The True Reasons

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Katie and Eric V/S Saitan and his army

Third person POV

After Katie saved Eric, Saitan this time attacked Katie. He pinned her against the wall and the sword from her hands fell. He held her throat tightly and said 'Tsk tsk, little girl, you are so cute and innocent, you shouldn't be here. But here you are and now I will have to kill you. I am sorry.' Katie was scared as hell.

Katie's POV


I tried to get his hands away from me but, obviously he was more powerful. 'You bastard, let go of me!' I struggled but he laughed. Eric! Please save me. Eric was busy fighting with a vampire. They both were equally powerful. I got an idea. I poked on of my fingers with the sharpest nail in Saitan's eyes. 'Arghh! You little...I AM GONNA KILL YOU!!' He shouted and left me. I was coughing. His eyes were bleeding. Eric killed the vampire and ran towards me and said ' Go, and find the first part of Lilylight Weapon. Fast! I will take care of these jerks. Take care Katie.' He said with a weak smile. Huh? Really? Are you telling me to ran away and leave you in danger. Not happening Eric. 'I am not leaving you here alone.' Saitan was slowly recovering but not totally. Eric picked up the silver sword and placed it in my hands and said 'Katie. Please. Go!' He said and pushed me inside a door and locked it. I pounded on the door and shouted, 'ERIC! OPEN THE DOOR! PLEASE! *sob*' I sobbed. No! Katie, you can only help Eric by finding the sword. I went forward. The room was quite and creepy. I was very scared but then a cold wind ran towards me. I walked for a long time. I was hungry and weak, but I didn't stop.

Suddenly, someone held me from behind. Shit! I tried to kick the person. But he was stronger than me. He asked 'Who are you? ' I was shocked that he doesn't know me, as Saitan must have told his members about. I felt he was smelling me. I said 'P-Please leave me. I mean no harm.' I heard him laughing. But by his tone I can tell, he was not a monster. He slowly let go of me. I turned to look at the man who held me. He had green shiny eyes. His was only a bit taller than me. He asked 'You are a human. Are you here to take Lilylight Weapon's Blade?' Maybe the silver sword is called Lilight's Blade. He as if reading my mind said 'Yes, it is called Lilylight Blade. And who are you?' I thought Can he read my mind?' He said 'Yes, I can. I knew that you were not a harm, I just wanted to see how strong are you. You were shocked, but you are brave. If you want, then I can tell you a hint where Lilylight's Blade is.' I said 'I am Katie. And yes, I would love if you will help me.' But how can it be so easy? There will be some problems. Shit! He can read my mind. Urghh.. It's annoying. He chuckled and said 'You are smart. Sorry, but I will have to do this.' 'Do what?' I asked suspiciously. I picked my sword. 'I am Mater Den's most trusted disciple, Fermin. You know what, the vampire you came with-'

I cutted him ' WHAT?! What the hell happened to him?!' I don't know why, I felt my heart breaking.

I know him from just one night, why I am so anxious?

He said ' Hmmm....I know what are you thinking, also I know why. But, if I will tell you, destiny will punish me. I came to tell you that, the vampire has been hypnotized by a siren. He is now finding you and he will kill you. You can save him by... Well, sorry can't tell you. Before that, you will have to find the sword. After, you will have to pass this test by bringing your partner back in his senses.... If you will find the Lilylight's Blade, Er..Eric right?(I nodded) will try to snatch it from you. Saitan will enjoy beacause he knows that you cannot hurt him. Are you ready?'

Oh no! Wait, my mom! Katie, do you know? True love can conquer everything and anyone. Biggest problem in the world can be solved true love. Did you remembered that I told you that true love will only conquer your heart at last, no matter how cold hearted are you. My mom was a love expert. Yes! True Love!

I looked at Fremin, he was smiling softly. He can read my mind. He nodded and said 'You are very smart. The sword is in a secret place. It is inside my master's prayer room. Where, I can't tell you that. You should hurry. Bye.' With that, he vanished and formed a white smoke. 'Wait! I don't know where is the prayer room!' Then the smoke gathered around me. What the hell?! Then by vision got black.

When my eyes opened, I saw I am in a strange room. Maybe he helped me. This maybe prayer room. I looked around and found nothing special. Then, I saw that there was a hand shaped something. It looked like, it was made for a special person. I slowly went there. I hesitated. What should I do? Should I put my hand? But what if something goes wrong? No..No I will have to do this. For innocent people, for Eric. Yes, Eric don't worry I won't let anything happen to you. You deserve good. I like you a lot. With those thought, I placed my hand in that. Then suddenly, everything began to shake and a big rock was about to fall on me, but I went out of the way. I was sweating and my heartbeat was fast. I don't know what's happening. Have I done a mistake? Or it is an earthquake?

Then the earthquake or anything else, stopped. I once more looked around. There was a little change in the room. I was sitting on the ground, my sword in my right hand. I had a cut in upper arm, blood dripping from my lips and a small cut in my head. I was able to see my face through a mirror in front of me. It was the only change in the room. I was feeling like I am in an action movie.

The mirror looked old, but it was made silver. There was a big sun's carving on the top. There was a sword made on it's boundaries. Sun....Sword....Mirror....Hmmmm.....OH! I GOT IT!

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