The Raelune Finale

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Pelia and her older sister Jordana, lives in a small town called Apple Grove in the kingdom of Raelune. When their mother falls ill for no apparent reason, her dying wish was for Jordana and Pelia to find a girl named Arlia. Jordana and Pelia set off on a quest to find Arlia. When Jordana gets wounded early in the quest, complications result in sending Pelia and a friend out on their own, on a risky journey. Should she keep her mother’s wish? Or turn back before the quest gets too dangerous?

Adventure / Mystery
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“Stay here, Pelia.” Jordana said, “I need to go to the market.” Pelia nodded and started to cut out a small fabric piece, planning on making herself a skirt. Jordana left the house and walked through the town. The town of Apple Grove was little, and it didn’t take long to get to the far side, where there was a creek by the forest.

Clear Water Creek was her favorite place to relax and think. Jordana stared at the water, slow and trickling like a stream. How beautiful it was. Jordana sighed and sat down on the soft grass, watching the creek, listening to the birds.

Jordana looked upstream and saw something in the water. What could that be? Jordana wondered. A lost quilt? A tree branch? She had no idea. Jordana stood, accepting the chance for adventure. She walked alongside the creek until she reached the figure. Jordana stepped into the water and took a few steps towards it. At first, she couldn’t tell what it was and then…

“A boy!” Jordana gasped, stumbling backward. That wasn’t the best idea. Jordana tripped over a large rock and crashed into the water. Thankfully it was shallow. Soaking wet, Jordana stepped close to the boy once more, rubbing her rear. He looked about her age and had straight dark brown hair. His eyes were closed, and his face was pale.

Alarm hitting her, Jordana realized he could be dead! She quickly dragged him from the creek and laid him on the grassy bank. She became quiet, listening for his breath. Her heart was beating fast, and annoyed, she realized that her quick heartbeat could be drowning out any other noises that might be heard.

She leaned closer to him and could barely make out a shallow, raspy breath. It was very hoarse, but he was breathing all the same. Jordana had no idea who this boy was and how to wake him either. Pouring water over his face probably wouldn’t do anything since he had been in the creek for who knows how long. Suddenly his eyes opened.

Although they were a soft green color, there was a wild look in them.

“Where…” he began but then suddenly sat up and turned to the side, throwing up all the water he had swallowed. Half knowing this would happen, Jordana turned away, trying not to look disgusted. Once he was done, he laid back down exhausted.

“So sorry, my lady,” he wheezed, closing his eyes one again.

“Oh, no matter, try to rest,” Jordana said back to him, avoiding the mess on the other side of him. He nodded, and his breathing became steady. What am I going to do? Jordana thought, mind racing. Pelia will certainly worry… Then, she had a plan. “Stay here; I’ll be right back,” Jordana told him.

Jordana dashed through the town back home. “Pelia,” she called through the house.

“Dang it!” Jordana heard her say. Pelia had been trying to finish her skirt by the time Jordana got back.

“I am going to go for a swim in the creek, so don’t be worried if I get back after supper,” Jordana called.

“Okay,” Pelia yelled back. Jordana turned and hurried back to the creek, stopping to buy some bread, cheese, and ham. The boy was right where she had left him. He was still awake and was sitting up. Jordana smiled at him, and he smiled back.

“Here, I brought you some food,” Jordana told him, handing the food she had just bought at the market. He was happier now.

“Why, thank you, my lady. I haven’t eaten in days!” He replied in a weak voice.

“Oh, you don’t have to call me that!” Jordana exclaimed. “My name is Jordana...Jordana Pavard.” The boy smiled.

“I have heard of you,” he replied. “My name is Henry.”

He has heard of me? When? Where? How? Who was this boy? Jordana was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t realize he had introduced himself. “Pardon, what was your name again?” she asked him.

“Henry,” he replied. The name suited him. It felt it was rude to ask, ‘Henry, who?’ If he didn’t remember his last name or something, she didn’t want to offend him.

While he ate, Jordana tried to figure out what to do. Surely, I can’t take him back to the house, could I? Pelia would probably freak out if I did, but he needed a place to stay, right? Jordana came to a decision and turned to face him.

“Henry?” she asked. He swallowed a bite of bread.

“Yes, my la-I mean Jordana.”

Jordana nodded and sucked in a breath. “If you can come to stay at my house...I mean because I can’t leave you here…” He smiled at her.

“It’s okay Jordana, I have a place to stay, but thanks for the offer.” Jordana nodded and turned away so he could finish eating. He has a place to stay? Henry was just half-drowned in the creek, I have never seen him before, yet he has heard of me, and he has a place to stay? How did he end up in the creek in the first place? She needed answers.

“Who are you?” Jordana demanded suddenly. Henry had finished eating now and looked a bit...scared?

“Um Henry, I told you so m-Jordana…”

She sighed. “No, I mean, why were you in the creek?” Before he could answer, Jordana continued asking him a bunch of other questions. “How have you heard of me? Who is your family? What is your last name? Where is this place where you can stay?”

Jordana was running out of questions to ask and getting mad at this boy. “And...and I don’t like your haircut.” She said in a rude tone. She wasn’t usually mean to people, but this boy was trying her patience, and she was tired of it. One moment she thought he was dead, and now he was just some know-it-all?

Henry’s hand shot up to his hair, and he blushed.

“My Lady,” Henry was saying. “Please don’t be cross; it is all quite complicated. I will explain it.”

Jordana sighed. ”Okay then.”

“Let’s start over. My name is Henry Kimmic, son of...Chloe Kimmic.” Jordana’s eyes widened. Chloe Kimmic was the nurse who helped my mother give birth to Pelia! She realized.

“Chloe Kimmic is your Mother? I didn’t know she had a son!” Jordana exclaimed. Henry didn’t look so happy. “Well, she doesn’t talk about me much,” he replied.

“I know just where you live then,” I cut him off. “Follow me; let’s get you home.”

“No,” he said suddenly.

“What?” I became even more confused at this boy.

“Um, I don’t want her to know I’m alive.” Jordana’s eyebrows shot up.


“Because...she’s the one who tried to kill me.”

Jordana caught her breath. “What are you talking about?” she asked him in shock.

He sighed and explained. “My mom was meeting with this group of people at my house every evening, and once when I was down there cleaning, I heard them talking and saying how the king and queen needed some food, then they would laugh. The next night they were asking, ‘When will Henry join?’ I was confused, and I heard my mom say…” He stopped; a look of uncertainty crossed his face as if he didn’t want to tell her.

“What?!?” Jordana asked him. “What did she say?”

He swallowed before continuing, “She said that if the plan didn’t come together, I had to marry the princess before they could take control. But I didn’t want to marry Rachel or Annabel- (she’s like only nine or something), and I was so surprised and confused that I wasn’t thinking and I dropped my broom and...they heard me.” he paused.

“The next day, my mother took me on a ride in a rowboat, even though there was a storm. She stopped after we had gotten far from shore, then she said, ‘I expected more.’ And pushed me backward into the sea.” Henry choked, and a tear slipped down his cheek.

Jordana could understand that Henry would be upset if his mother, whom he loved his whole life, threw him into the sea. But why should I believe him? Wasn’t this story a little over the top?

“I’m so sorry,” Jordana told him anyway, “Just tell me if you need anything.” Henry nodded and stood up, stumbling a little because he was dizzy.

Suddenly, Jordana remembered Pelia. “Pardon me, I have to get home,” she told him.

“Of course,” Henry told her. Jordana began to walk away when Henry’s voice stopped her.

“I hope I see you again soon, Ms.,” he said. Jordana turned.

“So do I,” she replied. Then, she turned and walked away, her strawberry-blond hair blowing in the breeze.


Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, as Jordana’s affection for Henry grew and grew. Every chance that came, Jordana would slip out of the house to see him. Two years passed, and Jordana was happy. What could go wrong?

“Jordana dear, can you answer the door?” her Mama asked.

Jordana nodded. Someone banged on their door knocker again, and she hurried across the room. She pulled open the door to their small house. A man stood there. He was tall with a long curly black mustache, which looked fake; he was wearing a gray suit with a dark brown bag slung around his shoulder, which didn’t match his outfit.

“She looks quite young for sixteen.” The man said quietly to himself.

“What?” Jordana asked. The man waved his hand briefly as if to dismiss the matter.

“Are your parents at home? I have some food for you and your family!” the man said. His voice sounded faintly familiar to Jordana, but she couldn’t place it.

Her Mama magically appeared behind Jordana. “Hello Renald, won’t you come in?” Mama asked him.

“Thank you, Mrs. Pavard,” Renald replied, stepping in. Jordana didn’t like this man. There was just something about him that made her shiver.

“Renald, did you find anything at all?” Papa asked in a low, urgent tone. Jordana quickly looked at him. This didn’t seem like something she should be here for, so she quietly made an excuse about having studies to catch up on and removed herself from the room.

Instead of going to do studies, Jordana went to get 10-year-old Pelia, who was playing next door with the little boy who lived there. It took a while since the little boy’s mom insisted on feeding us some pie.

When Jordana came back, the man called Renald was gone. Mama and Papa were eating the food he had left.

“Jordana, do you want some bread?” Mama asked me.

“No, thanks,” she replied. “Albert’s mum fed me some chicken potato pie.”


Mama set down her napkin and stared straight ahead, her breathing increasing.

“I...I am not feeling too well Charles, I think I’ll turn in for the night…” Her Papa nodded at his wife.

“Maybe you’re catching a cold?” He suggested. Mama shrugged and sent herself to bed. Jordana left the room at a call from Pelia,

“Can you help me with my drawing Jo?”

“In a few minutes! I am going to bring some tea up to Mama.” Jordana walked into the kitchen and filled a cup with heated water; she used a potholder to pour the water so she wouldn’t burn her hands. Then, she stirred in a spoonful of peppermint tea leaves and walked to the dining room. When she got there, Papa was groaning a little, and he looked quite pale.

“Papa! What is the matter!?” her Papa gave her a sad smile and said, “Dear Jo, it seems we can’t even trust our closest friends.” Jordana was confused.

“Jordana, my princess,” Papa said. He coughed and continued. “Never forget. Be brave and be kind. I love you, my daughter.”

She nodded; a scared look spread across her face.

“Oh, dearest Father, I love you too,” she said.

“Just bring the tea up to your Mother now.” Jordana nodded and dashed up the stairs.

Papa told her. Jordana nodded. Then she turned and rushed up the stairs.

“Oh, Mama,” Jordana said, tears welling up in her eyes. Her eyes were closed, and her face was pale. Mama opened her eyes and gestured for Jordana to sit by her. Jordana rushed to her side.

“Jordana dear, please listen to me, Arila is alive, and you must find her.” tears were streaming down Jordana’s cheeks now.

“Arlia? Who is Arlia, Mama?” Mama sighed and said in a weak voice, “Trust no one… Pelia’s…” Mama closed her eyes. “I love you…” she whispered. Jordana sobbed by her side.

“I love you so much, Mama,” Jordana said through sobs, and threw her arms around her mother, never wanting to let go.

Jordana drew herself away from her mother after hugging her for a while. Her Mama’s beautiful strawberry-blond curly hair surrounded her head. She had a peaceful expression on her face and lay unmoving. Sadly, Jordana turned away; remembering Papa, she hurried down the stairs.

He lay unmoving on the floor. Jordana sank to the floor in despair. Darkness closing around her. She sobbed uncontrollably. Suddenly someone tapped Jordana’s shoulder, and she turned around, startled.

“Why are you crying?” Pelia asked her. She looked past Jordana, “Why is Papa sleeping on the floor?” Jordana looked at Pelia crestfallen. “No, Pelia, he...he’s dead.” Pelia looked confused.

“No, look, he is still breathing.” Jordana spun around, and true enough Papa was still breathing. “Stay here, Pelia. I am going to get the doctor.” Jordana dashed out the front door running as fast as she could. To get the doctor.”

When they got back, they were too late. Jordana was met with Pelia’s tear-stained gaze.

“What killed them?” Pelia asked the doctor in a confused voice.

“Poison in their food, I suspect.” The doctor told me after examining them.

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