The mystery of the present

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A girl named Lisa is out on an adventure to find her real mom

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

On a delightfully chilly Christmas eve at New York a girl named Lisa was about to tuck into bed until she forgot her plushie Olan he is lined with sparkling sequence and glitters which make the little Christmas ornaments, can you guess what type of plushie Olan is? Did you guess? It’s a Christmas tree. Lisa got it from her dad when she was 4. Now her dad is busy at work and doesn’t even bother to visit her. Although that seems sad Lisa always tells herself “The only reason dad doesn’t come to visit is because he has to earn money for me and mom, its for good Lisa, it’s for good...” after that she rushed to the living room and took Olan to her room. She tucked into bed and fell asleep. The next day she woke up and rushed up to the living room where the Christmas tree was, she looked under the tree for almost five minutes but not finding a single one with her name on it. She got furious, she marched up to mom and exclaimed "WHERE IS MY PRESENT...DID YOU FORGET ABOUT ME!!" Her mom stammered "y-yes uh I mean n-no my dear, I-i just couldn't find it at the store"

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