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Samantha Jones; a brilliant journalist searching for her exclusive story takes a turn of events making her test not only her knowledge, but her strength as well. (Short Story)

Adventure / Action
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Part 1

Everything has a story behind it. All the way down to the smallest creature. As a journalist, you live to capture life's outstanding moments and share them..but what are they exactly? What's "the story" that'll put you on the map of the greatest journalist to ever do it?


"Sam are you ready?! Everyone is waiting to hear from you outside!"

Sam was snapped out of her thoughts by her life long friend Eve. "They're waiting to hear your review from your newest article, so you better have a statement ready!" She said as she came in the dressing room.

"I'm always ready" giving her a genuine smile as we made our way out to the front.

Sam is appearing as a special guest on the What's New? show to speak on points from her recent article on Middle East and North Africa. Which tells adventures she took while traveling and exploring. Like most journalists traveling is a huge part of her passion for writing as well. I mean.. it's a HUGE world, and there's always a story to be told.

As she made her way on stage, the sound of the crowd got louder. She could even hear some of them chanting her name! She had the widest smile on her face just seeing how much support and loyalty she built over the past two years she's been writing. Sam shouted back "Hey everyone!!" waving both hands. She sat down with Kathie and Linda as they both greeted her.

As the crowd began to settle down the focus started to lay in on her. Despite being widely known, it was all still a little unsettling being the center of attention at times like these.

"It's so great to have you here with us Samantha! How are you?" Kathie asked.

"Thank you so much for having me, and I'm great, still adjusting from the flight back." She said with a slight chuckle to lighten the mood.

"Oh yes, your article from your recent trip to Middle East and North Africa; what gave you the inspiration to write such an alluring story?" Linda asked as she leaned in with curiosity.

Sam began to think about it as soon as Linda spoke on it. "Growing up, I've always been interested in what goes on around the world. There's so many different stories, experiences, opportunities, and discoveries. I found my calling in writing because it gave me that push to do what others can't."

As it came towards the end of her segment on the show, she announced her next big trip she's taking to Hidalgo Mexico to study cultures that transpire to theirs.

"We look forward to having you here again and we can't wait for your next story!" Kathie said.

"You'll be the first to know." Sam exclaimed as she started to walk off the stage.

Walking towards backstage Eve came up to Sam with a wide smile "Hey great job, everything went perfectly!"

"Thanks, I thought so too. Oh, did you remember to book my next flight, there's some things I got to catch up on before I leave and I don't wanna forget."

"Don't worry, already taken care of, it's tomorrow at 9:00 am." Eve said feeling proud she was already on top of things.

"What would I ever do with out you?" Sam said chuckling.

"Probably go insane." She said laughing.

Later that day after they said their goodbyes Sam headed to her loft to finish up some points for a recent side story. Feeling sluggish she couldn't wait to get a full nights rest.
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