The True Reasons

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Next Mission

Katie's POV
Eric was no longer a sweet guy that I know. He was now a monster that is trying to kill me.

'Eric! Please don't do this! I don't know how to fight to you. Neither do I want to. I like you very much. I don't want to hurt you.'

I feel my eyes water up when I said this. I then saw a flicker of surprise in his eyes, as if the real Eric was listening to me. But in half of a second, his eyes were dark again.


He began walking towards me, and I was backing. My both the swords were still in my sweaty hands. My heartbeat was fast. My breathing was a bit shaky. He kept coming towards me until my back hit the wall. He then said 'Look, I don't care weather you like me or not, I want the sword.. NOW!' He yelled and I flinched.


I jumped and kissed him with the swords in my hands. He was very shocked and tried to push me, but I wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed more passionately. His lips were warm like before, but the reason was different. Still, I could feel my body weakening. Saitan yelled 'What the hell!? Grab that kid, and bring her to me! Now!!' But then, I felt Eric's body relaxing. He i-is coming back to his sens-

But then, a siren began to sing. Damn it!...

I felt Eric pulling away from me, but softly. He looked at me with warm eyes, and then took my sword. Thank God! He ran towards the siren and stabbed him in it's throat.

Wait, this isn't the way you kill a siren, but...if it is Lilylight's Blade, it can be killed.

I looked at Eric. He threw the sword at me, and I caught it. Some wizards start to attack with magic. I luckily dodged their attacks. Well, let's see who is a kid... Be ready!

I ran towards them, all of them began to speak their spells. I held my both swords tightly and with confidence. I smirked when I saw, there was one of the vampires who were thrown near me by Eric. He was kneeling on his one leg. I stood on him and jumped at the wizards and stabbed Lilylight's Blade in one's heart and my sword in other's belly. They both screamed. I can't believe, I may be a badass but, I killed so many creatures, but then again they might deserve death. I and Eric began fighting and the whole room was filled with blood and dead bodies. After God knows how much killings we stopped, Eric was barely scratched but on the other hand, I had few red scratches on my right arm, a bit of blood on the corner of my lips, a scratch on my knees, my hairs which were probably untied were messed up a little. My shirt was a bit ripped off, but that doesn't concern me. Also, there was a lots of blood on it.

We both looked at each other and he shot me an apologetic look. And I in return shot him a Don't-you-dare look.

He came to stand beside me and said 'I-Thanks for saving me. But where did you get Lilylight's Blade? And how are you able to dodge every attack?'

Is this guy insane?

'You Dumb, I will tell you afterwards.'

I looked around the temple and saw that only 5 creatures were left. 2 werewolves, 3 vampires including Saitan. He was looking at us as of he is going to kill me by his glare only.

I smirked at him. I turned to Eric and gave him my

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