Secret Agent Origins

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This is a plethora of different stories. Each story contains a different character either tied in from a previous series or something brand new. each story is a flashback on how they first became an agent, leading up to where they are now. Whether or not they stayed, quit, went rouge, or transferred. See how each story unfolds in this multi-series.

Adventure / Action
Kame Mendes
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♧Internet Boy♧

Fiddling through his things, all while sitting patiently and waiting in the chair. Fingertips drumming rapidly on the side of the wall. Lapis irises scanning around the room, it was fairly small and empty. Only he was sitting there alone and waiting in what felt like agony. Heartbeat racing as he pushed out a large breath from his cheeks making his lips trill.

"Braxton Lennon?"

Springing up as he heard a youthful female's voice call out his name. Gabbing everything, Braxton hopped up on his feet and walked into the office. Stepping inside he looked around and stood near the wall. Placing his hands behind his back and linking his fingers together.
Facing the others in front of him and staying polite and quiet.

"Congratulations, Mr. Lennon. You officially have dual citizenship with the United States."


Braxton chimed out as he was handed everything needed. A bright ecstatic smile plastered across plump cheeks, eyes practically glistening and flooded with joy and excitement. Three years he had worked at this very moment all while going to school in the states.

Sure, Braxton loved his home Ireland, it was where his family was. But, at the same time, he grew up with so little, being an only child and living in some village-like town. He wanted to branch out and explore more of what the world had to offer.

Although being as intelligent as he was, there was still so much more he wanted to learn. So, he had moved to New York City and go to school in the IT field for criminal justice.

Saying to his parents that he would only be there for school and then come back. But, once he graduated he never wanted to leave. He wanted to stay and become a resident in the States. Discover more that was the large country, then once that was taken in, he would travel onto the next country.

"Thank you, thank you all so much!"

Braxton said with a genuine tone and Irish accented voice as thick as they came. Smile dying down just a little bit as he kept his eyes on his forms. Placing everything into his bag, he shook hands with everyone and then was free to exit.

Zipping his bag up he swung it over his shoulders again and snapped the strap across his chest. Heading out into the middle of the city again.
Glancing up to the blue sky, before picking a direction and starting down the crowded sidewalks.

Moving his gaze down to his feet a moment, once he looked back up again. Just as any non-native city would become, he rendered himself lost. Stopping in the middle of his tracks, he moved aside so he wouldn't get knocked over.

Looking around to the street-signs and trying to locate just where he was. Going into his jacket's pocket and taking out his phone. Using his print to unlock it and going over to his homemade applications.

Tapping on the locator app he made and installed and a little figure popping up on the screen. Moving his fingertips to expand out of the screen to show his exact location. Glancing left, then right, then left again. Braxton crossed the crosswalk.

Hitting the sleep on his phone as he trailed down the sidewalks again, this time keeping his focus to everything around him so he wouldn't get lost all over again. In all honesty, he had no idea where he was even going. He didn't really have a place to call his own just yet. His things were placed in storage as he wasn't sure if he was to get to stay in the states or to have to move back to Ireland.

So, in the end, he was on his own and had to find a place of his own soon. Somewhere in the never-ending abyss that seemed to be the heart of New York City.

Striding along with the long crowds, Braxton looked left and right and every other direction he could. Taking in the sights of the city around himself. He wasn't really used to feeling so lost and confused, yet there he was. Having no clue what to even think at all at that moment.

Blinking he caught something in his peripheral vision. It seemed very off, so he stopped and looked over. Stumbling upon the sight of a large building. Lights were coming off of it and flashing like mad. As well as different alerts and alarms ringing out in the air. Something had gone amiss in the building's electrical system, and Braxton caught onto what right away.

Seeing the front door of the building open and a young male, looking not that much older than Braxton step out. He was dressed in a nice designer suit, with dark hair and glasses. He looked important and seemed to have... owned the building maybe?

That was one very young looking magnate if so. Shaking his head Braxton ran over across the street and then across the spacious well-kept lawn. All the way over to the front of the building. The noises amplified the closer he got to the building, no wonder it was driving everyone nuts. Regardless, Braxton shook that away and went over to the male.

Raising a hand, something told him it was a bad idea, and he refrained. Dropping his hand he decided just to speak instead, loudly.

"Excuse me... dude."

The male looked over to Braxton. He caught his large hazel eyes and his face stern. Looking as if he were angry, but then again, this would anger anyone. Surely, Braxton was annoyed the closer he was to the building.

"Uh, I... I can help."


The male spoke out to Braxton. Right before he rolled his eyes and grabbed Braxton's sleeve. Pulling him along away from the front of the building where the noise wasn't as loud and they can understand one another. Once his arm was back in his own possession he grabbed his straps before speaking out again.

"I said! I can help you!"

"Why ya yellin'?"

The male spoke out again, this time Braxton caught his thick New Yorker accent. Which made him sound really cool, yet at the same time, it was a little intimidating. In fact, everything about this guy was intimidating, despite him so well dressed. That only added to it really.

Along with his brazen voice and all-around stern demeanor. Though the same height as Braxton, he was still sure the guy could step on him or throw him across his well-kept lawn.

"Right, sorry. A-anyway. I can help you, someone hacked into your security and electrical system. I know how to fix it and give you back full access."

The male only eyed Braxton, which was terrifying to him by the way, and crossed his arms. Then he shrugged and started walking. Not sure what to do Braxton simply followed.

Fortunately, he led Braxton to the building again and over to the back, over to the fuse box and the rest of the mainframe electrical system of the building. Eyes lighting up as he saw the mainframe. It was like nothing he had seen before, it was shiny, new, and futuristic. Also, looking extremely expensive. Whatever this building was they meant business and seemed very important. No wonder the guy dressed so nice, everything there was so high end.

Unhooking his backpack, he slid it off his shoulders and unzipped it. Taking out his glasses and placing them frames over his eyes. Reaching up he took off the cover of the fuse box and examined it.

Scanning over the wires and seeing how where they crossed. Matching color to color and where the place setting had to be. Gaze shooting over as he discovered the problem. Snapping his fingers he knelt down to his bag and searched for his tools. Fishing out his pliers and wire-cutters.

Going back up to the fuse box again he took the pliers and yanked out one of the wires that had been shoved into the wrong port. Causing the lights to stop flashing, then with his wire-cutters he found another faulty wire and snipped it out. Everything then fell silent. Braxton then went back to his bag and unzipped the pocket, grabbing out two new wires and setting them back into the ports and crossing everything incorrectly.

Just like that, everything was fixed. Braxton placed the cover back on the fuse box and turned around.

"All fixed!"

"Wow, kid that was incredible!"

"Think nothing of it, your security system's still faulty though. It's gonna need to be updated if y'wanna keep this place safe."

Brushing off his hands, Braxton placed everything back in his bag and closed it again. Picking it up and draping it over his shoulders again. Watching as the guy placed his hands on his hips and took a moment. Thinking everything over before placing his eyes on Braxton again.

"Well... why don't you?"

The male said and Braxton furrowed his brows.

"Me? But, I... I couldn't.."

"Listen, I need a chief of Intelligence Technology for this place. An' I'm thinkin' I found the right man for the job."

"Wow, I just graduated from IT for criminal justice! Wow, what a day!"

"See? Perfect! C'mon in an' I'll get ya set up."

Braxton nodded and with probable lack of better judgment, he went along with the other and followed him inside the large well-polished building.

Stepping inside his eyes grew wide as he looked around, taking everything around him in. From the granite floors to the large windows that touched the floor. Seeing the large desks that wrapped around the corners of the wall, and the security monitors mounted behind.

Something he had to tend to first was to get the cameras working again. The hacked had shut them off. Glancing down he did a double-take as he spotted the large dark blue rug on the floor with the words 'Central Intelligence Agency' across in white. Heart nearly jumping right out of his chest as he stopped and stared at the emblem a moment.

"H-holy....oh holy shit... this is the CIA?!"

"Uh-huh... I thought you knew, accent shoulda been a tell."

Braxton's blue eyes flashed up to the other wide and full of shock. So many questions just ran through his head right then.
Did he just agree to join the real-life CIA?

Usual busy mind went on overdrive as many different questions, reasons, both illogical and logic explanations zipped through. He tried to calculate the events right before his eyes and what was happening.

This was his reality, he was in an actual base of the Central Intelligence Agency, and he was wanted to join. And to join as the chief of all the intelligence! Shaking his head a little bit as he tried his best to /stop/ overthinking and to ease up and clear his head a little bit.

"What? I... but... okay!... Who are you?"

"Name's McAlister, I'm the Director of agents. I train, hire an' fire— I run this base."

"Oh, okay... fair. So, you /are/ the boss. Wow, you're young."

"I'm twenty-six. Look, ya want the job er not? Don't worry I have a soul an' ain't gonna erase your memory."

Already wide eyes couldn't get much wider. But that sure as hell threw Braxton through a loop.

"Oh good! I mean, yes. I'll take the job, I already know what I'm doing anyway so... why not. I'm Braxton by the way, Braxton Lennon."

Braxton stuck out his hand but, got nothing in return, so he took it back and grabbed his straps with both of his hands then. Something was certainly different from McAlister, and as much as he wanted to know and figure out. He knew that was something that was going to for once be a challenge.

Also, something he wouldn't pry over, at all. The guy still kind of intimidated him. He could tell there was a lot to him and that times didn't seem so kind to him. It made him feel bad for McAlister. He was just a guy not much older than himself, running an entire agency all on his own. That had to be massive amounts of pressure on his shoulders.

But, Braxton lightened up a bit, thinking that with him now as part of the team. He could try his best to take some of that pressure off and come in handy whenever needed. Always one to have a kinder heart and be the 'light at the end of the tunnel'.

Keeping his grip on his straps he followed along with McAlister as he showed him around the base. Seeing the first-floor lobby, and everything down there. Then up the elevator and to the hall where the agents were most likely located. Walking down the long halls of the bedrooms and being told he was to have one as well. McAlister stopped in front of a door without a nameplate and explained that it was going to be his.

After that, he took him over to the training room, then the gym, as well as the locker room and the weapons room.

Looking at all of the weapons and field gear. Seeing the vests and cargo pants, as well as the utility belts. Following along again back to the training room again, entering it he looked at all of the agents. Training and fighting hard, McAlister pointed out that to get to the gym you had to walk through the training room.

McAlister moved out of the doorway for the next place to see. Braxton kept his bright eyes and still stared at all of the agents training. Smiling he waved right before feeling a tug on his jacket and getting pulled out of the doorway.

That only made Braxton chuckle at himself, as he followed with a spring in his step. McAlister took him all the way up to the top floor. Taking him over and explaining the Executives' office and who they were. The CIA had levels, Executives, Director, Agents, and then staff, which was Braxton.

The bottom of the totem pole but he didn't mind it. He also explained the CEO and that was the owner of the base itself. There were many locations of other bases as well as an Executives building that took a private subway to get to.

All of it was fascinating to Braxton and he listened to every word coming from the cool accent of McAlister. He then showed him his office and that he didn't really like people inside there. Braxton respected that and then once again they were off. Riding the elevator back down a couple of floors. This was it, McAlister said he was taking him to the IT office. Becoming a little giddy, he walked along still with a spring in his step as they made it to the office.

Once again Lapis eyes grew as the view came before him. It was /huge/ and everything was glass, even the door. Watching as McAlister used his badge on the scanner to enter inside and saying he was to get one too. Entering the room, it only got better. There were four columns across the room, each with desks and computers running across each row. Six computers in each row, all brand new and again looking very expensive.

McAlister then pointed to the end of the room and Braxton's lips parted a little as he took in the sight. It was the main desk of the IT office, up a couple of steps, was a very large desk with a computer that had a huge Plasma screen monitor. At the edge of the desk, there was a nameplate that said 'Chief IT' across it. And that meant Braxton.

He couldn't believe any of it right then. Going from having not that much and having to go to the local library to use the computer to have all of that to himself. Braxton was to be in charge of an entire CIA base's electrical system and so much more.

Coding, files, general status, and reports. All of that was up to him, and he was the one in charge of it all. An entire virtual world at his fingertips. It felt like he was probably his greatest fantasy of all time. Snapping out of it as he heard McAlister's voice fill the air again.

"So, any further questions?"

"What's your first name?"

"Uh... it's Conner."

Answering with a light chuckle in tone.

"Hi, Conner! That's it! Oh, also thank you, so very much for this job. Really, I won't let ya down."

"You'll do just fine Braxton. I believe in ya. Gotta get back to trainin' ya settle in for the day an' start first thing in the mornin'."

"Aye, aye sir!"

With a very faint half-smile and a single nod, Conner went over to open the door again and head back out. Braxton went to the door as he closed and watched the base through the glass. Looking around and taking everything in as well as what all just happened. He had gotten his dual citizenship but was left without a place to call his own in a different country.

To being asked to join the CIA as the chief IT master. Gaining an entire virtual world at his fingertips. It was a whirlwind and a hell of a lot to take in, and Braxton felt as if he were on cloud nine.

Looking out he caught sight of an agent he waved at earlier return the favor. Braxton lightly half smiled and waved again, right before turning around and going up the steps to the main desk. Taking off his backpack and set it down, unzipping it and placing all of his supplies into the drawers and locking it all up. Doing his best to personalize it a little before he could get the rest of his things.

Reminding himself of that matter he went back down the steps and exited the office. Going over to the training room and finding Conner again, gaining permission to step out of the base and grab his things out of storage. So that was what he did for the majority of his first day.

Returning to the base again he went over to the room Conner had given him and set his things inside. Placing everything in the dresser drawers, as well as the wardrobe. There was already a computer at his desk, but he took out his laptop anyway and set it beside it. As well as his newest project, which was to upgrade his touchscreen watch. After thinking it over he was to make it as a weapon to his advantage, thinking he needed some sort of protection.

Once everything was set up and put away he set his computer and laptop on the floor to give himself more workspace. Taking out his toolset and setting down his watch, he clicked on the lamp and removed the backing of the watch and went to work.

Using his smaller handheld screwdrivers, pliers, and other tools to go deep into the watch and modify it. Making it faster and updating his locator to add the settings of the CIA's camera system into it. As well as the controls. He stepped out and went to the weapon room and found a taser, taking it with him. He went back to his room and taking it apart. Removing the wires and snipping them down to size and placing them into the watch. As well as the springs.

Lightly flinching as he heard a loud alarm go off. Looking up he reached his phone to find the time. Realizing he had stayed up all night and they agents were up for training. Setting everything aside Braxton waited out the noise of everything rushing to the training room and the alarm stops.

Then he switched off his lamp and crawled into bed, giving himself some time to sleep before he had to continue onto bigger projects that were also going to take away his sleep. So, for now, he had to try and rest up. His life took a huge turn and things were to be much different, but he'd be lying if he said he wasn't excited about all of it.
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