Rebecca and the monster

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Rebecca is just a normal twelve year old girl! until she met someone and something in ordinary happened........

Adventure / Mystery
Age Rating:

twists and turn

Her mum flung open the door, then gently closed it behind Rebecca who was crouching down tears in her eyes. Rebecca was yet so frigtened but so cautious and some sort of exitment was going on in her head. Wriggling past the door, Rebecca and her mum examened the room. She made her mum look everywhere, nothing. Nothing was there. Rebecca`s mum went back down stairs hoping her daughter a good night sleep. Still, Rebecca lay wide awake thinking of what that noise could have possibly been. She realised it was Saturday which means that she had school the next day, and it was all ready quater past ten. That was late for her on a school night. But it seemed as if there was no way to get to sleep. Rebecca even had a thought of getting up and investigating but it was not worth it.

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