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Spooky about me

One room after another, we completed them. Ted reiterated to the owner that the floors couldn’t be walked on or used till the next day. This living room was the biggest area, and I have to say, it looked really good when Ted had got done. I was already in the main floor kitchen, first scraping out the old ceramic and making it ‘smooth and clean’, corner to corner. And those ‘corners’ were the hardest to get smooth and clean! Joe had helped me in removing the stove and the refrigerator (don’t scratch the wood), and we tried to keep ahead of Ted, laying down the tile almost quicker than we could prep the rooms. Then there was the ‘upstairs’ bathroom... which was the worse room because we had to remove the vanity sink AND the toilet. Which was two hours, as all three of us working at it. But, it was about five-thirty as we’d just set the toilet back in place and made sure all the hook-ups were secure and no water leak’s were noticeable. Though, Ted did have to arrange a few of the tiles and re-grout it in a few spots, but then standing at the doorway, he seemed ‘pleased’ at the work as I slowly hauled each of the bucket’s of ‘old tile’ out to the van. Bucket after bucket I dumped them into the back of the van on a tarp already laid out.

We were done, as the last of the tool’s we’re placed back into Ted’s van. The garbage, with not a single piece on the driveway or grass, the van door’s closed. My back was actually killing me and I dreaded sitting down in Joe’s car (I might not get up again). But another cigarette between me and Joe, made me yawn.

Now I was tired, sore, hungry, and for the first time in a few days, at peace with myself. Without even thinking as Ted came out of the house... a smile on his face ‘brighter then expected’ I had reached out and turned the knob of the radio... The driver’s door closed, flew open as Joe had instantly bailed!

Music bellowed out of a hidden set of speakers, and Joe, ten foot away now, stood ready to tackle a devil!

Ted too, still twenty foot away, froze in his track’s seeing the flash movement of Joe dart from the car, hearing the music... his jaw almost dropped open. Neither had moved, as Joe pointed to me and announced,

to Ted,

“Told you! He’ got to be a demon! It’s either him or me. I REFUSE to work with him anymore... Get out of my car! You, you Demon!” Joe almost screamed at me.

He was in sever fear of me. I felt like a found war criminal, I sat frozen. I unable to deny my involvement any longer. Why had I turned that knob? If it was ‘broken’, why was there music playing? I questioned so many things right now.

“Holy shit!” Ted said, still frozen to the spot.

“I know right! Get out of my car... Joe almost screamed at me. His eye’s looking at the car as if the whole thing was possessed “I told you he was a demon. Didn’t I tell you?” He now screamed at Ted.

“How in the hell?” Ted stated as I lowered the music.

“Don’t touch anything! Just get out!” Joe said, pointing directly at me while looking for something to use as a weapon towards me.

“You SURE you never fixed it?” Ted asked Joe.

“Ted! You were the last one to ‘touch’ the damn thing. It was only a week ago, Remember?” Joe stated as Ted had began walking forward again.

“Then? How the hell?” Ted said coming closer to the front of the car. Joe looked as if Ted had lost his mind wanting to approach the car.

“It’s HIM dude... I told you! He a demon.. Get him out of my car!” Joe yelled again, pointed at me.

“Hey, It’s okay Joe.. Calm down!” Ted actually touched the car’s hood.

“NO! Him out! NOW!” Joe screamed at me.

Joe grabbed his own head, seeing Ted attempting something so ‘stupid’.

“He’s jinxed!... Just get him out of my car!” Joe yelled at Ted.

“Come-on.. I’m not ‘jinxed’!” I stated, almost laughing at Joe’s reaction towards me. But seeing he was serious, I climbed out. Stepping away from the car, the music continued to play as Joe used hand signals in ushering me to move even farther away from it.

I was almost ten foot away from the car by now as Joe zipped to the car, turned off the music and placed the car in gear.

Ted just watched in awe of Joe’s actions, knowing the man was demon phobic. Joe was leaving...

“You! Stay away from me and my car.” Joe said, now no longer my friend.

“What about my stuff?” I held out my arms to my back-pack in the back seat. Joe stopped the car realizing my stuff was behind him. He didn’t even want to touch my backpack... Ted noticed the dilemma Joe was going through...

“I’ll get your stuff,” Ted told me, approaching the passengers door. He tried to talk to Joe, but Joe avoided even his bosses words,

“Just get his stuff out, NOW!” Joe over voiced Ted as he had to climb halfway in to retrieved my back-pack and as soon as my backpack was out, Joe let off the brake and was moving down the driveway...

“Joe! I got you cash right here, Joe!” Ted yelled as Joe was already halfway down the driveway.

“No. Drop it off to the house... He don’t work with us anymore... I’m serious!” Joe said, and flew down the driveway... In the street, he hit took a left and the passengers door slammed shut going around the sudden turn.

“Holy shit... and he was worried about me being nut’s... What’s his problem?” I asked Ted.

“That car. Well, it’s kinda hard to explain.... Did you really lite your cigarette off the car’s lighter?” Ted asked, still holding a wad of cash in his hand.

“It worked,” I stated.

“Well, No, no it didn’t... ever!” Ted confirmed.


“Seriously. EVER!′ Ted stated. “Nor the radio.”

“You mean, neither of those thing’s worked...” I asked.

“EVER!” Ted looked me square in the eye.

“Oh. Wow... no wonder he’s so freaked out... Guess I

would be too,” I stated, glad that Ted wasn’t cowering away from me.

“Not the scariest part... That ‘wet vac’ you used today in picking up all that mess...” Ted spoke quietly.


“That had literally ‘Burned up’ on me yesterday... You have been using a broken vac... I waited for it to die to smoke out, burst into flames... ‘all damn day long’ but... it never did.”

“... it worked ”

“Shouldn’t have... even started up... and even if it had... ‘should of ’ instantly smoked out.” Ted leered at me, knowing ’something what Joe was pointing out was ‘true’ about me.


“Really... Whatever Mojo you got, it’s strong... Anyway, here’s your money... altogether, there’s four hundred and eighty dollars.” Ted stated. Placing the rest of the money into his silver clip file folder.

“Um.. You going to leave me here too?”

“No... (laugh’s) Come-on, climb in, I’ll take you where Joe picked you up.... You really did do good work for me today...” Ted stated, but never said the bad part about it.

“But it’s going to be my only day... isn’t it?” I stated.

“Joe’s been with me a long time, good worker...” Ted stated as we headed to the van.

“Yeah I get it, not to worry... I’ll find something else...” I said almost sad, I liked the work.

“I’m sure you will. However, personally... I don’t think it’s a demon that’s got a hold on you... I think it’s god himself...” Ted stated, which shocked me.


“Whatever you want to call him, Allah, Jesus, god, whichever one is the ‘good’ one, it has you in it’s hip pocket.” Ted stated, as both door closed and the van started up.

It had all made sense now... he might have been right. This was a force I couldn’t understand, it had no ‘physical force’, but things instantly fell into place about it. It had to be this ‘rock’ I’d picked up.

I dare not speak to Ted about it, or anyone else for that matter... and who would I tell anyway? My pastor? And say what, “i think I got a ‘god stone’ in my pocket..′ Yeah, that would go over like a lead balloon.

As he dropped me off, with a smiling wave good bye, my feet and back were both killing me, I smelled like I hadn’t bathed for a week. In that smile I tugged out the little black rock from my pocket. I didn’t all know how long this would last, for all I knew I’d already used it up. I though about it, I had enough to start over again. I’d already got my bank account back in order, a different job I could find in a day or two, and in a week or two I’d have a steady income again. Then a hurt for another apartment. I had ‘hope’ again, that was the light at the end of the tunnel. So, even if this small little rock had worn out, I was much better off than sitting under that lamp post, crying...

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