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Jacob Basil is the youngest United Territory Senator. Self-absorbed, selfish, and blissfully ignorant to the world around him; all while trying his best to help as many people as he can? Believe it or not that train of thought makes complete sense to him. Discovering his gifts of clairvoyance at a young age, he lives his unnaturally long life avoiding the fight. Now, he is forced into a conflict in which he is ill prepared for and supremely underpowered. He must fight internal struggles and external threats, while fighting for his life in foreign lands. Jacob works to avoid his enemy’s grip, even when he’s not entirely sure who his true enemies are.

Adventure / Action
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Elijah Isaiah


The God Conqueror Series

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Elijah Isaiah

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Columbus, Ohio, 43202

First Edition 2020

This novel is a work of fiction. All characters, events, locations and ideas are from the author’s imagination. Likeness of any kind to the real world are purely coincidental and not a reflection or support of any real-world elements.

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