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It's a feeling of unseen danger

The police lights were all shining off the snow that covered all the car’s... except that one SUV... It had ‘no snow’ what-so-ever. It had somehow caught my eye, in the row of ten other cars. The news flashed a story they had been updating for a while. It was about Hotel robberies and homicides... It was just enough to give me chills as I watched, realizing that now two police vehicles were circling the entire parking lot every two minutes... slowly driving past my own window on the first floor.

‘Was this hotel being targeted?’ I thought to myself watching and listening to the reporter describing the crimes committed by an unknown killer who was bouncing across the state.

It had caught my ear that all these crimes were all ‘planned out’ and the criminal was using ‘Hotels’ as their scene of evil killings.

It was weird as I walked back over to the desk and seeing the little black rock just sitting next to my half empty back pack... It was like it was telling me ‘something’... but a rock don’t talk... was this like spider-mans tingle?

“Whoa... okay, weird feeling...” I said out loud.

The reporter’s words continued to speak almost as if a buzz in my ear as I picked up the little black rock, like some type of understanding. I never believed in a charm for my protection or luck, that wasn’t me.

I didn’t have any noticeable notions, the hair on the back of my neck didn’t stand on end, nor did I get any vision of pending doom as the woman reporter seemed to drone on about the cases. But it was then a glitch in the program froze it. I thought that strange, as this was a live news report. And by that thought, the entire screen went black... The sound of her voice, never glitched as I spoke the words without even thinking about it,

“Camera’s down...” It was at that second it clicked, and at the same time the picture returned. But, for a mere flash of it, it wasn’t of the news woman... It was the front desk of this hotel. Only a flash, but I knew what I saw. It had showed now two hotel employee’s behind the desk, and a officer.

“What the hell?” I said out loud, looking at the black rock and the gold emblem. I actually got scared.

There was something going on here. I tried to shake it off, but the ‘nag’ of it wouldn’t leave my mind. And then recalled how the camera’s were going down within the hotel.

The front desk picture switched from the news reporter’s concerns to the front desk... now showed a police cruiser circling the building.

“what the...” I said, unable to pry my eyes from the TV. Then, it switched again... It was of that strange SUV with no snow anywhere on it. Funny, the camera’s view... was it mounted by my window?

I found myself quickly getting dressed, with no reason to do so, looking out the hotel’s first floor window again the TV still showed the exact view... I was in some sort of shock... ’Wait a second, what am I doing? I’m now tying on my other shoe... My mind had ‘no intention’ of leaving this room, in fact, I was about to watch a good show about to come on. Why was I dressed? The TV had suddenly switched back to the news reporter ‘still’ talking about these hotel murder cases. THAT wasn’t any ‘normal’ TV behavior.

I was trying to dissuade my bodies actions... I actually made myself ‘sit’ on the beds edge. There was ‘nothing’ on my mind. I had no strange ‘feelings’, there was no present danger... It was while thinking of these things, that I suddenly realized I had gotten off the bed and had walked straight to the door. My hand was actually on the door knob before I realized I stood there. How did I get from there to here? ‘The door key’ I thought as I let go of the knob, only to walk over and retrieve it.

‘What’s going on here?’ I thought to myself, as once again I was heading to the door, reaching out for the handle once again.

In my brain, this was something out of the twilight zone... But whatever force was making me do this, it seemed to be urgent that I leave. ‘where was I going’ ‘I don’t even have my money or wallet’?

...I’m now in the hallway, the door had clicked shut behind me as if a wind draft had closed it.

“Okay, this is spooky... so now what?” I said out loud, allowing ‘whatever this was’ to take control.

I thought at first I was walking towards the front desk, not knowing what to say if confronted by the staff or the police. Funny thing, the police officer walking the hall had spotted me as the ‘ding’ of the elevator opened the doors rather quickly. As I entered the empty 5 by5 lift, he entered right behind me, as the number ‘3’ popped into my head. My hand had already pressed the button as the officer had pressed ‘2’... Giving me a bit of space, he looked me over, I could feel it. My shoes felt wet...

Though I’d seen him push the 2nd floor button and it had lit up, I figured out that the next door opening would be his exit. He hadn’t said a word as he realized the next door opening he’d be leaving. The elevator didn’t stop... But somehow it has skipped the second floor altogether. This was going to the third floor? Why had it skipped the second floor, why was I... we, going to the third floor?

The door opened and he stepped out. I realized ’this was the floor I was (for some weird reason) to exit on, and followed him out.

He took about five steps away down the hallway, realizing that something wasn’t right. My body, just walked the other way as the elevator doors seemed to ‘slam’ shut behind me. It wasn’t the normal slow closure, this was a ‘slam’, so much so that it caught the officer off guard, now he heading back towards the elevator... I had taken maybe three steps away turning around at the sound it myself, as the officer eyed my movements while trying to recall the elevator.

Nothing happened, as I seemed to ignore his plight and felt compelled to turn away. I had ‘no idea’ why I was walking down this hallway, or why I had to chosen to blow off the police officer... Until I heard a voice speaking out of his walk y-talky.

“Hotel clerk just notified, third floor camera, south hall blacked out about a minute ago.”

“On the third floor now, send back up.” He spoke back, as I noticed a door slightly ajar twenty feet down the hall.

I froze in my step. All these doors closed on there own... why was that one ajar? It didn’t feel right, it didn’t look right. The officer noticed my freeze in motion...

“Officer,” I almost whispered, pointing to the cracked open door, for the first time in the last 10 minutes feeling fear.

He came up behind me, as I pointed to the door. In a reflex, he pulled out his gun, placing a hand for me to back away. In getting ahead of me, he was slowly walking towards the door I’d pointed out.

I instantly began to look for ‘some type’ of cover. There was nothing. I began to back away, towards the elevator, as he approached the room. Fear now welled up inside of me as I was now frantically searching for someplace to either hide or get away from this encounter.

“Ding’. The elevator door opened and I was ‘ever so thankful’ and quickly slipped inside. My last sight was of the officer about to open the door and confront whoever was inside. The last sound I heard before the doors of the elevator closed was the office’s radio go off stating ‘back-up on the way,’

The door’s closed, I heard a four shot’s exchanged as the shot’s fired off, as the elevator seemed to automatically head down to the first floor. One officer confronted me in a rush to get in, almost pushing me out as another officer had ran past me, toward the end of the hall and the fire escape.

In a whirl of movement, before the officer got halfway down the hall, I watched a winter coated man darted out the fire escape and out the south exit. I was unnerved, realizing the elevator had already closed, as the officer bellowed,

“suspect heading out the south exit... In pursuit,” faintly hearing his shoes clamoring down the hall muffled by the carpet. My heartbeat was racing as my body had walked me right back to my room, as I stared at my rooms door number, my hand already swiping the key card.

Within seconds, I was inside, the door closed to the outside, my breath drew in huff’s. I was totally petrified, as I tried to make sense of what had just transpired. I found once again, without my knowledge, my body seemed to be moving on it’s own. I was being drawn to the large picture window again.

Normally, the ‘window blinds’ in most room’s were closed, however, the slats on mine were showing the large drifting snow flakes as I was now standing directly in front of the window.

The only light of this room was the bathroom light, and the T.V., which was now showing another movie, but surprisingly, it was a night scene, and the volume was normal but the characters were whispering. I had not even looked at screen once, by-passing it altogether. I was once again looking at that black SUV and in my own mind I asked myself ‘why am I staring at this vehicle?’

Then it seemed, half the police department had entered the hotel’s parking lot. There was also two ambulances, as their light’s flashed red white and blue. It felt as if they had surrounded the building. I heard many voices out in the hallway, and tried to close the blinds to block out the bright colors of their vehicles. I was totally unnerved, thinking about the gunshots I had heard.

’Was that officer hurt? Why were there two ambulances?

I didn’t want to be here, didn’t want too be anywhere near this place. I felt trapped, though I shouldn’t have felt this way at all. I was never paranoid, yet, my mind kept picturing that SUV, why? In a last ditch effort to block all this out of my mind, I thought about my girlfriend. She wasn’t my ‘soon to be wife’, but we did mesh well together as I realized that I had to face up to telling her all what had transpired over the last week. This was the biggest problem I had at the moment. With everything going on in the hotel, not interested in the TV anymore, I looked over at the phone. The little black rock swirling over an over between my finger’s. Why was all this happening to me? I felt I had to call her, now...

It had to be done, I wondered how she’d take it. Picking up the hotel phone, I recalled the last time we’d talked. It had been a few days. I began to dial her cell phone number, this was going to be hard to do...

The number tapped in, I waited for the ring tone in my ear. One ring, two rings, ‘Maybe she was sleeping?’


“Hi babe, how’s it going?”

“Hey baby. Wow, I’m glad you called. I’m just about out of the airport.”

“What? Wait... You’re back?”

“Yeah. They were laid to rest two day’s ago?” She said, puzzled I didn’t know that.

“Uh, babe... I got a lot of bad news, maybe you’d better find somewhere and sit down.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” She asked, as my mind reeled as to how and explain all that’s happened since she’d left....

“There’s a lot to explain. I’m at the Singlay hotel in town, take a cab here. I got the money for the cab.

“Couldn’t fix the car?”

“One of the ‘many things’ I need to explain, but I promise, we’ll get through this,”

“Are you alright?” She asked.

“I’m fine.. Just hop in a cab, meet you at the front desk.”

“Why are you at a hotel?” She asked concerned.

“I’ll tell you when you get here,” I stated, as I realized I was looking out the window and had seen the drivers side door open. As the coated figure that had run out the south exit had quickly entered that vehicle and slid the door shut.

“Honey, are you sure everything’s alright?”

“Yeah babe, explain everything. I’ll see you when you get here...” I said, realizing that I was probably the only one who knew where that man had gone.

“Love you, got to go,” I spoke, literally hanging up on her.

“Honey?... Babe?...” She asked, seeing the call had been dropped. “What the hell?” Instantly she had to find a cab, NOW! Her luggage at her feet, she eyed the terminal’s exit.

[Continued in story #2] The little black rock (Lost in life)

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