The True Reasons

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Lost in deep jungle, Katie and her friends were attacked by a werewolf, Katie tried to fight but no use, then a handsome man, Eric came to their rescue. He was a vampire. He was there to solve a mystery of a temple. Katie offered to help. But, a group of supernaturals were after something special. They managed to defeat them. But, after that temple, the soul of the temple told them a secret. One after another, there were challenges which they had to accept. They all had a connection. What was the true reason? Also, Eric and Katie falled in love with each other during their mission. Will they solve the mystery?

Adventure / Fantasy
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Stuck in Forest

‘Wow! Just Wow! Sabrina are you happy right now!? We all are lost in this creepy, dark and dense forest.’ Katie yelled at Sabrina.

The truth was that Katie, Sabrina, Lana, James , Mark and Miya were best friends. Sabrina and Lana, and James and Mark were couple. Lana and Mark were going to be engaged, so they invited everyone in a club to enjoy. After the party, they began to walk home. Sabrina suggested to walk home by a shortcut.

Katie refused, but Sabrina used her superpower which is called Puppy Doggy Eyes. And they went through the forest and now they had been walking in that forest for almost two hours. It was a full moon night. The way was very creepy. Their phones were dead.

Miya shouted at me and said ‘ Katie! We all are in problem.. It doesn’t matters whose fault it is, but right now we should use our brains to figure out what can we do now.. Do you understand me!?’

Maybe she is right, it isn’t the time to fight. Now we have two options, to keep walking or to wait until the sun comes or find a place to stay.

Then everyone sat under a tree. Katie said ‘Look guys, I am sorry that I yelled, I was a bit scared that we might get lost.’

Mark said ‘It’s alright, we all are scared right now. But how can we be afraid when Miss Stubborn is with us, right Katie?’ He teased me. I playfully slapped his arms and said ‘Stop. Or else, be ready for your funeral before your wedding.’

Everyone laughed. Mark always lightens the mood whenever we all are sad. Lana said ’Uhh…Guys..Umm….Did you heard something?'

Oh! Yes.. T-There is something...

A bush was moving. We all stood up, and started backing up. Then, a wolf..No, it was a..... WEREWOLF!!

My friends and I screamed in fear. 'Aaaaaaahhhh!'

James said 'I-I thought that werewolves do not exists.'

Neither I did!!

Author's Note

Hey guys!! I am new in Inkitt app, and this story is my first one. I created it when I was 13. Well, for my friends it was hard to believe, but it is the truth. Please do not copy my work... And I hope that you guys will like it. I am trying by best. Also I know that this part of story is very small, but don't worry, I will try to update it almost everyday as I have few hours free.

Please comment if you liked it and tell me what you think of it. If the story isn't good, please tell me what I need to improve.


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