The Flames get Higher, my friend

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A flamekeeper known as Valor decides to start a new life by dousing out her flames and reincarnating to get a new life with her lover, Alias.

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Summary: Valor, abused by her father, decides to start another flame by burning her life down and reincarnating herself into another life for the sake of her friend Alias.
"S-stop it!" I cried, watching as Alias kept getting beaten by Father with his bare hands.

This hadn't been the first time that this had occured. When father was drunk he usually did this.
Beat my little brother Alias to a pulp until he looked like he was dying.

Alias kept screaming and whimpering as father's hard hands kept slapping him, the belt in his pants whipping him causing serious welts.

"He needs to learn his lesson, Valor! He's been nothing but a burden towards this family!" His voice had gotten louder.

I felt the tears welling up inside of my eyes quickly, feeling them form and fall down my cheeks as I felt the anger I had wanted to quiet down inside of me unleash.
"This isn't a family any longer, father! This is tyranny, what you do everyday, sitting and drinking, watching football on the television screen!"

I had heard my voice as I said it. Loud and shrill. Enraged.

My father stopped beating Alias and looked at me with a mean glare.
"What did you just say?!"
Alias looked at me, tears falling more rapidly down his face.
"Don't, Valor, please! He'll do the same to y-you!"

I ignored Alias as I stood up, reaching towards my father's height.
"This has gone on far enough! I'm sick of this! Sick of you!"
The rage on my mocha brown face was enough to send father running at me, his hands about to smack me. To choke me.

I dodged his blow as I grabbed a glass bottle of beer and chucked it as his head. Hard.
And in that moment, I saw his eyes roll down...
and he fell to the ground unconcious.
Alias looked at me with his deep blue eyes, crying hard as I went to him and hugged him close.

He didn't deserve this. He didn't.
Alias didn't need to face this.

I felt myself sobbing in the crook of his shirt.
"Alias. You must go."

He suddenly looks at me, crying.
"N-no! You can't be with him, Valor! He'll kill you again!"
Alias tugged onto my hands.
I sighed, nodding my head.
"No. I must stay. I cannot leave him. He's"
I felt the tears fall.
"He's the only one I have left! Mother was killed, and I'm their only kid, Alias! I cannot leave him like this."
Alias was my best friend ever since we were children born inside each of our mothers' wombs.
But now I had to finish this once and for all.
I had to face my father willingly.

I grabbed some stuff from the pantry and placed it inside of a satchel, handing it to Alias as quickly as I could.
"Leave. Before he gets you too."
I cupped his face into my hands quietly.
I heard his shrill screaming.
Heard the voice from outside as I felt my flames douse the house I had grew up in go.
And myself along with it.

"Goodbye, Alias. I'll see you when I can."
This wouldn't be the end of me.

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