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In order to save my family, not for my own sake, but for those I love, I must do this, I think to myself as I fearfully look across, to a building, which seems like a thousand feet away, and I quickly look behind me. Oh no. The bad guy is coming, he's gonna get the treasure, I must do this, on the count of three..... one.....two.....three!! And I jump************Lyra schroeder is a shy, and not very social girl, and when her mom and sister go missing, she must climb out of her shell to save her family, learn a few secrets in the process, and possibly save the world.......

Adventure / Fantasy
Clio Tonks
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A day in the life of Lyra Schroeder

Have you ever wanted NOT to do something so bad, and you are 100% that if you do it you are going to die, like right now? And there’s only a very very VERY tiny chance that if you go you will NOT die? Only a VERY TINY chance? Well that’s me for you right now.

My name is Lyra Schroeder and I’m 14 years old. I’m facing the wall of my room, feeling very nauseous. Why? Well, tomorrow, it’s going to be the annual 100th ANNIVERSARY BALL for my mom’s company. But here’s the catch… wait for it….. Wait…. I’m about to burst…. ONLY KIDS THAT ARE 14 OR OLDER CAN GO!!! I’m totally steaming here. I mean, why, why, why. So that means only me and Jakara can go. Oh, it’s like god is punishing me or something… AHH I need help here! I’m having a mental trauma attack because of a party. AHH!! And if you know me, you should know that I ABSOLUTELY HATE parties. You should know what I mean. All that noise, all people getting drunk, and all other crazy stuff. You get me? But I think it’s because I’m VERY shy, and don’t like socializing with others, and definitely NOT going to parties. I mean, why not just take it easy, I’m just your average 8th grader, nothing wrong with me here. Suddenly, my bedroom door swings open and my 17 year old sister Jakara bounds in, her long brown hair tied up in a ponytail. For one thing, we look totally different and ACT totally different, I don’t know how we are even related!

My sister has brown hair, while I have more dark brown hair. My sister has brown eyes, I have dull hazel. I'm short and only a middle schooler. My sister is all old and a teenager and can do whatever she wants. While I have short hair that just brushes past my shoulders, Jakara has long silky hair that's almost to her waist.

“What Jackie?” I grumbled, annoyed at her for barging into my room without permission. “It’s going to be the anniversary party tomorrow ,” she sings. “Don’t remind me”, I grumble. “Just to let you know,” she adds, “Alexandra is also sulking because she won’t be able to play monopoly because you promised, and that she was going to win” while rolling her eyes. “You and her are like peas in a pod.” “ya” I answered. That’s actually true,We have the same careful, shy personality. I can relate to her the most in my family, though we aren’t twins, and have a 2 year age difference. Also, just for your information, we have 9 people in our family, including me. I know what you are thinking, whoa that’s a whole big of a family. But in reality, it’s actually not. Why, you may ask. Well, we have some adopted sisters. Well, 3 adopted sisters. Though you couldn’t tell who was the adopted cause, we all look the same, besides the different hair color, (and the huge difference of Jakara and I) but you wouldn’t know because our dad has the same hair color as our adopted sisters, and some have the same as mom. So, FYI again, I have 6 sisters. They are Jakara, who is 17 and is the oldest, Cassandria, who is 16, me, obviously, who is 14 and is the 3rd youngest, Caelin and Caela, who are twins, and 14 the same as me, but they are one of our adopted sisters. Then there is Alexandra, I already told you about her, she’s 12 and is absolutely the sweetest. Lastly, there is Meleina, who is 11 and is by far the youngest. Finally, we can never forget the parents. Mom and dad! So, that’s it for my family. Moving on! I’m staring at the wall, and look to see Jackie staring at my poster of Missy Jacobson, a fictional female detective, my idol. I really want to be like her. She’s so carefree, and outgoing. I also LOVE her outfit. It’s an outfit she always wears. Everywhere. It’s a grey scarf and a black leather jacket, black leggings, and black combat boots. I ask her, “you like Missy too?” she stares at me, and before she can respond, one of our adopted sisters, Caelin rushes in, slams the door, and practically stumbles on her own 2 feet. “Whoa”, Jakara says, while eying Caelin. “What’s the matter?” She then says “melinatoldmethatcaelatoldherthatalexandraismissing!”

“What?” I asked, “say it again slower please. Caelin rolled her eyes, took a deep breath then said, “Meliena told me that Caela told her that Alexandra has been gone for the past 2 hours.” she said with a finish. My mouth would have been hanging open if it hadn’t been Jackie shaking me like my life depended on it. “You look like you just saw a ghost,” she says. I turn towards her with a are-you-out-of-your-mind expression. “Are you crazy?,” I shout, “have you ever been paying attention to what Caelin was saying, didn’t you hear that she said that Al is missing!” I finished with a flourish. “Wasn’t she at her BFF Ella Muller’s house?” Jackie asked. “Ya she was, like 4 hours ago” Caelin sarcastically said. “She should have been back,” I said. “Unless, she decided to stay there longer?” Caelin suggested, twisting her brown hair into a bun. “No,” I said, “that can’t be.” “why?” Caelin asked. “Because” i said “Ella Muller told mom that she has to go to dance rehearsal at 4:00 and now it’s like 6:30”. “Really?” my sisters ask in unison. “Yes really” I replied, “if only you guys paid attention to details.” Caelin and Jakara looked at each other then said, “Lyra, I think that Aexandra might not be just gone, but MIA.” “WHAT” I yell. “That’s impossible!” “how?” Jakara asked. “Because, number 1, the Alexandra I know would never EVER break rules and leave us all worried, number 2, Alexandra knows better than that to follow a stranger and go missing, number 3, she is a 12 YEAR OLD and she knows where home is, and number 4, she HATES action stuff.” I yell. Caelin rolls her eyes then says, “don’t you know the obvious, she was taken and kidnapped on her way back from Ella Muller’s house FORCIBLY.” Before I can yell any further, the door swings open AGAIN, (soon my door’s gonna break if that happens again) and Cassandria or Cass she likes to be called, runs it and slams the door, AGAIN. What is it about all that door slamming? She huffs like she was running a million miles, (not really but you get what I’m saying) and flops on the bed with a loud scream. We all eye her. “What’s wrong with you?” Caelin asked. She says “ I… have…. Something… to…. Tell…. You…” she said with a big breath. “Go on,” Jackie encourages. “ mom… left…. A …. Note…. On…. my…. phone... “ “what does it say?” I ask curiously.``she… said… that… don’t… worry… about… her… if…. She… doesn’t… come… back..” she huffed. “But-” I stared, but Cass cut me off by saying, “wait there’s more. She also said If you need help, go find the Diamond Glenn palace and say this to queen Iatiana and princess coral and say Eleanora and Elexiana found dice under the carpet. I love you sweetie.” We all sat in silence after that for a good 2 minutes. Jakara was the first to break the silence by saying “queen?princess?palace?Eleanora and Alexiana?dice under the carpet?, What is all of that?” “I don’t know,” I replied “but it’s bound to be bad”

We sat in silence for the next minutes processing what mom said. Soon later the door smashed open AGAIN. I know, AGAIN and Caela runs in and says, “whew, I literally searched the entire house looking for you guys.” “Also before you say anything, Caelin already told me what happened to mom and Alexandra.” “Really?” Jakara asked, surprised. “Ya” she replied. “So what do we do about mom and Alexandra?” I asked. We all look at each other. Then Jakara says, “I think we all know what we have to do.” What do we have to do, I thought in my head. She continued, “mom only told me this, since I am the oldest.” Told her what I thought. “Come, let’s round up the gang, and meet me at the entrance to the basement. We stare at Jakara in confusion but do as she says. We round up the rest of our siblings, and in no more than 30 seconds later, we are at the entrance to the basement.

“Alright” Jakara immediately says, like a captain “I need you guys to follow me, and don’t do anything, I repeat, anything that I don’t do.You got that?” "Yes we got that” we chorus in unison. “Good,” she says. “And off we go.” She opened the door to the basement and stepped inside. We follow her like a cat following a mouse. “Be careful” she warns, “it’s very dark down here” “alright” I reply. We walked down the stairs in silence till a thought came to my head and I immediately blurted it out. “Wait, i said, if we are going to look for Alexandra and mom, then we won’t be able to go to that blasted party!” I let out with a whoop. “True…” Jakara points out. “Yes!” I scream. Jakara lets out a little pfft. I half-grin. Maybe this day won't be so bad after all.

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