The True Reasons

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Small step towards Supernatural World war

Eric's POV

I woke up early in the morning. I feel refreshing. Katie's blood was sweet.

I ignored the thought and went to Kitty's room. I love her calling Kitty. She is so innocent and cute. By seeing her face, I feel guilty to make her a victim of a deadly mission. I went to her room where she slept yesterday night. I saw her with her back towards me.

She looked like she was talking to herself. I quickly hid behind a pillar. She started 'I am a bit scared that Eric will fail in this mission because of me. Maybe I am not so strong as he thinks me. The Magic realm needs the sword as to safe them and us, but c-can I really do it?' That's it, I can't take it anymore. I will have to do something.

As I was about to say something. A loud thud startled me. I felt like the super natural's group is ready to start war. I looked at Katie. She was horrified. I didn't waste any time. I quickly grabbed her hand and ran towards a door which was on the left corner. Katie asked 'What the he-' I didn't let her finish. I opened the door and pinned her against the closed door. I put my hand on her mouth. Her eyes widen in shock. My and her fast heartbeat was the only sound in the room. I looked in her eyes. They were filled with horror, fear and something else I can't quite understand.
I then realized which position are we in. I quickly removed my hand from her mouth. She breathe and asked 'What happened?' I said 'Looks like, the group is here.' Her eyes showed shock.

I heard a scary sound 'Look around, there is definitely some human in here. I can smell.' 'Damn it!' Katie cursed. I said 'Look, we will have to fight them together, ok?' Katie said 'B-But a-are you sure? W-What if I can't do this?' I sighed and then hold both her soft and warm cheeks and said, without breaking eyes contact 'I trust you. You will definitely do this.' She seemed to be shocked that I started trust her so quickly. She took a deep breathe and closed her eyes. I know that you are not aware of your own power. I will help you recognize it.
She opened her eyes. This time her expressions were different. Her eyes hold determination and bravery. 'That's my Kitty!' I said smiling and dropped my both hands. She chuckled lightly but softly, making my heart flutter. Then she took out the same sword that I gave her. I was shocked that she put the sword here. 'Let's go. You bloody bastards, be ready!' She said. Her reaction was unexpected but cute. She nodded me to lead her. Good Kitty! I like you very very much.

We silently started walking forward, when someone was almost at the door. Darn them!

Katie's POV

I was still shocked that he trusted me so much. His eyes hold sincerity.

Then someone was at the closed door. I held my sword tightly. Then I gestured Eric to hold the mouth of whoever it is. As the door broke, Eric quickly ran towards the one who broke the door, it was a wizard maybe. He quickly covered his mouth with his strong hand. The wizards tried to use magic. But before, he could attack, I stabbed him in his heart by the sword. Only muffled screams were audible. After few seconds, Eric removed his hand and I kicked wizard and he fall on the ground lifelessly. Then someone said 'Boss, I think there is someone.' Eric pick me up in bridal style and ran from there. 'Whoa! Eric, slow down, you move like a roller coaster. It is too fast for me!' 'I am sorry, but no.' Eric said. What?! By the way, I was superb.

Suddenly someone kicked Eric from behind. He fall on the ground. I fell with him. My back hit the wall. Argghh!....What the hell? Who kicked him?! I crawled to Eric, my back still hurting. 'Katie...You ok?' I nodded. For Eric the pain was just piece of cake. He stood up and helped me. I was hiding my sword behind my back. I gripped my silver sword tightly.
I came face-to-face another vampire. He had dark red eyes. He had a delvish smirk. He was almost of Eric's height. Or a bit taller than him. He said 'Eric!...What a pretty surprise! Whoa! A human! Wow, she is pretty cute.' He looked at me with lustful eyes and licked his lips. Eric came between him and me. He said 'Saitan, do not even look at her. Or else I will take both of your eyes out.' Thanks Eric.. You really are very amazing. Then suddenly, I heard growling sound from behind. I turned around only to see two werewolves staring at me. 'Awww... Being a lovey-dovey, cool. This is the first time seeing you so protective towards a HUMAN!' As he say that, the werewolves pounced on us.

I held Eric's arm and pushed him down on the ground while I stabbed one of the werewolves. It growled in pain. And then died. The another one looked at the lifeless werewolf and then to me. Then he pounced on me again. I went out of the way, but it's nails left a mark on my upper arm. Eric then ran towards the werewolf and held him by neck. But Saitan pushed Eric with great force causing Eric to fall down. His cheeks were scratched but, it recovered quickly. They both began to fight. While I was trying to kill werewolf. I tried to stab him in it's chest but he dodged and ran towards me and pounced on me again. Hey! You BLOODY MONSTER!! I stabbed the sword on it's eyes and then he growled. I took this as an opportunity and stabbed the sword on it's chest, and pushed it towards Saitan who was chocking Eric. Then died werewolf fell on Saitan and pushed him off Eric. I quickly ran towards Eric and helped him stand. 'You okay?' I asked as Eric was coughing. He said 'I'm fine, thanks to you.' I smiled at him.
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