The True Reasons

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My New and Hot partner

Eric's POV

I still can't believe that she kissed me. Her lips were soft like jelly. They actually taste like strawberry. Maybe it's just her lip balm. But without balm, her lips would be deli- What the hell? Eric have you lost your mind.

She was looking around her. Taking in her surroundings. Her blue eyes were shining with curiosity. Is it okay to make her my partner. There is one more thing that Devil Master told me. That the right people to get that Lilylight Weapon will be a human and another living being that is unknown. Master is weak. He had the power to see future. But he is old so, he could only see a human girl. Maybe she could be the one. But she looks so innocent. I don't want to hurt any innocent person. Especially not her. But, I also have to complete this mission.

She now looked towards me. Her eyes asked the question 'What is this? '

I walked towards her and said ' Come, let's first take care of your foot.' She nodded. I walked towards one of rooms. It was dark but I lit the torches on the wall by lighter. The room was once used by the Master's disciples. I carried once again in bridal style. And helped her sit on the bed.. I took one bottle. Inside which there was a potion, mostly used by some humans, which live with us. Yes, they give us their blood and in return we let them live with us and offer them protection.

I gave her a spoon of potion. She took it without any questions. Good girl!

Her wound was now totally good. What's that? I have never seen any human recover as soon as they drink this potion. She must be someone special. Or she is a vampire like me? No!...If she were one, she should have killed the werewolf and also she would have recovered the wound in seconds.

She asked in confusion 'What did you gave me? What affects does it have? Who are you? Why are you here? What the hell do need from me? How did you-'

God! She is so talkative.. But her voice is soo sweet.

I placed my finger on her heaven like lips. And said ' I will tell you everything. Wait for a moment (I removed my finger) I am a vampire. I live in Val Kingdom. I am their king's adopted son. I used my magic that my Master taught me. I am just 156 years old. Trust me, in my whole life, I haven't seen some human as brave as you. You were able to fight with a werewolf.' I told her everything about my mission. The sword also. I don't know what was I thinking while telling her everything. But my heart was telling me that I should trust her.

After I finished, her mouth was open wide in shock. I placed my finger under her chin and closed her mouth, and said ' Close your mouth or else I will kiss you.' I said teasingly. She blinked in surprise for a moment, then her cheeks were red. She was blushing furiously. Well I wanted to kiss you badly. Maybe I like you. I chuckled at her. Then she cleared her throat. 'You mean that ummm... You need my help in this mission.' I nodded.

'Are you sure, you are asking the right person?' Clearly. She didn't have trust in herself. I will have to help her.

I said 'Wait for me here.'

Katie's POV

Is this guy serious? He wants a human that to like me to help him? I don't think that I can help him. Instead, I will make a fuss. And is he a real vampire. Wow! I am happy to meet my fantasies. I have always been attracted by the vampires. I am now here, with Eric, king's son. But I don't really think that I can do this.

I was sitting on the bed. Then suddenly, Eric came with one of silver swords and threw it my way. I caught it. Then, I looked at him in confusion. What should I do with it? He smirked mischievously.

My eyebrows got up in suspiciousness. I got up. His one hand was behind his back. He then threw something my way. I screamed 'Aaah!.. ERIC!!... YOU BASTARD!!!'

It was a snake. I fall on the ground. Then the snake began to come my way. Sweat was forming. I then held my sword tightly.. He then jumped to my face! He opened him mouth as if about to bite me. DON'T YOU DARE!! I then used my sword to cut him. And I was shocked to see, there was no blood coming. Instead, the snake disappeared. My jaw hit the floor. What the hell was that?!

I looked up to see Eric smiling. I wanted to wipe off that smile, ignoring the fact that he looked handsome. I was breathing hard. My heart was beating fast. I got up, then yelled at him 'WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! YOU TRIED TO KILL ME?!'

I walked towards him and I was dangerously close to him. I was about to yell but he said 'Kitty, don't get me wrong, I just made a real snake's image. You see that? Even though you were scared, you acted bravely.' He held my waist. My eyes widen in shock. Once more electricity ran through my whole body. Wait! He called me Kitty Katie! 'YOU!...My name is Katie.' He smiled and bend down. My whole body was like a jelly. My knees weakened. My breathe hitched in my throat. He was just at my ear. ' Yeah, I know, but I like to call you Kitty. You are just like a kitty. So cute. And you bite like one. Well, I think you need rest now.' He said in seductive voice. My body wasn't in my control. He then moved away from me. I exhaled the breathe I was stopping. Then I remembered one thing ' Wait, if you are a vampire, shouldn't you need blood to survive. Have you drank it? I mean I thought that if you don't drink it, your body will weaken..' He looked at me. Well, why do I care? He said 'No, I didn't drank it since morning. I am a little weak, I think.'

'Is there anything I can do?' I asked.

'Well, if you are willing, then you can give me your..umm.. blood.'

I was shocked at first. But then I met his eyes. There was hope in his eyes. It was difficult to refuse. 'A-Alright.' His eyes shone with amusement. He slowly walked towards me, closing the distance between us. He bent down and hid his face in my neck. Then I can feel his fangs against my skin. I shivered. I let out a shaky breath. My knees weakened. 'Don't worry Kitty, it won't hurt, in fact it will be pleasure.' I bit my lower lip nervously. He sank his fangs inside my neck's soft skin. Then began sucking it. I gasp. It was a real pleasure. I moaned softly. Then after drinking my blood. He went to his room and slept. I also went into deep sleep.

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