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Emerald loves her family and friends. one day a strange event occurs ...

Adventure / Fantasy
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My story

My name is Emerald Sparks and I live with my grandparents. My mother died at my birth and my father left me at the age of 4. I don't remember much of my parents,as I am now 11 years old and soon going to secondary school. I only have one item that belonged to them and it was a special necklace that could open up and a photo of both of them on their wedding day was kept inside.

My mother was a beautiful lady with golden hair, that had been tied up in a neat bun. Her slim body fit perfectly in the tight wedding dress. Mum's white embroided high heels matched her breath-taking outfit. I could just imagined the sound they made, as she down the aisle with the veil being raised to the back of her head.

My father would stand their boldly in a snappy, jet-black suit and a smart matching tie to go along with the outfit. His deep black hair was tidily brushed back with gel to make it smooth and shiny. They stood hand in hand with large grins on their faces. I could almost relive the moment without even being their at the time.

Soon enough I was sent back to reality when nan called me down, as a group of 3 girls wanted to talk with me. I dreaded this moment.
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