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Crown of the Pacific Book 1: Fields of red and gold

By Vienna All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Adventure

Quick Summary

In the mid-ninteenth century, the Qing Dynasty in China was toppled by the Lyon Republic and rebels from the southern regions of China that spoke Cantonese.  The new dynasty proclaimed that since it would be ruled heavily by the people, it would outlive the claims of the Qin Emperor and last for ten thousand years.  They named the nation "daai juk dai gwok", or 大玉帝國 in Chinese.  Directly translated as the Great Jade Empire, they also proclaimed that despite its heavy Han Chinese population, every country that joins them would be equal under their new imperial law.  By 1873, they had conquered Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Loas, Combodia, and Vietnam.  Quickly learning to industrialize, they learned from their British and Lyonian allies to build the empire into an industrial and agricultural powerhouse, rivaling the British Empire and the United States by 1898.  They served in World War One, and gained the admiration of countries worldwide, selling and loaning billions of dollars worth of military equipment to the Allies.

In 1987, the nation's of Europe and the Americas were locked in a Cold War stance, the United States targeting Mexico and the Juk, the Mexicans and Juk targeting each other, the United States, and the Soviet Union, Thailand and the British targeting even more countries, it was really a mess.  When pro-Mexican Juk citizens took up arms and started a rebellion in soenghoi (Shanghai), the Great Chinese Civil War began and the entire nation was plunged into a massive bloodbath until 1990, when anti-world troops won the civil war and the empire returned to the way it was before.
Now the year is 2002, the USSR, and Mexican Empire have collapsed, and are now ruled by new governements.  This story follows the story of Loeng Han Jyu, a student who doesn't know that he is son of the current emperor, or that he is heir to the Imperial Throne.
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1. Quick Summary
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