The True Reasons

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The Mysterious Stranger

Katie POV

I stand their horrified..

Who the hell in this guy?

Then the man looked at me. Our eyes met, which send electric shots through my whole body. I stood there still. Then the man started walking towards me.

He may be handsome, but by seeing what he has done, I am not going to fall in his eyes.

I started backing up. He was coming towards me and I was backing. Then I said ‘S-Stop right there.. W-Who the hell are you!? I am warning you, don’t even dare to come near me o-, Aaaah! ’

I was so busy in talking that I didn’t noticed the stone on the ground, I lost my balance and was about to fall, when a strong pair of arms caught me by my waist. I opened my find, a pair of blue shining sapphire staring at me. I felt my body turn into a jelly. It made my stomach flip-flop. Just one touch burned my whole body. I was hypnotized by him totally.

His eyes are soo good, like sapphire.

Then he pulled me up. Our nosed touched. We were nose-to-nose. If someone would move a little, we would have kissed. I couldn’t breathe. I gently pulled away. My cheeks were red. I let out a shaky breathe.

He then said in a husky but sweet voice ‘Are you alright?’ I just nodded.

He extended his hand and said ‘I am Eric.. Don’t worry, I mean no harm.’

I took his hand, then again, it send electricity through my body..

Urgh! What’s wrong with my body!?

Eric’s POV

I am a vampire. In this deep jungle, I am solving a mystery of a temple.


‘Eric, you have to do it... This mystery we have been trying for 15 years, but no one was able to find the reason behind the creatures including humans getting missing. The temple is in a deep jungle, I believe in you... You will definitely succeed’ My master Devil said. His name was Devil, but actually, he is a nice vampire and had helped the vampire era’s people for a long time.

Alright sir. But I don’t know anything about the Dark Temple.′

’A temple in a dark and dense forest is called Dark Temple. There was one time, every supernatural went there to meet their dead ones souls and talk them. The master of the temple was a dragon, who was very powerful, not because of it’s powers but the gold and silver sword, it’s blade was made of silver and it’s hilt was made of gold. Also it had fire on it's blade, which is severely dangerous. It can kill any kind of living being. Sometimes, it takes time. It was a very powerful sword, called Lilylight Weapon. But when the master of the temple died, the sword was kept in a safe place. But it was not enough, as a group of deadly super naturals came in search of it. The master’s spirit split the sword into three parts. We only know about one part of it. It is a silver sword. In Lilylight Weapon, the silver blade represents this sword. It is present in that temple only, but about the other two, no one know about it. It is said that master’s soul is still there, waiting for the right one to find the Lilylight Weapon. It is important as a Magic realm needs it, as a black witch has attacked it. If that realm is destroyed, our realm will not survive as the black witch will be so powerful that it will destroy our realm also. The supernatural group . But be careful, the group of super naturals is still finding it.′

I nodded and started to pack my belonging which I needed for my mission.

After two days, I went to my journey. I travelled through the dark forest and finally I have covered half of my way. It was a full moon night. It means, I have to be careful of werewolves. Then suddenly I screams. Also I can smell humans. I knew that there was something wrong. I went in the direction from where the scream came. When I reach there, I saw humans standing in front of a werewolf.

I saw that one of them, a girl was truly pretty. She had dark blue eyes just like me. She had brown, long and wavy hairs. I immediately was hypnotized by her beauty. The moonlight was falling on her face that made her look like an angel.

I was about to help them, but the girl did something that surprised. She sprayed sprayed pepper spray in werewolf’s eyes. Then her friends helped her to lift the log of wood and they threw it on the werewolf.

Wow, who is this girl? Although the werewolf will have no affect by it. But, this angel is brave.

Then werewolf found water and washed his eyes. Then he pounced on the angel. His teeth was on her neck and she was pinned on the ground. But , I saw no fear in her eyes. She was making a proper eyes contact with werewolf. Her friends left her alone..

So rude...Here comes your Eric, angel.

I also pounced on him and threw him off her. Then in my speed...A very fast one, I held him by neck. I could feel her eyes on me. While, I was wrestling with the monster, I noticed my angel stab the dragger on the monster’s back. It made my work more easier. I used my magic that Master told me. I don’t know much about magic, but I learned some.

The monster falled on the ground.

Then I looked at the angel’s eyes. Our eyes met and I shivered a little.

What the hell? What was that shock?

She starred at me with her widened eyes. They were still pretty. I started walking towards her. She backed up. I knew she would be shocked. She said in hesitation ′S-Stop right there.. W-Who the hell are you!? I am warning you, don’t even dare to come near me o-, Aaaah! ’

She tripped and was about to fall. I ran towards her and caught her by her waist. She was neither too slim nor too fat , perfect! I felt that she shivered under my touch. She was staring at me. I pulled her up and suddenly we were really close. We almost kissed. Then she gently pushed me and I let out a breathe, I didn’t realized I was holding.

God! What’s happening?

I asked her ‘Are you alright?’ She just nodded. I extended my hand and said ‘I am Eric.. Don’t worry, I mean no harm.'

Flashback ends.

She took my hand and said 'Katie.. Hi, nice to meet you.'

Me too angel... Your name suits you, like a cute but a badass cat.

'Pleasure is all mine.' I kissed her hand, while saying. Her skin was soft and warm. I released her hand and looked at her face. I could feel her blushing.

She looks cute while blushing.

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