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Knight's Chair

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A short story about the Knight of The Round Table.

Adventure / Children
Chase Ryan
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Chapter 1

Name: Chase Ryan

Title: Knight’s Chair: A Short Story

It’s said that around the 5th and 6th centuries, the legendary King Arthur ruled Britain. He also formed the acclaimed “ Nights of the Round Table “. It was made of Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sir Geraint, Sir Percival, Sir Bors the Younger, Sir Lamorak, Sir Kay, Sir Gareth, Sir Bedivere, Sir Gaheris, Sir Galahad, and Sir Tristan. Centuries later all that was left of the Round Table was seven chairs, which sat the first seven stated. The other chairs were broken out of rage from the Knights who sat in the five other chairs. Legend says whoever sits on one of these seats gains the power of the knight that sat there. They were quickly brought by carriage to London. On the journey to Ireland, though the fifth seat that sat Sir Bors the Younger was stolen in the middle of the night while the drivers set up camp. All that was left was a note that said ″ LONDON “ That’s where the story begins.

There were two priests named after the saint's Alexander and Christopher. They were best friends. The thing with them was that they were different in every way. Christopher was the mature one out of the two and always tried to come up with a way to get out of situations. He was also very fit. Alexander was a goof, he never took anything seriously. This drove Christopher up a wall sometimes. He liked to look at the wrong side of things. He wasn’t helpful in any situation. Though he was very smart. It was December 12, 1392, and it was the biggest blizzard Londons ever seen. At that time Alexander and Christopher were in St. Etheldreda’s Church. “ When do you think it will end? “ Christopher said to Alexander. “ We’ll probably freeze before it stops!”. Christopher rolled his eyes. “ I should’ve known you would... “ “ I haven’t seen anybody for a while.” Alexander interrupted. “ Oh please!” Christopher shouted. “ No really! I’m serious!” Alexander said madly with a bit of fright in his voice. They both looked around. Nobody was in sight. “ I’m sure if we walk down the hall we’ll see somebody,” Christopher said with annoyance in his voice. As they walked down the hall they both looked up to see a nun sitting on a chair 10 feet up in the air.

“ Witchcraft!” Alexander screamed running back down the hall before tripping over his own feet. Christopher just stood there. “ WOW!” he thought. “ This is amazing!”. “ Hi!” said the nun. “ I’m Anne.” “ Hi!” said Christopher. Alexander was still screaming before Christopher slapped him and told him to get a hold of it. “ How...how are you doing that!” Alexander stuttered. “ I...I think it’s the chair,” said Anne. “ What’s so special about the chair. It looks like a piece of junk!” Christopher said. “ Ok… let’s worry about the fact that we need to get you down before anyone else sees this or they’ll think you’re a witch,” Christopher said looking at Alexander. “ Alexander, you go find a rope while I question Anne.” “ Ok, “ Alexander said cheerfully as he disappeared down the hall. “ So…” Christopher said sheepishly. “ Where did you find the chair?” “ Found it in the cellar… I was thinking of putting it in my room. It had a name carved on the back. I believe it was Bors.” “ Bors… Bors... Knights of the Round Table of course!” Christopher interrupted. “ They were brought from church to church until ending up here in the cellar!” “ Guys! “ Alexander came running to them. “ I found a rope, but there are people with torches flooding the hall!” “ Shoot! “ said Christopher in panic. “ they must have seen you through the window! “ “ They’re gonna burn her to the stake if we don’t hurry! You know what they do to witches!” Alexander said to Christopher. “ Don’t worry I can take them! “ Anne said. “ Well I’ll rather not find out! “ Christopher and Alexander said at the same time. Footsteps echoed down the hall. They drew closer and closer until they finally reached them. “ Get the witch!!” one man said. “ Burn her! Hang Her! Kill the witch! “ they seemed to chant. “ EVERYONE STOP!!! “ screamed Christopher. “ Can’t you see that she hasn’t done anything! If anything we should be happy. She Found the lost chair of the Knights of the Round Table! She’s a hero! “ All of the citizens looked at each other and back at Anne and cheered. Years later the chair was sent to a museum in France on display with the other chairs from Ireland. And for the characters: Anne moved with the chair to France and spent a rather happy life there, Christopher became close friends with famous monarchs from around the world, and Alexander became an advisor for King Richard the second (As I said, he was smart ). From then on this story was lost in history. Of course, till now.

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