Breakaway World: The Pathfinder

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Breakaway World: The Pathfinder • An ancient stone monolith is found 300 miles from the nearest Mayan ruin. • Daily reports of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (UFOs), cover Central America. • A recently launched Top Secret U.S. spy satellite inexplicably fails at start up. Three seemingly unrelated events promise to change the lives of two strangers forever. Archaeologist, Rachel Risinger, and undercover operative, Arnon LeBlanc are thrown together by the discovery of what appears to be a Mayan monolith, but it is mysteriously out of place. As they search to explain its origin and purpose, they uncover a deadly secret. The knowledge of a tiny civilization, incredibly advanced, and hidden from the world for two thousand years. Arnon and Rachel soon learn their knowledge is a poison that will kill all who hold it. Their only hope of survival is the powerful force that holds them together.

Adventure / Romance
Niles Keith
5.0 3 reviews
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To all my family and friends, you are a warmth that drives away the chill in my bones, and a soft refreshing breeze that moves me. To Reba, Charla, Tessie, and Arnon, for all the determination, courage, and imagination I dare to claim, came to me by way of you. To Joel and Jared, for listening, believing, and adding to my life more than I could have ever imagined. And to Mary, for every good, every kind, and every loving person in my stories is inspired by you.

I love you all,

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