The Love Greater than Seven Seas

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The Girl

Slaving away in a hot tavern on a daily basis is getting old and rather boring. The only bright side to this is the money that comes in at the end of the week. It’s one of the only reasons why I keep this job. I also owe it to my friend, Clarrise who got me the job in the first place. If it weren’t for her then I’d be struggling right now. Besides the tavern isn’t that bad, I thought to myself. I always tell myself this because of our customers. I look around the bar to see a lot of men laughing and chugging down their drinks while they try to flirt with one of the few women who come here at this time of night. I feel bad that they have to put up with these guys after their long day of hard work, but at the same time I’m not because it gives me a chance to calm down and get away from them. At least long enough to serve other people. The bar doesn’t usually close until two in the morning, though there have been those few days were we closed at midnight.

I look over towards my left and see Anna and Jenny sitting there trying to enjoy their tea when these two roughens came over, swinging their arms over their shoulders. It’s bad enough that some of these men stink already but it’s even worse when you’re able to smell their stinky pits from a distance, or their rotten breath. Being the kind hearted girl that I am, I waltzed over there to save them. I had to dodge a man who kept swinging his barrel of a cup around as he danced to the music that played at a decent level. Not too loud where you couldn’t hear your friend, nor to soft where you couldn’t hear what the lyrics were. One of the men that sat at the table with the two girls was a very scrawny twig for a man, and in my opinion that was rather distasteful. And the other one was no better. He was oversized for muscle and frankly he was just fat. Neither of them were wearing shirts which made it all the more gross.

“Excuse me gentlemen. But may I intervene for a moment?” They snarled at me before a dumbfounded look came across their faces. Of course these baboons didn’t understand the “Fancy people talk”, as majority of the men in here call it. So I put it as simple as I could.

“You two need to get up and move somewhere else if ya’ could.” I hoped they would notice the attitude in my voice as well as my tone. So instead of sounding like a little girl asking for a cookie, I switched over to an arrogant bitch that didn’t understand the meaning of the word “no”.

“Whose gonna make us, sweet cheeks?” The fat one laughed. Garlic sure is a yucky food to just eat it as is. It’s also terrible for your teeth, as I observed from the lack of dental work he had on his. A few were missing and others were rotten to his gums. The ones that weren’t there were most likely knocked out of his head from previous fights. It ticked me off that he called me sweetheart.

“Watch who you’re talking to you log for brains. When I say move, you move.” The fat one stood up, his fall leaf brown skin turning darker as he towered over me and somehow the whites of his eyes got brighter. But I held my ground as I puffed my chest out to look intimidating with my arms crossed over my chest. I tried to look as stern as I could. Meanwhile the twig with less hair then this lug nut had, was grinning like an idiot, like something was going to happen if I didn’t step down. Then he spilled his foul breath on me as he spoke.

“You should be the one to watch who you’re talking to little missy.” Out of the corner of my eye I can see the two women shaking their heads. I assume their trying to tell me to back down. I was not going to walk away with my pride cut in half and let two of the kindest women around here get assaulted in ways that would probably make them cry. I ignore their pleas and continue to stand where I was. The skinny one was laughing, and at that moment, he suddenly changed his mind.

“We’ll settle this some other time woman.” He barked a laugh. Walking past me, he purposely bumped into me. He knocked me into the next table where a couple of more men were sitting. But they were too caught up in their conversation to care. I don’t know what’s worse, them not trying to help or see if we were all right or that they decided to completely ignore what was happening right next to them. I decided to let it go, and looked at the two go across the bar to their friends where they had been before they marched over here. I smirked to myself, feeling proud that I handled that well.

“Are you gals alright?” I asked them as they sighed in relief.

“Jenny and I were just terrified darling” Anna spoke in her accent. I wasn’t sure where she had gotten it from but even since I met her she’s talked like that.

“It’s true, I was just scared. I hadn’t a clue what to do. I kept thinking of possibilities like seducing them or flirting my way out but they ended with a bad outcome” Jenny could seduce any man that she wanted. She did have rather large breast and bright rose red lipstick on. And her dress didn’t help with hiding those saucers that she calls boobs, but I don’t think that was the point in getting it. Both these ladies are from the other side of the island where the richer people live and where the trading grounds are. They come over here once in a while, just to visit me and hang out for a while.

Anna was a little different if not completely. Anna had a slightly smaller chest from the looks of it since she wears her dress to her neck. With her dark chocolate brown curly hair reaching just past her shoulders made her look lovely. Jenny had a light and dark blue hair color, perfect for matching her green eyes. Pink was a beautiful color to match Anna along with her chestnut brown eyes. She wore the same lipstick color as Jenny. Both their dresses reached the floor, but Anna has long sleeve dresses. Believe me when I say no matter how hot it will get, she will not wear anything else but long sleeves. Jenny wears all different kinds of dresses, from blues to purple to different shades of green. Every time I see the pair, they’re always wearing different dresses with matching accessories and their hair done in a specific fashion.

“But you do realize that you just got yourself a one way ticket to hell for standing up to them.” Anna was always the worry wort but she does mean well. Jenny on the other hand, actually likes violence like it’s one big party. I swear this is a strange pair, even more so that their even friends with one another let alone that I’m friends with them. It’s like I once heard, complete opposites complete each other. Which is weirdly said if you think about it.

“Don’t worry Anna, I’ll be fine. Besides if I wasn’t going to stand up to them the nobody would have.” I said while taking up their plates from earlier.

“Well just be careful okay? Don’t go anywhere without someone with you darling.” I think the only reason why I listen to what they say is because of their accents, I find them fascinating.

“I’ll try but there’s no guarantee that’ll happen. I’ll just give them the one two if they decide to try anything okay” We laughed at my little joke as I tried to show off a little bit of arm muscle. Which was a failure because I don’t have any, but it was still funny. “I’ll be right back with some more tea if ya’ like.”

“That’s alright sweet heart. It’s about time to hit the hay anyway. Besides, my daddy wants me to come to a trading offer so I can learn the ropes for when I run the family business.”

“I must say that I have to leave as well” Jenny said, fanning herself with her matching purple fan.

“You know if you want to leave because of those two guys then that’s fine.”

“Oh no, darling I meant it.” Anna looked at me with a serious face. She wasn’t the type to lie at all.

“Oh, ” Jenny said and we both looked at her. “we weren’t lying? Pity. So it isn’t bad that I want to leave because of them?”

“No Jenny, it’s not. It’s perfectly fine by me. Trust me I know what it’s like especially since I have to deal with them everyday.” I laughed

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Night Anna. Night Rosey” She hugged us and hightailed it out of here.

“Yeah. I best be getting’ while I still can. I’ll see ya’ tomorrow?” I nodded and hugged her goodbye and went to take their plates into the kitchen. I walked to the back of the building where I would set the dirty plates next to the sink which was along with another hundred or so dishes. And it’s my turn to do the dishes too.

Plate after plate, fork after spoon after knife, I washed each thing, dried them off and set them back where they belong. Plates , bowls and cups go into the overhead cabinets, while pots and pans of various of sizes go in the bottom cabinets along with other supplies, and silverware go into their drawers. It took me longer than expected because after each time I thought I was done, James or Clarrise would come in with an arm full of dishes. The very last load of dishes actually made my mouth gape. The pile looked like it was more than he could carry. James waltzed in with a smile and waltzed right back out to finish cleaning up out there, flipping chairs upside down and setting them on the tables after he’d wipe them down. Clarrise was sweeping and mopping the floors and counted the money before she’d put it somewhere secret. She was the only one who knows where it’s at for obvious reasons and I was fine with that. As I went through the door to say goodnight to Clarrise, James told me that I was off tomorrow. That was a rare opportunity.

James is a hard working man and rather have people working while they might have a twist ankle or aching back. He doesn’t believe in taking vacations. He says it’s a waste of time and effort. James stood at six foot maybe an inch or two less, I’m not quite for sure. It was obvious that he kept himself in good shape and looked to be perfectly healthy. He had shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes.

Clarrise, on the other hand was at least two inches shorter than I was with short blonde hair. She had decent sized chest and a awfully skinny body. Don’t let her small demeanor fool you because she can kick ass if she needed to. Just like her brother, she has standards of her own. Many at that, and I frankly don’t want to get into that right now.

The only thing that’s different about these two siblings is age, eye and hair color, and fathers. You see, Clarrise gets her eye and hair color from her father, which is James’ step-father. James’ father skipped out on him and his mother years ago only to come back to have her once more. But it didn’t work out and that’s when Clarrise’s father stepped in and married his mother. Next thing he knew he has a baby sister. Even though they’re almost polar opposites, once thing is for certain, James will always be there for Clarrise and visa versa. It’s nice to see that family still care about one another in these dreadful times.

I still remember the day I met her and James. It was years ago, back when I was just a little girl. They’ve been my closest family along with my uncle Frank since my mother died. She would have loved these two wonderful people like they were her own children. Even though it doesn’t seem that long, and not much has happened over the years. I feel like I owe them everything they’ve done for me, even if it’s not a lot. They’re my friends and I’m willing to do anything for them. Which reminds me of the pirate raid that happened back around the same time mother had passed. I always hate thinking about what happened back then, the screams of children and mothers, and blood filled grunts as many people were slaughtered for their belongings and just for the fun of it. All the children who were put in the orphanage or shipped off to another island to be adopted. I felt so bad for those kids but I couldn’t do anything about I since I was just a child myself at the time. I shook the thoughts away as I said goodnight to Clarrise.

“Hey can you lock it on your way out?” She shouted to me from over the counter.

“Yeah. See ya’ later.” I said and locked the door behind me. The tavern doubles as a home to the two siblings. Their rooms were just a level above the main floor. Once she headed upstairs and I saw the lights flick off. It was going to take a few minutes before I get home. I live up the hill and off near the inn that isn’t too far off. Servil’s Inn was a famous resting spot for short time tourist who need a place to stay for a few nights. I was barely starting up the hill when I heard laughing. Laughing that was coming from behind me. Who would be laughing at me let alone when there’s nothing funny going on? So I decided to turn around and face whoever it was that was there.

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