The True Reasons

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Hypnotized Eric

Katie’s POV

I THINK I GOT IT!!!!! The Sun’s rays, reflection and...I looked to it’s opposite side and saw a big circle. I looked up and saw sun. I got up and ran towards the mirror. I fixed it in such a way that the sun’s rays fall on it and it reflect the light towards the circle on the wall in front of it. Thanks Physics. Although I hate you, but you are a bit useful. I smiled and then according to my plan, it happened. As soon as the light fall on the circle, the room began to shake once more. Yes! Yes! I was smiling in victory. A small box appeared in place of mirror. As it came, the room stopped shaking. The box was made of gold. It has sapphires on it’s borders. There was a dragon’s carving on the top. How will it open?

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I froze. Sweat formed on my brows. I turned around to find a vision in which a red colored dragon was standing. He was scary looking. I screamed ‘Ahh! W-Who are y-you?’ I tried to open the box with Lilylight’s Blade, so that I can kill it. But, it was tightly locked. The dragon waved him tail and it looked like, he was telling me that he will not harm me. I nodded and then the dragon brought it’s tail to my head. I closed my eyes tightly and waited him to attack. Why did I trust it? But, he did something that surprised me. He patted my head softly. I slowly opened my eyes and saw the dragon smiling. I don’t know why, but I was at ease. I smiled softly. He is so warm and caring.

The dragon said ’Katie! You are a pretty, kind, caring, stubborn, brave and intelligent girl. You are willing to play with your life, for Magic realm’s people. You and Eric are their last hope. I believe in you, you will definitely succeed. Eric is also same as you. He is kind, caring, loving, strong willed, brave and a good vampire. You both have something strong between your hearts. The destiny and time will tell you what is it. Now, let me open it. After you will get the Lilylight’s Blade, you will have to take the ruby, I will leave to you and place it inside it’s hilt. Then, I will appear again, then I will tell you about Lilyhilt. Dear, take care and don't worry, I will always be on your side.' With this, he vanished. Master, I promise that I will save Magic realm. I thought while joined my palms. When I opened them, there was a red ruby and I looked at the box, it was opened. I looked inside and gasped.

This is Lililight's Blade? Wow!

I took it out. It was all made of silver. It's hilt had a place, where master told me to put the ruby. I thought of Eric. Eric, first I will have to save him.

I found the stairs to get downstairs, where Saitan, his army and Eric were. As I was near them, I heard Saitan shout 'All of you, cannot even find a kid! YOU ALL ARE SUPERNATURALS AND CAN'T EVEN CATCH A HUMAN!!' Be careful Saitan. One of the werewolf said 'Sir! I can smell a human!' Then it began to come near me. Ooooh!.. Come on! You Bloody Monsters! I held Lilylight Blade tightly and put the ruby in my pant's pocket. As the werewolf was near me, I moved the sword and cutted him in two pieces. Then, 5 vampires came to attack. They were fast. Then I heard Master's voice 'You have got a power that I have gifted you. You can see things, no matter how fast they are' I looked to see first vampire running towards me and trying to kick me. But before he could, I cut his leg and then stabbed him in heart and I kicked him, causing him to fall on the ground lifelessly. The another one tried to punch me from behind, but I jumped from the stairs to the ground. The third vampire tried to bite me, but I stabbed him in the throat. 'YOU BLOODSUCKING MONSTERS' I shouted and killed him. Lilylight Blade was covered with blood. The second one once again tried to punch me again. And another one also trying to kick me. I killed the first one by Lilylight Blade and the another one with my own sword. Yes, I have kept it with me. Then I withrawed my swords from their bodies. Before another one could attack. I jumped and stabbed him.

Then after I was standing on the ground, Saitan smiled and said 'Well.. Well, looks like you have found Lilylight Blade. I have to admit, you are brave and smart. No one could know where the sword was because of us, if any one of us would go, we couldn't survive because of that stupid Fermin. And if by chance any one survived him, no one can survive because of Master. Now, let's give you a gift. Eric!' I gasped. Oh no! I looked to see Eric. He had bloody red eyes instead of blue sapphire eyes. He looked like he was about to eat me. His jaw was clenched.

Hi guys!! I am sorry, this chapter maybe small, but I promise, next time, it will be really fun. And by the way, what do you think Katie will do to save Eric

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