The French Trip.

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Room Organisations...(and some facts about the characters)

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you guys know, I do have some cuss words, I'm sorry. It just fits the characters, before you read on I just want to let you guys know some things about the characters.
Ophelia Blackwood- Ophelia is the main character in this story that has had a not very good past with her family, her father left her and her mother when she was around 5. He was very abusive, so her mom, brother and Ophelia ran away. Ever since, my brother has always been so depressed which lead to being drunk, fights, and prison ALOT. Ophelia's mom is quite wealthy so they live in a very nice area. Ophelia is 15 years old, and has never been the girl with relationships, she's had a first boyfriend and then there was a huge breakup which made a big heartbreak- ever since, she has been put off of relationships. Her nickname is O. Ophelia has chestnut brown hair with red highlights that are natural and gorgeous, she has grey eyes and a hourglass body, however she hides it. She has an eating disorder, that she also hides from. Only her mom and Ashley know.

Ashley Havoc- Ashley is Ophelia's childhood/life best friend, she's the popular, beautiful one, where as Ophelia is the quiet, streetstyle type of girl, Ashley has never had a boyfriend but gets asked out 24/7. She has a lot of guy friends that are super super hot. Ashley is also 15 years old but its 2 days older than Ophelia. Her nickname is Ash. Ashley has blonde hair with golden highlights, her eyes as dark blue and she also has an hourglass body but likes to show it off, unlike Ophelia.
Aiden Caverly- Aiden is Ashley's childhood friend and Ophelia's enemy. He is the hottest guy in the school, he is a show-off, loud person. Aiden is 16 years old, his nickname is Aidy. He has golden hair with blond-ish and brown-ish highlights, he has bright blue eyes and has a 'six pack'.
A whistle was blown which seemed to startle all the students, I looked over at the irritating noise and realised that it was Mr Charles was signalling for everyone to follow him. So I nudged Ashley, "Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt your zing, but Mr Charles wants us to go to him, maybe wave at that boy or wink-" I was interrupted with "Shut up, O. Just hurry up, it's the room organisations." I was then dragged. I giggled quietly, it was very rare to find Ashley being distracted by a boy, she was the girl that never was into boys, she was just close friends with lots...One of them being my absolute worst enemy.

When we arrived at the group, we stood waiting for sir to say something. It felt like forever, the educators were having their conversations about agreeing how the rooms are going to work. So I looked over at Ash to find him and her talking...Not the boy she was staring at 2 minutes ago, you remember I mentioned my worst enemy? Yeah...That dude, his name is Aiden. I rolled my eyes and looked around. "Sup idiot, what is your lonely ass looking at?" I carried on looking away "Trying to find a place where you wouldn't be, dumbass." I snapped finally looking at him, he laughed. "You get more sassy every single time we talk." We was interrupted by Mr Charles voice which made me relieved, 'good job, Sir. I could've give Aiden a broken nose...He's lucky.'

There was 10 rooms, Ashley was grouped with all the popular girls, not me... She gave me a small smile and wave before she followed the group to their room. 'Great, of course...' I huffed. The group started slowly fading.. Until it was me? And another person? I looked over to find Aiden with a puzzled look on his face. I sped over to Mr Charles, "Hello sir, I think you forgot about me...and him." I said pointing over at Aiden. Mr Charles smiled, "I'm not finished yet." A baffled look came over my face. "W-what? B-but does that mean I get a room to myself?" I asked. "Nope, you and Mr Aiden will be sharing a room, is that alright?" I hesitated, no way am I going with HIM?! Fate just loves me... "U-um-" I was interrupted by a deep, male voice. "Nope, everything's fine sir!" Mr Charles smiled, "Great, it's room number 167." And handed me the keys, then walked away. I stayed still in shock. "Hello? Are you awake? Did Elsa hit you?" I unfroze, "Shut up, and help me with my bag, asshole. You've ruined my holiday, I have to be stuck in a room with you." I gave him my suitcase and started toddling off.

We arrived at the elevator, I pressed the button to floor number 4. We stood there in silence, tension of awkwardness hit the air. "Why did you say yes?" my small voice broke the silence. He shrugged, "I don't know, I wasn't thinking, I just couldn't be asked to have to waste time on finding a room." I nodded, 'I guess it makes a little bit sense.' DINGG. The elevator stopped and the doors opened. I let him walk out first, receiving a small thanks, and went to the room. I connected the keys to the keyhole and twisted. 'You're joking!' I huffed. "Struggling there, miss?" A chuckle began, I stood looking at him, not being amused one bit. "I'm tired! I can't be asked to argue with you, please just help?" He stopped, took the key and opened the door in under 5 seconds. "You little bi-" Another laugh erupted. I walked in, as well as being aghast- taking a few steps in. I jumped on the bed and instantly fell asleep.

"Wake up! WAKE UPPPP!" I rubbed my eyes, grabbed a pillow and covered my head. "Leave me alone" I grumbled. A tickle came to my stomach, I instantly started to chortle and kicking gently. "O-okay, okay! I-I'm up!" I stuttered trying to say my sentence. I hit Ashley with a pillow, "what're you doing in my room?" I asked. "You're late, we are going to go get dinner!" I huffed, "I'm not hungry." "Ophelia Blackwood, get your ass up before I tickle you again, you know you need to eat." I smiled, "Fineeee, but only for you." She smiled back and hit me with a pillow, I gasped. "Bitch." I muttered. "HEY! I CAN HEAR YOU!" I jumped at the loudness, making her become fits into laughter. I got ready, wearing oversized denim jeans, and a oversized beige hoodie, put my hair up in a bun and a tad bit of mascara on. I went downstairs to find the group and we all started to walk to a posh restaurant.
Hey guys! Ima have to end this chapter here, I hope you liked it! Tell me what you think :)

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