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Fiction. Magic. The stuff of fairy tales and legends. I always thought they weren’t worth reading. After all, what’s the point of reading something that isn’t true? I kept that type of mindset until I was 13. why 13 you say? Because that is where this story begins.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

2 years ago

!Clash! The silver sword struck out like a stone arrow flying through the air and struck the back of my opponent. The arena erupted in applause. the sound was so loud, I could’ve sworn that the bleachers would collapse under the audience

When they heard the painless yet nerve striking, snap, they knew I had won. My opponent turned around and I stared into their glistening dark-chocolate eyes. He was a young boy with fiery-red hair.

He had a look of defeat in his eyes. His shaky, labored breath dusting the air with a puffed white smoke. I didn’t blame him. It was at least 28o degrees on the great lown where we stood. I smirked. I reached out and helped him up to his feet, and shook his hand.

He then proceeds to walk away with his head down. Another one down, and all in the same week. I laughed as he looked like an ancient man with a horrible back.

" who´s next,” I ask cracking my knuckles while Hiding my Joyful expression like a ghost in the shadows. Everyone around me groaned in union and I knew I had succeeded.

I was just about to walk away when, Mr. Wright cleared his throat and spoke into the microphone, ” Hello, fencing high prep. Thank you for coming here to the WORLD FENCING GAMES!!! Today we have 2 new students, please welcome, Addison Fuego and Rachel Aqua! ”

He first pointed to Addison Fuego.

Everyone including me cheered. I liked having new people at Fencing high prep. It meant having new opponents. And possibly friends.

Addison was a tall figure and seemed proud of it. She was fairly thin and flexible. She had eyes the color of the amazon rainforest and had a confident smirk on her luminous- white face. She had on a wine-red fencing suit and fencing sword.

He then pointed at Rachel Aqua. She was tall also. She had a milk-chocolate skin tone and a deadly smirk. She also had hazel-brown hair as shimmering as the most perfect of diamonds.

She looked very thin and flexible also. She wore an ocean-blue fencing uniform and had her fencing sword.

I smirked. I was about to have massive competition. For once. I was about to walk over when, Mora la luna, walked over to her and gave me an ominous scowl.

I rolled my sky-blue eyes as fast as a soccer ball, despite the threatening scowl, I walked over to their corner of the lawn and introduced myself, ” Welcome to fencing high prep, my name is Lyrin Dragonborn, ” I said doing a fencing bow.

She was smiling and looked genuinely happy to meet me. Until Mora decided to trip me. The minute she tried to, my instincts kicked in. I swirled around as fast as a cheetah and managed to accidentally kick her in the face.

She gasped in pain and clutched her button nose tightly with a hand that soon turned bloody-red. When I noticed the blood spewing out like a bloody stream, I quickly ran to get an ice pack and Mr. Wright.

Sure, Mora didn’t deserve the injury to the face, but she should have not tried to embarrass me. She knew my instinct was very nimble and fast, yet she attempted to try and trip me. I quickly shoved the idea of her face out of my mind and ran as fast as I could. I quickly dodged the massive wave of people that were in the way and ran to Mr. Wright´s office inside the tall building. I quickly tapped on the smooth oak wood on the front door, and heard,

´´ come in.´´ And at that answer, I threw open the door and said,

´´ you have to come to the Great lawn right now!´´. I had said it so fast and so blurred, that Mr. Wright just stared at me like I had spoken gibberish.

I repeated it and said, ´´ Mora has a bloody nose and itś all my fault. But she tried to trip me and all I did was protect myself. She is on the Great lawn, right now,´´ I said with a sigh and slowly raised my eyes to his dark blue ones.

His eyes were in shock, but he quickly changed it as fast as it had appeared and started to dash towards the auditorium. I immediately ran after him and soon passed him.

I went to the far corner of the auditorium and convinced Mora that Mr. Wright was coming. And soon enough, he did. Mr. Wright treated Mora´s bloody nose, and throughout the whole thing, Mora was staring at me like I had destroyed her mother. I just ignored her like she was a pesky bee humming in my ear.

In the end, Mr. Wright rose and said, ” well, you will be fine mora, but now we talk about punishment. ” Mora grins looking at me with an evil eye.

" you two are suspended from class for 2 weeks, ” He said with his hand thin pale spindly hands on his hips and had the deepest scowl that could be a substitute for the grand canyon. My jaw was an open door, so wide that I could have sworn I had swallowed a bug. but when I looked at Mora´s facial expression, I almost couldn’t hold in my laughter.

Her eyes were as big as saucers, and her mouth was as wide as the ocean.

“But Mr. Wrig-,” she tried to say, but he cut her off with the shaking of the head and said, ” you shouldn’t have tried to trip lyrin, you know that her instincts are very sharp, ” he said with a loud sigh that could shake the hills. He then left to encourage a couple to enroll their child in the program. After he left, Mora said, ” watch out, Lyrin. You brought the rain, but I’m bringing the thunder,” she said with her hand on her hips. Then I leaned towards, and said, ” sweetheart, didn’t you know? Thunder never does anything, while rain, reigns”. she then scoffed in disbelief. I sighed, lyrin, what have you gotten yourself into?

When I was finished with my craziness, I saw Rachel and Addison coming up to me, with a smile. A smile? What are they up to? I thought, with one raised eyebrow.

“Lyrin, was it? Hi, my name is Rachel and this is Addison Fuego, my Bff. Nice to meet you,” she said extending her right hand to shake mine. I did and it felt very warm.

" Nice to meet you too,” I said with a small smile. They smiled and I smiled back at them. All of a sudden the end of the fencing bell rings and everyone starts saying goodbye to Mr. Wright. I jump up and say goodbye to him too and follow the girls outside.

" Could I walk with you guys?” I asked them, hoping I was not intruding. They nodded.

" we´re heading towards Morgana´s o´ scoops,” Addison said licking her lips as she could just taste the ice cream.

" I go there every day after fencing class and I bet if you ask anybody about their ice cream, that they will say that they are the best in the world,” I said, daydreaming and looking at the pale blue sky and saw the fluffiest clouds which now looks like a scoop of vanilla ice cream, my favored ice cream flavor.

" wow, you seem very passionate about the ice cream shop,” they say raising their eyebrows.

“Well, of course, It´s my mom’s shop,” I said with a proud smile. I was always proud of my Family. Not that I had much of a family. Only my Mom, Mom’s Mom, and an aunt. I never knew my dad. Their eyes widen and their jaws drop.

I quickly waved my hand in front of their face and they finally blinked and Rachel said, ” That´s so nice, I´m happy for you. “I smiled. She sounded genuine. Soon we reached the familiar old dusty road and even better the ice cream shop. when you watch from afar you could see that it was a white shop with an apartment above it, which I and my mother live In. it had a grey sign with blue lettering saying, ” welcome to Morgana’s o’ scops,” and outside, aligning the outside of the shop were 5 sets of chairs. When we reached my mom´s front door, I opened the door and we went inside. Among the crowd of hot and sweaty people, I led Addison and Rachel to the V.I.P table and sit down. The V.I.P table had many perks, like free ice cream refills, extra toppings, and exotic flavors like pomegranate, pizza-flavored, and hot cocoa and marshmallows. My aunt named Elizebeath came around and set a menu. I knew it was her because of her Dark-ocean blue eyes and shadow-black hair.

She said, ” Hi lyrin, what can I get for you and your friends,” she said asking and assuming I knew them.

I didn´t want to be rude and accidentally hurt their feelings, and said, ” I would like a vanilla ice cream cone and melted caramel on top please, what do you guys want?” I said turning to them.

They smiled gratefully, and Addison said, ” I would like a rocky road with gummy bears and Rachel wants strawberry with marshmallows,” Earning a nod from Rachel. I only sighed, wishing I had a friend that knew my favorite ice cream flavor and toppings right on the spot. Aunty Elizabeth only nodded and gave me a thumbs up and went to get our ice creams.

" what was that about,” they asked with a raised eyebrow and a confused glint in their eyes.

" Oh, that was just my aunt Elizabeth being herself, she is so set on me having friends when I always tell her I am too busy,” I said, shrugging when suddenly Elizabeth came back and started pulling a cake out behind her back and sang in melody, ” Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear lyrin, happy birthday. ” I smiled and took the cake. It was the shape of a heart and was coconut flavored.

“Thank you guys, oh, so much,” I said with joyful tears of crystal water spurring out my eyes. Aunty Elizabeth just hugged me and shrugged it off. she then handed my potential friends, and, our ice cream cones. I said thanks and she left.

“Happy birthday, lyrin, congrats, how old are you turning,” they asked eagerly to know. I smiled. They were such nice people. These were the people I wanted to be My Bffs.

" 13 years old,” I said, just about to lick my ice cream. they gasped and squealed. I winched and they stopped and apologized and asked if we could take it to go. I nodded and asked aunty Elizabeth if I could get the ice cream bags to go, and she nodded and asked where we were going, I said, the park, and that we would be home in 30 mins. She nodded and we left.

“So, we´re going to the park,” Addison asked with a raised eyebrow. I shook my head and smiled.

“We are going to my secret hideout, I just said that so Aunt Elizabeth doesn´t follow us,” I said with a grin that read mischief. They nodded and looked ready for an adventure. I thrashed through the fallen leaves of gold and red and towards the dark, hunter green pine forest. When Addison realized where we were going, she backed away, terrified.

" There are spiders in there,” she said with a pale white face that looked like she had just had her blood sucked out by a vampire. Then it popped into my mind. Addison was arachnophobic! I then realized something thought too! a red sign saying, NO SPIDERS! I then pointed to the sign and she calmed down. she began to have her blood come back and we stepped into the woods together.

The minute we stepped into the woods, we were surrounded by Tall, dark pine trees that were higher than Mount Everest. We walked around and around and I met the X that I had used to mark the trail to the hideout. Addison and Rachel followed behind me and held sharp, long sticks as sharp as a needle. when I got to the large door I used to cover it up,

I unlocked it with a key and revealed a beautiful clearing that looked like it was out of a fairy tale.

At the clearing, there were pink apple trees as bright as the sun, a stream that glittered and sparkled like jewels, a bench made of the smoothest and softest birch wood, and a huge treehouse using the tree as a roof. Addison and Rachel couldn’t move an inch. All they did was stare at it with their mouths open.

“Lyrin, H-how -w-what-,” Addison managed to stutter out. I giggled and said

“I found it in the forest when I was 8. I was walking home and got lost, I went through the door and found it like this, ” I said. They just smiled and raced up the stairs to the treehouse. When they reached the inside they squealed in delight. On the inside was a private library with amazing stories and 3 couch chairs and a coffee table. there was a poster of my favorite Tv series called ” Once Upon A Time” and in another 3 beds with the color schemes green.

“This is like it was made for friends like us,´´ Addison said with a smile. I then smiled and nodded, until I processed the sentence.

“wait, we´re friends,” I asked with a look of confusion. Addison nodded like it was a strange question to ask her.

“Of course we are, silly head,” she said with a goofy smile, symbolizing she was joking about my new nickname. I chuckled to myself and smiled. I finally had two friends to have fun with, laugh with, eat lunch with and, have sleepovers with. It was the best feeling of them all.

“This will be our hideout then, but under one condition, we must swear to never, ever reveal it to anyone, or we will not return, ” I said with the most serious face I had ever had. Addison looked shocked but nodded and so did Rachel.

“Ok: repeat after me, I swear to the hideout, I swear to the trees, I swear to the forest and all that live and breathe, I will keep this place a secret until my last breath,” I said slowly but clearly and they repeated it 16 times and we shook hands. I nodded and I checked the time on my phone. 4:50!

“Guys, we have to go,” I said in a panicked voice. They turned around and asked why.

“I promised Elizabeth I would be home at 4:30, itś 4:51,” I said handing them the sticks. They quickly grabbed them and I opened the door and shut it and locked it shut. We ran as fast as a cheetah and as if our life depended on it, and with my Aunty Elizabeth, it did. We ran out of the forest down the sidewalk and reached the ice cream shop just as my mom was about to lock up. She saw me and stopped locking up and opened the door. Then, I braced myself for my punishment. But none came.

" You guys look cold, come inside for hot cocoa, you too Lyrin,” my mom said with a smile. I sighed in relief. She wouldn’t scold me, at least not yet. She opened the oak door and I heard the sound of a silver bell. we had gotten that bell in brazil from an antique store. my mom went behind the counter and pulled out a cup of hot cocoa with cinnamon on top, one with shaved coconut, and last but not least, one with whipped cream and hazelnut creamer.

I grabbed the one with the shaved coconut, Addison grabbed the cinnamon one, and Rachel grabbed the whipped cream one. We thanked my mom and quietly sip our hot coca while talking. we talk about school and fencing.

“We have to get home, see you later lyrin,” Addison and Rachel said after 15 mins and left. After they had left, my mom’s phone rang, and she went to answer it. At that time my After 5 mins or so, she came barging into my room and said,

" Mr. Wright just called me, you got into a fight ” with an angry expression like an angry bull ready to attack. I gulped, realizing what had just happened. If my mom was acting like an angry bull, I was lucky not to be wearing red.

“I didn´t, it was an accident,” I said with my hand raised in innocence. my mom sighed and shook her head.

" well, you are not going to fencing class for 2 weeks, that’s for sure, ” she said in an annoyed voice her bouncy midnight colored curls jumping like popcorn in a hot pan. I nodded.

“guess you’re going to use your extra time by helping me out with the shop,” she said, with a frow that clung to her face like bees to honey.

I nodded and she left my bedroom and I went to sleep dreaming of sleepovers and birthday parties.

1 month later:

“Lyrin! wake up! we´re going to be late,” Addison cried as she stood by the front door, ” do you want detention again?”

I woke up and groggily shook my head. I then noticed she was wearing an ocean blue denim shirt with a light pink butterfly pin on the right and a cloud-white luminous skirt with an oak wood-colored woven belt. She sighed dramatically, which explained why she had the lead in the new play at school. Though, she didn’t do the dramatic forehead hand thing. She wasn’t that dramatic. But then she grabbed my arm and dragged me to the bare floor so fast, I didn’t see her arm at all. Scratch that. She was that dramatic.

“Yeesh woman, you could have made the landing softer,” I said in an annoyed voice. She just shrugged and put some clothes on the bed.

" You Better be done by the time I come back,” she says pointing her index finger at me with such a deep frown on her face, I hoped it wouldn’t stay that way. Then she left the room slamming it so hard, it was as if she was the hulk in a small, skinny 15-year-old girl´s form. I sighed in relief, finally emitting the breath that I had kept for so long. I then rose from the ground, grasping the clothes in my hand. I realized it was a dress. the dress was a stormy grey hue and the bottom veil was a light black to a dark-midnight and had luminous woven shimmer into the seams. it looked like a dress fit for a storm queen.

Then It hit me like a ton of bricks. Today was picture day. I gasped in horror and quickly ran down the dark, and dim hallway, and past the kitchen to the bathroom, and changed. I then brushed my teeth lightning fast. Afterward, I grabbed my shiny rosy winter-coat and I went down the steps to the shop. My mom didn’t just run an ice cream shop there, but also a cafe.

I skimmed through the cracks between the number of people in line and managed to get to my mom’s office. I knocked on the door and she opened it.

She was standing tall, with a sapphire-blue business suit and midnight-black hair in curly waves and her hair on the right side with a flower in it.

She looked ready for something.

" How do I look,” I asked in an optimistic voice. She turned around and murmured a ” Nice” and picked up a sheet of paper and examined it.

“What´s the occasion,” I said pointing at her clothes. She turned her head and sighed and she finally answered me.

“It´s for a fundraiser we are holding today, you know, the midnight ball, ” she said handing me a flyer.

The flyer was a black paper with a picture of a woman in a lady phantom dress and a raven-black mask with scarlet lipstick and it read:

Come to the midnight ball! Date or friends!

10$ per ticket

time: 5:55-10:30

place: auditorium of the cranium.

clothing: formal and masks

when: October 15

I stared at it and sighed. I was probably going to attend with my mom. I then checked the clock on my mom’s office wall and ran. I was going to be late! I quickly raced outside of the cafe/ice cream shop and hopped on my soft-ruby red bicycle and to the meeting place in the woods. Over there just about to take off, were Rachel and Addison. They quickly signaled and beckoned me to follow them. I quickly pedaled my bike and followed them down the hill and to the school. When we got closer to the school, I saw itś name: Oak hills high school.

Oak hills high school was made of red bricks, which aligned the outside and in. It also had glass stained windows of all the same things, a sword in the stone. We trembled, but not from the Harvest cold. I quickly jumped off my bike and bolted it on the chain at the school front. I quickly ran to the front door, opened it, and waited for Addison and Rachel to finish up securing their bikes.

After quickly finishing, They both raced each other to the steps and both tied. We stepped into the school and saw the usual wall stained glass windows and the fork in the road. I stared at the corridor I was supposed to go down and shivered. The hallway was dim and dark and barely any light peaked through.

It looked like it was from a horror movie. We sighed and said our goodbyes and headed in different directions. I walked for what seemed like hours, but what was 5 mins.

Then I reached a dark-oak door with a shiny silver-like doorknob with a sign perched in front of the door saying, “welcome ” in bold black letters in cursive with a small ruby-red apple. it always reminded me of the poisoned apple from Snow White on the far left corner of it. I took a deep breath that could swallow a river, and turned the doorknob, and stepped inside the room.

When I entered the room quietly, I thought just then I was going to make it. No one had looked at me, And I was home-free. Until... I wasn’t. Turns out, Mora did succeed! Before I could brace myself, I saw the hard, cold, silky smooth polished wood of the ground. And, BAM!!! I toppled over like the big clumsy Oaf I am and hit the hard cold floor. I stood up and suddenly everyone’s eyes were on me.

suddenly a sharp and harsh voice cut through the air like a knife.

" Lyrin Dragonborn, cutting homeroom I see,” my teacher Mrs. Himmens said. Mrs. Himmens is both my homeroom teacher and my Math teacher. She was the worst!! she gossiped about her students. Once she spread a rumor about A girl in our class named Rebbeca.

She said That Rebbeca stole some test answers and even went so low as to plant the test answers in her locker. But she didn’t even do it! the whole class stuck by Rebbeca and wanted to get Mrs. Himmens Fired! But the principal just turned a blind eye and suspended Rebbeca for 1 week. This was because Mrs. Himmens’s family had donated over 100,000 per year. Her family was their top donator.

I quickly snapped out of my daydream and Replied, ” N-no, I was actually helping my mom with the cafe,” I lied. I quickly handed her both my tardy slip and my picture day form. I knew that Mrs. Himmens adored my mom’s coffee and sweet cakes above all else. I hoped It would help me get away with it. And it did. she started licking her lips and told me to sit down. I hastily did so.

As I sat my binder down on my desk, I saw Mrs. Himmens write something on the board. PoP quiz! Everyone including me groaned. I didn’t even study last night! I was too busy practicing for the tournament I had next week.

She handed us all a sheet of scrap paper and the test and told us to begin. Everyone grabbed a pencil from their bookbag and started the test.

15 mins later, we were saved by the bell. Mrs.Himmens dismissed us and we walked to our next class. Gym. This one I had with Rachel and Addison, so it wasn’t too bad.

As I entered the gymnasium, I looked at my surroundings. Oak hills high schoolś was like any gymnasium. It had an oak-wooded floor that almost looked bright orange and plastic hoops that looked like they would collapse under me. And the iconic bleacher. Our school used to have a basketball team, but they scraped it.

I then spotted Addison and Rachel. I quickly walked over and tripped under my own feet. And Bam! I fell face-first again.

Rachel and Addison quickly rushed over to help me. I quickly brushed the dust from my dress( Again ) and said, "thanks for helping me, I wasn't watching where I was going".

" well, we learn to expect such things from you, butterfingers," Addison said chuckling. I giggled along with her as I was stretching into my tree pose. Then suddenly from across the room, Mora walked over to me and said, " what are y´all giggling about, freaks". Suddenly, My blood boiled and I said, " look, I found your nose, it's in my business again". Mora then muttered a "whatever" and stormed back to her friends with literal smoke coming out of her ears.

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