The True Reasons

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The Attack

Katie POV
It is a real were Werewolf. And it is a hunter....a-and we are i-its prey.. No.. NO!!!!! Katie, you cannot let it win... But how am I going to win from this monster... Ah! I remember that werewolves are afraid of wolfsbane and chemically pure objects. Shit! But I have no silver dragger. I am so unlucky.
While I was lost in thoughts, my friends screamed. I was pulled away from my thoughts by a loud growl. It was almost near us.
Saberina said 'W-What should we do now?'
Lana said 'I-I don't wanna die so soon...'
I shouted 'No one is going to die!'
I started looking inside my purse and found a pepper spray. I took it in my hand. As it was coming near, my hands were sweaty, it had deadly red bright shining eyes. It had big teeth. My hands were sweaty. As it growled again.

I took pepper spray out and sprayed it in it's eyes. It growled again and again. I took advantage of it and picked up a log of wood with the help of all my friends and threw it on the werewolf, who was growling with pain. The log fall on it's back, but it had no affect, werewolf was very powerful.
As we were about to run, it growled again and we saw that it found water. It began to run towards us. I acted so fast, that it shocked myself. I pushed all my friends away. And the werewolf pounced on me. I was pinned on the ground with a big pair teeth near my neck.

I closed my eyes, tears streaming out.
I am about to die, but I want my friends to be safe...They ran away, God please let them be safe.
Then suddenly, all weight on me, went away. I was shocked.
What the..Oh!
I was shocked to see the scene in front of me. A handsome man with dark blue eyes, shining like sapphires. He was holding the werewolf's neck with his strong hands. He was tall and masculine.
What the hell!?.. Who on earth is this man, how can he defeat a werewolf!?
As I was watching the scene horrified, the werewolf grabbed the man's shirt and tore it...
Man, he is hot...
Broad shoulders, heavenly abs...
Arrrgh! Stop it.. The man is fighting and you are standing.. Come on Katie!
Then I saw a dragger-like something, I didn't thought much and stabbed it in werewolf's back. He growled in pain.
The next thing I saw made me speechless. The man used MAGIC!!
Who the hell is this man?! He knows magic?!
There was a bright blue light and then the werewolf fell lifeless on the ground.
Who are you blue eyes?

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