The Little Black Rock (Lost in life)

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Something of the good is out here, fighting against evil... And I think I found a piece of it... It's a mere pebble, but it has the power of god.

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Chapter 1

As things go, I must go back to a time where all this started... Till now, I haven’t given a name to myself a name, So... as names go, (and I don’t want it to be a real name) I’ll call myself... Krylorian. Kry for short.

Oh, it will be this ‘story’ that will get you back to the Hotel and as too what all happened there as my girlfriend Tammy arrives...

Okay.. but to start with, I'm going back to when this all this started, leading to when I found 'it'. Honestly, I don't even know what to call that 'black pebble' with a tree etched into it...

I was on top of the world ‘or so I thought’ and then like Job in the bible, I had my whole world blown apart. My girlfriend had to go across the country to bury her parents that had gotten killed in a freak car accident. In that she’d removing a lot of cash from our account, plane ticket, lodging, food, car rental. It all was planned, but we both agreed it needed to be done. And watching her plane take off, I was alone. Free.

I wasn’t going to play the bachelor life, I would use the time to keep the house and our lives together. It seemed however ‘life’ would swing into a black hole for me. I can still recall all the head spinning things that cracked my world into a million pieces... Well, If you was wondering ‘HOW’ I wound up under that lamp post, this is how it all started...

This new day had started normal, waking up alone, and on time. I shaved, dressed and picked up my mess around the gaming chair that I’d made playing our XBOX last night... looking over the the low rent apartment, happy I had everything back in order, I walked out and the car started right up. No sweat as the music basted out one of my favorite tunes, as the sun had yet to rise.

So, normal pace, no hurry and all of a sudden on a long road across the county, there’s blue and red lights flashing behind me. ‘I’m not speeding, or doing anything wrong, what the hell?’ So, pulling over I wait for the officer to arrive at my window.

I have a ‘tail light’ out... okay.. no problem. I accept the ticket and realize ‘this’ is going to place me a few minutes late, crap! Well, you know how when shit starts rolling downhill it can really just ruin your day? Well, I tried to place a plastic face on and just roll with whatever happens...

Let’s watch the PLASTIC FACE shatter...

I walk in to my job, about to pull out my time card as the head boss seems to be ‘just a waiting’ for me.

“Morning,” I say to him as I see the straight look on his face,

“Not for you. Don’t bother to punch in... There was a meeting yesterday evening... and anyone with two or more ‘late’ clock-in’s over the last month are to be terminated if they tried to clock in late again today... and, your number two this morning...”

I tried to ‘verify’ my reason, but it fell on deaf ears. As I realized by his ‘turn away’, I was being fired...

“Okay, so, I guess it’s time to find another job,” I told myself, back out in the parking lot. Keeping the ‘smile’ on my face.

I was determined not to let this ruin my day. Turning the key, something didn’t sound right with the car... ‘?’ I decided to take the interstate route back home.. maybe ‘carbon’ needed to be blown out or something like that... There was no rattling or banging sounds... ‘okay, let’s do this...’ Just had a rear main seal replaced about two day’s before taking her to the airport... still had oil pressure... (at least the idiot light wasn’t on).

50mph.... 60mph... Seems to be alright. I’m now in a steady flow of morning traffic, again, it seemed to be running alright... as I press on the gas to keep within the traffic flow. Good acceleration, the semi behind me now trying to keep up,

It was so sudden I didn’t know how to react. The engine just locked up. My front tires jammed, steering was gone and my speed was dropping, a semi that was right behind me ‘also’ locked up his brakes, but instantly slammed into the back of my light compact car..

The impact had actually ‘bumped’ me like a lightly hit golf ball. Lucky me it had sent me off to the right into the emergence lane.

Landing didn’t free up the shuttering rattle as my car began coming to a stop, as I watched the front windshield cracking. Out of the left corner of my eye, the towering semi truck was actually ‘sliding’ past me, releasing it’s brakes (Once it saw I was no longer a threat to his lane). If he hadn’t released his brakes, his trailer would have slammed into the side of my ‘still slowing’ car. The back two sets of tires of the semi had unlocked, rolling past, instantly shearing off my side mirror to disappear somewhere.

I came to a growling, shuttering stop... numbly I realized morning traffic was screaming past my closed window. Both my hands lock ‘permanently’ into the steering wheel as I was still braced for that final ‘smack’ that would conclude I was at my life’s end... It never happened!

Cars continued to wiz by as I looked out my front cracked windshield, it had cracked in a very weird shape, it looked like a tree and the steam pouring out from under the hood with the rising sun it looked like a perfect tree glowing gold... I looked at it in awe of how it had cracked so perfectly into a golden tree shape.

I don’t recall how long I just sat there looking at it, but I do recall a few things after that... It would take a few tries to unlock my hands from the steering wheel and it looked as if I poured a cup of coffee in my lap. Wait, that’s not coffee and nor did it smell like it. But I was alive...

I almost opened the drives door, realizing quickly enough ‘NO’... Cars screamed past a mere foot from me.

I don’t recall when it happened, but I was now shaking as if I’d be left outside in my underwear at the north pole... Not good... But again... I was alive!
I was trying to crawl to the passengers seat, looking out the back window to see a state trooper pull up behind me. Slowly and carefully I opened the passenger’s door and tried to get out. My leg’s actually made it to solid earth, but refused to unlock from that bent position. The officer (waiting for traffic to clear the right lane so he could open the door) had seen my feet hit the ground.

He’d almost ran up on me (not sure what my actions were going to be) and within two foot of me stopped, realizing I was totally shaken up.

“Sir, Are you alright?”

“I think so...” I said, not really sure myself.

“Do you need an ambulance?” He asked, concerned.

“I don’t think so?” I said, realizing my forehead did hurt.

“Sir, may I asked what happened?”

“I don’t know... My car just seemed to lock up... No warning, nothing! Just locked up!” I announced.

“Okay, well from what I saw , your very lucky to be alive.”

“Yes I am,” I said. I realized he was looking into the car.

“Can you stand up?” He asked.

“I been trying to...” I said, giving it another try.

With a hand grip under my right arm he helped me to rise out of the car...

My leg’s were like at of a new born calf.

“Easy there, I got you... I need to get you back to my car.” He stated, as a bluish smoke now billowed from the engine, carried away from the passing traffic.

“Why, I didn’t do nothing wrong?” I stated, thinking I was being arrested.

“I’m worried that your car is going to catch on fire... Please, let’s go back to my car.” He offered in a kind voice, almost pulling on me.

“Okay, yeah...” I agreed, trying to move in that direction,

He’d opened the right back door, allowing me to sit, but asked for my drivers license. As I pulled out my wallet, I just handed the whole thing to him. I had to sit back down.

He’d gone back to the car ‘twice’ and finally came back with a slip of paper, (the ticket I’d got earlier). The ‘smoke’ had thinned out, as wisps now and then disappeared into the morning traffic.

“I found this...” He handed to me as I looked at the trunk of my now ‘sub-compact’ car... both the taillight’s missing altogether and the rear bumper crammed into the rear wheels.

“Yeah, can you tell which bulb was blown?” I asked, finally starting to get past the shock of all this. He just got a loud grin and tried hard to hold back a full blown laugh.

I was alive... It seemed to me ‘that was all that mattered’. I watched the tow truck, having to dragging it up onto the flatbed, still locked up. Watching it roll away, wondering if I’d left ‘anything else important’ inside. The officer offered me a ride to my apartment, thinking a ‘taxi’ wouldn’t exactly pick me up out here. I almost refused, realizing the smell of urinating had begun to linger inside the car.

“Sure you don’t require a ambulance?” He asked seeing the goose egg on my forehead,

“That’s not needed, I’m just shook up, No vision problems.” I lied, my head hurt bad, though there was no blood, it was just a large lump and I could deal with that, or so I’d thought.

He though my outlook on life was great, though I held a ticket to a smashed up car and had just lost my job...

“Here, I’ll give you a ride home.” He offered. We talked about a few things as we got closer to my apartment, though it was pretty much common stuff. He was just making sure I still had my marbles in order...

Well, that was until he noticed about ten emergency vehicles, lights flashing up ahead... As fire hoses laid everywhere and smoke was still billowing from what was left of an apartment building. I looked at it in shock,

‘Was this really happening, was my home? Did I leave the coffee pot on? What could have started this,’

“Is that your apartment building?” He called into the back seat.

“Oh my god... No, no, no!!!” I said, realizing half the top floor charred to a cinder... Mine was right underneath as he recalled the apartment number on my drivers license…

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