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Ever wonder if a higher power sees mankind's struggle? How evil seems to always get the better of the good? Well, It's not an angel, demi-god, but it is of the good and pure. It was set on earth to roam... a small black rock with the power to stop and reverse the evil... Good is fighting back in the smallest form know... a mere pebble with the power from a higher source...

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Chapter 1

You’re at your lowest in life, collapsed against a street lamp, you’re only belongings in a back-pack... and your sobbing your eyes out. Eye’s still watery, you look down and notice a small black stone beside you (almost unnoticeable). Strangely you reach for it and pick it up. As you turn it over, in a gold surface is a picture, is some kind of tree. You have to clear your eyes to really catch the image of it. (what? Where did this come from?) It pretty though. But, I’ve seen this ‘before’, [yes... my car... the image in the shattered windshield after the ‘accident’ on interstate where I’d almost got killed.]

In your wonderment of it, you’ve stop crying, now almost smiling at it. You barely notice a stranger about to walk past. He has stopped. Standing in front of you, your eyes meet. There's a sudden smile from him as he seems to notice the little black rock in your hand. In concern, you almost feel like hiding it from view.

Half expecting him to speak to you about it, as you're clearly not in the mood for anyone to talk to you right now.. But, without a word, for some odd reason, he reaches into his back pocket, pulls out his wallet, opens it and hands forth a twenty dollar bill. His smile holds true, is it because of the tears?

You're not sure how to take this action. Does he see you as a bum? The twenty dollar bill almost flaps at you as if the breeze passing tells you to take it. You're torn, it a pride thing. Should you just humbly accept it, or flatly refuse it? His smile never wavers, his outstretched hand hasn’t move as if to say ‘take it’...

Slowly, realizing this will only change when you’ve accepted it, your hand raises in acceptance of the currency. As if the touch of the bill, time moves forward again.. You realize you should say ‘something’. You feel ‘deflated’, as your stomach growls at the twenty in your hand.

“Thank-you...” Your words sound hollow. But to your surprise he adds some advice with the money,

“It will only get better from here on out...”

You don’t know how to respond to this. You're insides are... so torn up! Is this the feeling of ‘pity’ about yourself? The words this stranger had spoken, they sounded so confident. You should respond again in some positive way, but already, it’s too late. He has already walked away, replacing his wallet into his back pocket as he goes.

Like the mystery scene in a movie, he just walks away, as if he’d never stopped at all. You look at the rock, about to cry again.

This was how it all started, at least for me. This is my story about this little black rock. How, I came to realize, this world IS NOT the way the creator envisioned it to evolve. I’ll learn now what GOOD is and what it can do. Love was needing a belief in something, and this.. ‘Whatever it is, this ’ little black rock’, was that belief.

Good had never stood a chance on this ‘evil’s prison’, and even with the purest of souls, all would fall to ruins. But now many eons later in the worlds evolution there’s an unseen force. Very new to the game board. This 'rock' wasn’t luck, it was a force of ‘good’. A force that could turn many things right in this world taken over by evil.

Twenty dollars? I’m look at it, and the little black rock in my other hand and I'm thinking ‘twenty freaking dollars! What’s this going to do... I’m homeless!’ At that moment, the winter skies opens up as light snow flakes begin to drift down, my stomach grumbles as I looked again at the twenty, my feet are numb.

The gas station store is but down the block, and a instant thought of a sandwich, soda, and a pack of smokes picked me up off the ground. Slowly, pack-pack slung over my shoulder, I head in that direction. It was a slow walk, I recalled almost grumbling about the distasteful weather, though, it was only a short early morning flurry, it was numbingly cold.

In the store, purchasing a well needed meal, couple of drinks, my eyes caught on a pair of white socks, So needed.. oh, needed a lighter too.

I stood behind a customer asking for a scratch off lottery ticket at the counter. Frowning, seems it wasn’t the one he’d ask for, as the clerk looked exasperated went and grabbed the ‘exact one’ the grumpy man seemed determined to want. Ringing it all up, leaving the one wrong one, the clerk had pulled beside the register. And so I’m next in line. So, everything of mine rung up, he smiles at me, as the register total is $18.95 cents, the clerk asked weirdly,

“ want this ticket? It’ll kill that twenty..?”

Not even thinking about it, I agreed, and a nickel and the scratch off ticket are the only two thing’s left out of the plastic bag. I realize that I’d been holding onto this ‘little black rock’ ever since I’d picked it up. Walking over to a inside table, watching the snow getting lighter almost stopping, I sighed watching a few customers enter and leave, knowing that in a short while I’ll be back out there looking for some type of shelter.

The food about gone, and the cigarette’s calling out my name, I decide to scratch off that ticket. That last nickel tossed onto the table and that small little black rock sitting on top of the scratch-off. With the small rock and nickel in the same hand, I begin to scratch away at the ticket,

$200... 200... Double!!! I’m staring at four hundred dollars! My eyes go blurry, my mind say’s ‘this can’t be real’ and my heart is beating faster then a humming birds wings as I rush up to the clerk to verify the ticket. Hearing the little ‘yahoo’ voice that states it’s a winning ticket, I’m stunned as he states,

“Your lucky... If it were over $500.00 I wouldn’t be able to cash it here,” Was I about to receive four hundred dollars in cash?

Opening the register, he counts out $400.00 and hands it to me. Almost stuffing the wad of fifties and twenty’s into my pocket, I walk back over to the table. I suddenly realized I had left my nickel and little black rock still sitting on the table, along with soda, cigarette’s, lighter and my back-pack. I didn’t know what to do. Literally.

I picked up the little black rock, recalling the words of the man who’d given me the money, ‘It will only get better from here on out’... I just stare at the golden picture of that tree on the rock. I feel weird as ‘so much’ had happened in the last 30 minutes, that I could still recall every second the misery over the last week and how this had changed all that. Then again, that picture on this little rock. I began to recall seeing it so many times. Was this a sign? I just felt ‘that small’ an hour back, crying as if god himself had forgotten I was here. And now this 'rock'...

I remembered how I was thinking all this over. Clear as a bell, as if a demon from hell had shredded everything I’d built up in life. Then, right in front of me, burned it all to a crisp. I’d been sitting under that lamp post, trying to figure out where everything had turned that hard right that threw my life straight off a bottomless cliff...

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