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The Truth- Olivia Baileys

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The Truth has been covered for years and is up to Olivia and her buddies to uncover it. There are just a few problems. Olivia has just now received an anonymous letter and learned that she has powers powerful enough to get her powers fixed, but this has a price, she will have to learn the truth (she doesn’t even know this yet). And she isn’t even experienced; She doesn’t know spells, doesn’t know how to fight, doesn’t even know how to protect herself. She goes through many different challenges including talking candy wrappers, evil guys with millions of eyes, and many others to find out the truth. Will the truth be what she has expected, or will it be something beyond what she ever imagined??

Adventure / Thriller
Age Rating:

I almost strangled someone to death

You have probably been through the thick and thin, through the highest mountain and lowest sea, suffered the wrath of your dad expecting extremely high from you, felt the pain of always getting bullied, the urge to do something you know you should never do, and the sadness of feeling trapped.

I have too. There is only a minor difference.

The dad tried to kill me; the bully was my best friend. The trapped feeling and urge were to take over the world, make the world a total dystopia with monsters on every corner waiting to haunt you down.

Basic everyday life problems. Anyway, this all started when one day I was at school about a year ago. As usual, my best friend, Sarah Beer, was copying my homework.

“Hold up… so this problem isn’t 12? Like it has a 4 and a 3 over it…”

“That’s 4 cubed! Like you know… 4 times 4 times 4. And that’s not even half of the problem. You are in sixth grade; you should know that

Sarah Beer was the stupidest person I had ever known, failing almost every single test and needing to copy homework. Okay, I don’t mean to be rude because she is my friends, but it was true. And that didn’t seem to matter to her. I don’t understand how.

She always wore black as if she was trying to point out she was depressed. She gave me a kind of goth vibe; except she didn’t wear too much makeup. She was as hard as nails. She just wore black eyeliner and some mascara every day. If you looked at her long enough, her eyes would get scary, as if they weren’t real. She had black as night, curly, luscious hair with some blonde highlights which were as dark as bats in the night sky. Her nose was refined as if someone had taken a hair trimmer and used it on the sides of her nose. She wore a black, off shoulder ruffle trim shirt with black, slim jeans. Her clothes were always branded as if she was some famous celebrity. She wore silver and black bracelets on her hand, all of them having a different word on them. It almost looked like the front part of her hand was completely tattooed with silver and black. She also wore a black choker with a white seashell in the middle of it. She was about 5’4.

I looked like a mouse in front of her. I was like 5’2 and wore off- brand loose leggings and an oversized shirt. I tried my best to wear clothes that went together, but they always ended up being a bit off. No, not a bit, a WHOLE LOT off.

And I hated the way I was and the fact I couldn’t change it, but guess what, I had to deal with myself for 12 years, and so I could deal with myself a bit longer, hopefully.

She was as chill as a popsicle stick in the winter. Okay, not literally chill, as in cold, but chill as in very relaxed. And she was always very happy, except when she lost a friend or something. She paid more attention to her friends than her grades and normal home life. I think her being laid back and not getting into too many arguments nature helped her have tons of friends. She acted like she didn’t try too hard to work to get too many friends, but I knew somewhere inside her heart, she did everything she could to.

If she failed a test, she was smiling. If she got kicked out of class for never paying attention, she was smiling. She said it gave her more time to text on her phone. I think she texted her friends to all do it so they could have a party in the hallway or something. But again, I saw she always remained happy. Everyone followed her around. They all thought she was some celebrity or something. I didn’t understand why. I mean, she was like every average middle school girl.

I was the opposite in that too. I was the lonely wolf in the night while she was the human celebrity in the day. Basically, everyone hated me, everyone loved her. Or maybe I was just overthought about everything in life.

“Hey, Olivia!” A voice came.

I turned back to see who was calling me. That was a huge mistake.

Chase was raising his hand in the air. Chase wore a big leather black jacket and black jeans which he always rubbed off when he got up from sitting like he was trying to show how much he cared about his clothes and not getting dust on them. He was probably trying to show he was rich or something. He had dark hazel eyes, brown-red velvet hair, a large nose, and a vicious sneer was sneaking upon his face like the sun rising in the early morning sky, and I knew something bad was going to happen.

Chase was this bully. Not the bully in movies: calmer. By that I mean he bullied people in weird ways, so honestly, I had no clue what he was going to do this time (notice I said this time).

“So… Mrs. West?” he asked. Grinning, the way he does when he’s going to do something bad. This time, his grinned showed he would be making everyone on earth go extinct. But I wasn’t too scared: The things he had done before were way worse than the world going extinct.

Mrs. West looked up from her book. She never paid any attention to the class. I partially liked it. Sarah wouldn’t get kicked out. But the bad thing was, whenever she did look up, she saw everything. From the littlest ant to the biggest walls.

“Does copying off someone’s homework count as cheating? Because I thought you clearly said on the first day of school that cheating is unacceptable.” His mouth blabbered.

At this time, I was ready to go punch him in the face and tell him to shut up. But of course, before I could, Mrs. West stood up. She was like 15 feet tall and wore dresses to school every day like it was always a special occasion. She had a large, pointed nose and a weird haircut; She was halfway bald, and halfway had long hair.

“What’s the problem? Someone copying off homework?” Her eyes shot straight at me, or at least they were going to if Sarah hadn’t stood up and said something.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. Olivia, I’m sorry for stealing your homework and copying it.” The sheet of paper she was piercing her nails onto was almost going to tear apart if she didn’t let go of it soon. “Sorry.”

“You know what has to happen now, Sarah.” She sighed and rolled her eyes as she started walking as if every step was a milestone for her.

I sometimes felt the urge to go ask the school principal how she was hired to be a teacher. She barely did any teaching.

“Step outside the door.” Mrs. West opened the door and motioned Sarah to walk out.

Sarah looked back at me with her eyes saying “you’re welcome”. But I hadn’t even said thank you. I didn’t need her to do that. I could handle myself.

Chase and his gang were snickering in the back of the classroom. Yeah, I said gang. There were always 2 people hanging out with him. They were the ones that no one talked to but they still acted like they were the most famous, best people in the world.

One of them was named Jack, the other was named Liam. They both looked like twins. Both had black hair, black eyes, and an evil sneer like Chase’s.

But the sneer didn’t match Chase’s. How do I say this… it was a bit less evil? I wanted to go kick them right now. The thing they did wasn’t anything compared to what they had done in the past. For example, they once accidentally stepped on my shoelace, making me fall.

But the bad thing was, I was on the stairs, so you can guess how much of a fool I made of myself.

Then there was another time when they shot a bullet at my head. The good thing was it was fake, but I still had to wear an ice pack on my ear for a whole week.

Right when I was plotting the best time to slingshot them with my rubber band and pencil, the bell rang.

Mrs. West walked back from the outside to her desk and put her legs on her desk, reading her book.

“Hold up!” Mrs. West said as I started to walk out the door.

“What?” A few kids in the back of the room groaned and walked back to their seats.

“The bell doesn’t dismiss you; I do.” She said, pointing to the ground, as if pointing at something.

I turned to look at the ground. It was a pencil. I rolled my eyes and ran to pick it up. Her eyes went to another pencil on the ground and she raised her eyebrow and said, “Not yet, I don’t want to dismiss you.”

At that time even I groaned. I hated… did I make it clear that I HATED when teachers did this. If the bell didn’t dismiss us, technically the bell doesn’t tell us when to arrive either. Then technically no one should get into their classrooms until the teacher yelled at them too.

After what felt like an eternity of picking pencils from the floor up and making sure we leave the classroom the way we found it, the teacher dismissed us. As I was leaving the classroom, I made sure to punch Chase on his arm, at the same time making sure Mrs. West didn’t see.

He grasped his arm tightly and winced. His gang ran up to him and started asking, “Are you okay?” “Should we tell the teacher?”

I tried hard not to laugh because Mrs. West was still sitting on the chair, not noticing any of the drama going on right now. And Sarah was waiting for me outside.

“I didn’t just get kicked out of class for copying the homework that was wrong, right?” she asked me as I came out.

“I mean… I don’t know. It might have been wrong. It also might not have been wrong.”

“Very reassuring.” She rolled her eyes.

I walked to my locker and scrambled my locker combo in. I didn’t understand the concept of lockers. They just made things complicated. Carrying around backpacks would be easier. I was sad I had just started middle school; high school didn’t have lockers.

I turned around to look for Sarah, but she wasn’t there. Instead, there was a person staring at me with his eyes wide open. The person was wearing a mask and I couldn’t see him carefully. A person passed in front of me in the hallway, blocking the man’s view for a slight second.

I started to walk towards where I thought the man was, keeping my head on the floor so I wouldn’t accidently step on anyone’s toe, but when I reached, there was no one. I stood there for a minute, looking on both sides of the hallway, confused.

“Are you okay?”

I almost dropped my lunchbox as I turned around to look at Sarah, who was staring at me like I had seen a ghost. I immediately picked up my lunchbox and smiled, “Yes.”

“Okay...” Sarah studied my face for a second and then said, “Come on, let’s go to the lunchroom.”

I placed my lunchbox on my table. Jennifer, Amril, Bailey, and like 7 others sat at our table. If you think 10 people are crowded, you should look at our table the day Sarah Beer sits here. Her 15 or 20 friends fill up the table to the point where 5 people from our normal group have to move to another table.

So, so fun.

It was 1 pm and I still wasn’t hungry. I hated it when that happened. Even if I did feel hungry and then I took a bite of food, I wouldn’t feel hungry. My grandma didn’t make a big deal out of it. She acted as if it was completely normal. I liked that.

Yeah, I lived with my grandma. My parents were dead. They had died a long time ago and I didn’t know much about it, except for the fact that my grandma didn’t like talking about them.

I started unzipping my lunchbox, hoping that seeing the food would make me want it, because I was severely underweight. When I was unzipping it, my finger got caught between and it started hurting, ““Oww!” I yelled and immediately pulled my finger out of there.

“Are you okay?” Amril’s eyes turned towards me.

“Yes. It’s just that my hand is...” I turned to show Amril my hand and she widened her eyes.

“Yesh, it’s bleeding, but don’t worry it’s very little.”

“Yeah.” I turned my hand towards me and looked at it, but what I saw made my eyebrows rise, “There is no blood.”

“What?” Amril said, “There was a second ago, show me...” She got up and walked over to my side, “It is right...” The confidence in her voice crawled away and she raised her eyebrows as she looked at my hand, “I could swear it was there a second...”

“I felt it too, but it was probably never there.”

“Eh... sorry...” Amril walked over to the other side of the table, back to her seat, “Must have been a mistake.”

“Yeah but...” I started off, wondering why I had felt the wrong thing. But I ignored it and shook my head, “Never mind.” I had been seeing things this year that were unusual, kind of like the man I had seen in the hallway today.

For example, I had thought I had seen someone staring at me through the windows of the school when I was delivering an attendance sheet to the front office. When I looked to see again, there was always no one. Also, I thought I had seen someone suspicious in the school building pointing a gun at the school nurse, and threatening her to leave this school. But when I ran to the school nurse to help her, there was no one there. And no one else seemed to notice what I saw, not even the school nurse. The only thing that made me still want to believe these things were real was that the school nurse left the next day. But it must have been a coincidence.

“Last day of school! Are you excited?” Jennifer’s loud voice chased all my thoughts out of my head.

“Honestly, no. I don’t want to leave middle school. It is cool here.” said Amril. She was always messing around with her hair.

She wasn’t wrong, this middle school was very normal. Honestly too normal. Nothing interesting ever happened here. I wish it was kind of those middle schools where a celebrity had once been in. I heard those schools had the celebrities meet them and stuff.

“This day went by pretty normal for the last day of school.” I said, “It would be cool if they had some sort of end of the year party.”

“Where’s Sarah today?” Jennifer asked, completely ignoring my statement. I rolled my eyes and looked away.

“She’s probably in detention or ISS. It’s not so surprising if that’s true.” Amril said. Her hair was now completely braided.

“No… she already had detention in the morning.” I was worried about it. The only way she could have gotten lunch detention was if she had gotten in trouble, big trouble, in the last few class periods. I would have known if that happened. She was in like all of my morning classes. “That’s odd.”

She had just been to my last class.

That’s when it caught my attention. If I would have known what was going to happen in the future, I wouldn’t have gone. This little thing would change my life. Sarah was standing in front of a wall in the far corner of the lunchroom and she was alone. That seemed very unlike her. That wasn’t the only weird thing. She seemed to be talking to it.

I had seen a lot of weird things and ignored them, but something weird happening to my friend, now THIS was getting out of hand. I stood up from my chair and backed away from my table to get a better look. Yep, she was talking to the wall for sure.

“Are you okay?” Jennifer asked when she saw me get up, “What happened?”

“Yeah, I’m just going to the restroom,” I said.

“Okay,” Jennifer said as if completely reassured.

I don’t know how they believed that. The restroom was the other way. I speed walked toward Sarah. I ignored the whole Chase stupid gang staring at me as if they were thinking about how to get revenge for what I did and I kept on walking towards Sarah.

“Sarah… are you okay?” I asked her when I reached her.

She didn’t move. She stood there looking at the wall. Her eyes were glowing, “Yes.”

“Okay great…” I said to her, “Let’s go into the seating area then. Don’t you have to eat lunch?”

“Yes,” Sarah said.

Something was wrong with the way she was talking. It didn’t seem like her. She wasn’t usually monotone like she was right now. And she usually looked at the people while she talked but she wasn’t right now…

“Then come…” I started motioning her to come on.

“Yes, sir. I would but I can’t.”

This time I stared at her with my eyes wide open, “Sir? Sir?!” I raised my eyebrows.

“I’m sorry, sir. But I can’t… I know it’s tempting but I can’t. It’s not right. It’s not right.”

I looked around at the other people who were talking to each other, laughing and chuckling.

How was no one else noticing this? They were probably too busy chatting with other people.

I talked louder, “Sarah, are you okay?” Still no answer. I was clenching my jaw now. If she was acting this out, I was going to blow. “Sarah, are you OK?” I pinched her hand.

“Ahh! What? What happened? Why did you do that?” The glow in her eyes faded away and she looked at me.

“Why were you talking to the wall?”

“I was what, now?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know what just happened. Don’t you already get enough attention?”

“Hold up! What are you talking about?!”

I was good at telling when people were lying. She didn’t look like she was right now. But for some reason, I didn’t want to think she wasn’t lying. Something inside me wanted to pick up a fight with her. It kept boiling inside me like hot water on a stove.

“Are you okay?” Sarah stared at me with her eyes wide open, “Are you okay?”

I realized I was now gritting my teeth. All of the anger inside me flowed out and my hands finally relaxed

“Yes… sorry. I was trying to find the restroom.” I said and looked down. I knew I wasn’t the best at lying.

She stared at me with her black eyes and dark eyeliner, “Okay… it’s that way,” Sarah pointed behind me, “if for some reason you don’t remember.” She turned around and started to walk away.

I shook my head and turned around, starting to walk towards the restroom with my brain going psycho.

“Oh hi, Sarah.”

I looked up.

It was Chase.

Sarah was right next to me Chase was blocking her from moving to the seating of the lunchroom.

“What do you want?” I yelled at his face, shoving Sarah behind me.

“I was just saying hi like a normal person. Why do you have to yell? Why do you have to yell?” He repeated, walking closer to each step. I moved backward, though still gritting my teeth.

His whole gang was snickering at us, sitting at their lunch table. It was like they were watching a comedy movie.

“Oh, so I’m supposed to ignore the fact that you are a bully-”

Sarah interrupted me, “Hi. We were on our way to the cafeteria seating area. Please move aside.” As soon as she said that she looked down at her feet as if she was gently asking him to move, avoiding all violence.

“What are you doing Sarah? Why are you afraid of him?” I asked her with my eyes wide open.

She glared at me, her eyes forcing me to stop talking, “We should get going now…”

But he blocked her, “Wait… I want to hear what Olivia was saying. I mean she can talk if she wants to.”

“Please, go.” Sarah said impatiently.

“Only her parents can tell her not to-” But Chase continued.


“… oh, wait, she doesn’t have any!” He started to laugh.

My eyes shot up straight at him and I felt the urge to cry and get angry at him at the same time, but I couldn’t because I knew I would get in a lot of trouble. But... that didn’t matter right now. It all happened at once; My head spun around in circles and I screamed with my mouth wide open and I felt a sudden pain in my arm.

It was like a million swords stabbed in one spot and arrows shooting on top of it.

Only once I was on the ground, I realized what had just happened; I had just tripped over Chase’s shoelace and fell backward onto… I turned around to look at what had happened. A piece of metal sticking out from a chair laying on the floor had pierced my skin and now my skin was bleeding.

Every other time, I would’ve been silent, but now I couldn’t be quiet. The fire ran through my veins, my eyes glowing with anger. My eyes were blurry, wanting tears to come out, but not having enough strength to force them out.

I couldn’t see anything except for Chase and his stupid grin. I didn’t even see Sarah’s eyes begging me not to do it. But I couldn’t stop myself. I shoved him into a wall, my eyes tearing, my hands trembling. For some reason, I didn’t even feel the pain in my arm anymore, even though it was bleeding.

“Just because you have everything you need; the parents and the life of a celebrity doesn’t mean you can make fun of the fact I don’t. Oh, and at least my parents taught me how to have a good personality, how to have a purpose, and how to be someone worthy of being alive, unlike you.” I was going to say a lot more, things no one would want to hear, but Sarah was yelling at me,

“Stop! He’ll die!”

That’s when I realized I was strangling his neck, his face purple, begging for mercy.

I stepped back, suddenly all the anger zoomed out of me, “Sorry, I’m sorry.”

Everyone was staring at me.

I could feel my face hot red, “I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t explain how I felt right now. Right when I was expecting everyone to start whispering bad things about me, Sarah said something, “Look… your hand.”

I didn’t understand why Sarah was talking about my hand at this moment, but I looked anyway.

What I saw made my eyes go wide open. Because my… my hand was healing by itself. The blood was going away as if being sucked up by straw and piece by piece, the skin was replacing it.

“What on earth?” I looked up to see what the other people were doing. They weren’t noticing anything about my hand. They were just telling the 17 different lined up teachers what had just happened.

The only people that seemed to notice were Chase and Sarah. I thought that was mostly because they were close enough to see my skin.

Soon, it was completely reformed. They were so busy gaping at my hands, mouths wide open, that we didn’t notice Mrs. Evergreen, the principal, yelling at them to come over.

I felt someone grab my hands from behind me and drag me over to the side, away from Chase.

“What on earth were you doing?!”, it was my ILA teacher, Mrs. West.

“Where am I going?” I asked her, ignoring her question. It was the stupidest question ever to ask. I had almost strangled someone to death.

Did I think they were taking me to get ice cream or something?!

Mrs. Wills still answered. “You… you are going to the principal’s office and are in big trouble.”

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