with a teammate was not the best idea. It may even be prohibited, Conner wasn't sure regardless he couldn't deny what was there.
What all he was feeling.

From the very beginning, Conner had admired Damian. He was taller, older, an amazing fighter, and a wonderful person. All of that Conner caught right away, but he told himself it was just a friendship. He was on his mind all of the time and he was always curious about where he was and what he was up to. He became almost elated whenever he saw him first thing in the mornings at training. He would always be seen right beside him and miss him when he wasn't. When he made him angry, it killed him on the inside.

Warm brown eyes, kind smile, well-toned physique, light brown hair, calm yet stern personality. All of those things about him were things Conner would describe Damian. The more he thought about it all and about him, the more his heart beat fast and heat crept in his cheeks.

It was insane how much his emotions changed on a dime like that whenever it came to Damian. Conner could go from a walking bomb about to go off, to an overjoyed flustered moron.

Blinking at the door he snapped out of it back to reality and shook his head. Going over and shutting off his lights. Heading to bed and preparing himself to see Damian the next morning again. He never figured he developed strong feelings of a crush to one of his good friends.
But there was.

The next morning was rather dull. Conner was stuck in his room like he was grounded or something. He could wander around the base but honestly didn't feel the desire to. Arms draped behind his back with his fingers linked together, looking down and walking around in circles.

Staring at his feet as they moved about the floor, he wished he had a ball or something to kick around. Chewing at his bottom lip he paced back and forth bored out of his mind. The only good thing about the whole suspension was that he was able to sleep in for the three weeks while everyone else trained.
After a little bit, he heard a knock at his door and he flinched.

His heart began to race, everything that ran through his head the previous night was flooding over him. There was another knock and all Conner did was stare at his door. Trying to convince himself that it was Damian, not yet anyway. Inhaling a long breath he slowly pushed it back out and went to open his door.

Pulling it open there he was, leaning on the frame. Staring at him for a good few seconds, Conner nearly had the urge to run into him again. Taking his face and kissing him, but he only blinked and bit at his lip. Playing everything off like he /wasn't/ becoming such a lovesick puppy. Clearing his throat.

"H-hey. How's uh, the trainin' goin'?"

"Uh, same as he always has been. Can I come in?"


"... What? Why?"

"I mean uh... sorry dude I gotta go!"

With that, he turned around and slammed the door shut. Damian moved out the way just in time. Completely baffled to what had just happened. Stepping back and furrowing his brows in confusion.
'What?' He whispered to himself. He quickly went to open the door again when he felt a weight barricading it.

He was to push to allow himself in until he heard Baker call out his name to head back into training. Damian sighed and walked away from the door, down the hall to the training room.

On the other side of the door, Conner was pushing on the door with his shoulder. Listening for Damian's footfalls to fade away down the hall. Pushing out a sigh of relief he slid down the door and sat on his floor. Placing his palms onto his face to hide it. Groaning loudly in them.

"I'm an idiot!"
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