The French Trip.

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A girl called Ophelia. Her school goes on a trip to Paris, everything goes fine until the rooms get organised...Hello to her worst enemy-Leroy.

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Leaving home...Entering Paris!

Hello! I am going to make my first story on inkitt! I hope you enjoy it :)

I woke up to shaking, I opened my eyes faintly to find mum looking at me excitedly. At first, I was confused then a realisation hit my head, and began smiling. "Morning my sweet pea, it's today!" mom screeched. All I could think was 'I'm finally leaving this house, no more nagging from mom, no more waking up at the crack-a-dawn', but instead I smiled and did a small dance. "Okay, get up and get ready! I'll make some breakfast." Mom added, I nodded as she walked out. "Geez, someone obviously wants me out the house" I spoke to the mirror. Mom and I had always been close, being that there is no father figure at home and my brother is either always out getting drunk and being involved in fights or in prison, mom gets sad about my brother, she always thinks it's her fault.

I tried straightening my hair, but since I've never really been the type of 'girly girl', I just put it in a messy bun. I put on oversized-grey joggers, and a spaghetti-strapped crop top, on top with a hoodie. "Perfect" I said eyeing my outfit, and with that I ran downstairs. Of course...Pancakes.
I love pancakes, but mom has been making them way too much recently, its not like a treat anymore. Mom turned around and smiled at me, I responded with a small smile and sat down. "I made you your favourite as a goodbye!" mom cheered, I giggled and said my thank you and ate.
When it came to the time to leave, I brought my suitcase down and rolled it along the floor. "I'm ready, mom." I said feeling kind of nervous. I hated leaving my mom, she was always so generous but scared, I'm scared for her. "Great!" she gets up, takes my bag and puts it in the back of the boot. I get in the car, and buckle up- mom following the same routine. "Are you excited?" Mom asked. "Yep...Just a little bit nervous." Once my sentence finished, I felt a warm hand on mine. "You'll be fine! You'll love it, Hun!" she smiled, I returned.

Once we arrived, I got the bags and followed mum in front of the coach. We give each other the tightest hug, "I'll miss you, Ophelia." She started to tear up. "Mom, don't, it's only a week, and I'll miss you too but I doubt that you will, you will have to do no cleaning." Mom giggled, and responded "That's very true." I responded with a smile. "Alright, I got to shoot to work, I love you!" She kissed my cheek. "I love you too, bye." and with that, she walked away and disappeared within the crown. I took a deep breath 'we can do this.'
"Ophelia?" I hear her, I smiled widely and turned around with my arms wide open for a hug. "Ashley!" I giggled as she ran into my hug making me stumble back. "Gosh, I've missed you." she said, I giggled, "Ash, you saw me yesterday." I responded grabbing my suitcase. Pulling Ashley, we arrived at the front of the bus. "Ophelia, Ashley..." Mr Charles repeated, scamming for our names of a piece of paper, "CHECK. Okay, great, now come on get it." I stepped onto the coach and walked until I found to empty seats. I pointed at it, looking towards Ash- "Here."

We was sat in the coach for at least 6 hours, I had headphones in with Ashley snoring on my shoulder, listening to 'Do I Wanna Know by Artic Monkeys'. At last, we arrived. The hotel looked luxury, I was so excited at this point, all the anxiety I had was gone. I followed the group with Ashley mesmerised by this boy in another school that was obviously on a trip as well. They made eye-contact which caused Ash to blush and look away. I laugh at this, Ashley was the crazy, loud friend, so seeing her quiet makes it 100 times funnier.
Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I know it's not that long and its not gone into the story yet, but I'm trying to tell you guys about Ophelia's past and life. Please let me know if you enjoyed it and if you have seen any mistakes :)
Love you guys <3
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