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My name is Bree Lane Cassidy and I never knew my uncle, but one summer at his riding school changed my life. Things happened that I can’t explain, and all I can say is that strange things are going on at Overo Hill Academy...

Adventure / Mystery
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My name is Bree Lane Cassidy and I am a 12 year old middle school student in a small town called treeville. Surprisingly, it is not in a forest full of trees, but there is one next to it. After school, I come to a small playground in the forest and sit on the big branch of a giant tree. It’s my favourite. Only I can get up, except my best friend, who is still not as good as Me at climbing trees.

I live with my mom in a small bungalow near the edge of town, it’s the closest house to the tree so it’s pretty convenient. My dad left before I was born so I never knew him, I’m over it though. I wouldn’t want to spend time with someone who left their pregnant wife to go drink with some chick in Vegas.
My best friend is a teenager my age called max. He is so annoying, but supportive at times. I have no idea how or why we became friends, but we just did. At school, people either call me Bree or Lane, but max calls me Bree-Lane. It’s very confusing.
I take riding lessons at the local stables and have gotten quite good, but refuse to do any competitions. It’s like I say: ‘why compete against other people if you know you can do better if you keep practicing’ I do not want to compete until I can jump an oxer. Sadly, I do not own a horse myself, as my mom can’t afford it, but I always enjoy riding the stable’s horses.

This summer is going to be great. Me, mom and Max are going to LA so that my mom can get a job there and we can have fun in the sun! I am going from middle school to high school next year so the timing is perfect.
This summer is going to be perfect...

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