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You just ever feel the bad?

I awoke to the News, the dreams all swirling around in my head and thinking I’d actually slept through the whole night. But this wasn’t the case, as the time read 11:23pm on the desk clock.

What it was that awoken me was unknown, but like hearing a door slam or gun shot. I was fully awake. My feet still wrapped in the towels, I checked both of them, while looking around, in realizing that the wrinkles had smoothed out, but, there were ‘splits’ in my second and third toes showing almost raw meat.

“Damn, that’s not good.” I stated, realizing my shoes were soaked... and my socks were ruined (still on the bathroom floor). I had rinsed out my sneakers, allowing them to dry in the sink. That was just prior to the shower.

Walking to the bathroom was not easy.

In a hobble to the toilet to urinate, I checked on them, still wet, but not ‘dripping wet’. I had a fresh pair of socks already out of my backpack, but even those seemed ‘damp’ to the touch. It was a quite a while before I could actually walk around the room. I had decided just to rewash and dry everything I owned, going through my backpack, the winter temperature clinging to all of it.

In stocking feet, I made my way to the laundry area, realizing I have to get change at the front desk. There was no one in the long hallway. In fact, there was no one at the front desk... ‘odd’...

“Hello?” I called out, as camera’s showed different locations of exit’s and common areas. Of these, I noticed three ‘cameras’ blacked out... (hum) and then watched as a ‘figure’ has quickly rushed another camera and it went black too. I felt a sudden fear.

“HELLO! HEY, ANYONE HERE!” I literally hollered, as a voice from the back room came up from somewhere behind the desk.

“I think I just watched someone take out one of your camera’s...”

“Sir? Camera?” The younger man stated, turning to see four darkened out camera angles. In seeing this, he turned to me and said, “One moment sir,” He stated picking up a phone receiver and hit three buttons... 911.

His voice tried to maintain decorum, but I could tell he was scared... like half to death. Giving the information required, claiming a ‘break-in’ with four cameras down. Oh, they were definitely on there way.

“What’s going on?” I asked confused.

“It will be fine sir.. Just a ‘precaution’ for the safety of our patrons. The police will be here shortly, please go back to your room”

“The police? ”

“I’ll have them check the building, make sure it’s secure, probably nothing.” He looked concerned.

“Okay, um, I need change, for the laundromat... I got some clothes that need cleaning.” I said as he looking at my pant’s, realizing they would probably be on my list.

“Um, sure. But until the police secure the building, I suggest you stay to your room and make sure the door is properly secured.” He said, not really wanting to go near the cash draw. He spotted a local police cruiser pulling to a stop just outside the double doors leading into this main lobby. In that relief, he took my ten and with a key opened the draw as two officer’s walked in. I was instantly intimidated as they quickly walked up to the desk, looking around for any type of moment in all directions.

They both instantly gave me that ‘suspect’ look, until the clerk said to me,

“ you go sir. I’ll call your room when their done.” At that point, I wasn’t important. They almost muscled me off the desk front,

“Thanks...” I said, taking the five singles and half a roll of quarters, and walking back towards my room. It wasn’t hard to figure out the desk clerk was ‘freaking out’, as the officers were trying to pin down which cameras had gone down, and in what order they had gone down.

He verbally by-passed the first three, going to the last one he’d said had gone down. And I realized this situation was bigger than it looked as another patrol car was seen patrolling the outer perimeter. As I walked away, heading back to my room, in a almost ‘jog’ both officer’s ran past me. One took the elevator and the other the stair’s as I turned to see two more officers heading down the the other corridor in the same manner. Four cops, and I’d never seen two of them enter?

Something was definitely going down here... I made it to my room, without any other presence seen, and closing the door, with a loud ‘click’ that told me it had secured. I was safe...

With that, I’d let go of the problems outside of the room. It was only when I looked out the window, as the now heavy snow had now covered about everything... that I took notice of. But... one particular gray SUV in the parking lot. Parked without tread marks behind it... and still... not a single flake of snow that had fallen from the heavens stuck to this vehicle.

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